Chapter 10: Wedding Day

Umi and Fuu walked down the hall dressed in there bridal party dresses. Umi had
a sleeveless blue dress on with pale blue flat shoes on. Fuu was wearing an emerald green
dress that also had no sleeves. Umi was holding her headband while Fuu was holding a
vale. "Good know we have a way to keep this up." said Fuu looking at the vale. "Yeah,
how long until the wedding?" asked Umi. "An hour." said Fuu. Just then they saw
Caldina and Presea. Presea was wearing a white dress while Caldina was wearing a pale
pink one. "I swear if I had to put up any more decorations I'd kill myself." said Caldina
"Finished?" asked Fuu. "Yeah and if Mokona didn't kept getting the way we would of
been done a long time ago." said Presea.
"Well let's go see Hikaru." said Umi. They nodded and walked down the hall to
Hikaru's room. When the opened the door Hikaru was gone. "NOT AGAIN!" shouted
Umi. "Huh?" said Hikaru poking her head out of the bathroom. Umi let out a sigh of
relief and hugged Hikaru. "I swear if you disappeared again I'd kill the guy who
kidnapped you!" she said. Hikaru laughed and twirled around. "How do I look?" she
asked. "Beautiful." said Presea. "Know let's see." said Umi. "Something old." said Fuu
holding onto Hikaru's ribbon. "Something new." said Presea pointing to the wedding
dress. "Something borrowed." said Caldina pointing to Fuu's jewel communicator. "And
something blue." said Umi putting on Hikaru's vale and her hand band to hold it. Hikaru
smiled and twirled around again.

Elsewhere Geo was getting Eagle ready for the wedding. "O. all days you picked
this one you had to oversleep." said Geo fixing Eagle's collar. "I new it was today." he
said. "Excuses!" said Geo. "Hey lay off we have forty-five minutes till it start." said
Zazu. Geo rolled his eyes and finished Eagle then he reached for the gloves to give to
him. "Where is Lantis?" asked Eagle walking away from Geo. "In the court yard!" said
Zazu taking out a bottle of wine. "I have to go see him!" he said walking out of the room.
"Eagle... your gloves." said Geo holding it out but Eagle shut the door and ran out the
Zazu giggled and opened the bottle of wine. "Hey your not suppose to drink that
until AFTER the wedding." said Geo taking the bottle away. He then opened the door
and ran out. "GEO!" shouted Zazu running after him. The two ran out into the court yard
and saw Eagle and Lantis sitting on a fountain talking. "GEO!" shouted Zazu. Geo
stopped and held the bottle high in the air. "What are you doing?" asked Eagle. Geo gave
him a grin. "You want it?" asked Geo hanging it above Zazu's head. Zazu nodded and
reached up to get but Geo pulled it away so he couldn't reach. "I WANT I WANT I
WANT IT!" shouted Zazu jumping for it. Eagle laughed and Lantis couldn't help but
"You nervous?" asked Eagle suddenly to Lantis. Lantis nodded and looked down.
"So am I!" said Eagle. Lantis smiled and the two got up. "Let's get to are spots." said
Eagle taking the bottle from Geo. "Thanks Eagle." said Zazu reaching for the bottle.
Eagle laughed and through the bottle to Lantis who caught it. "YOU'LL BREAK IT!"
shouted Zazu. All down the hallway they kept the bottle away from Zazu.

The main hall was beautifully decorated with flowers everywhere. Chairs were set
up for the ceremony and people already began to arrive. Zazu and Geo sat down in front
while Lantis and Eagle walked up front. Mokona went bouncing around as they walked
up front. Eagle almost tripped over him. When they got up front Mokona jumped into
Eagle's arms. "Does this thing every stop?" he asked Lantis. "Not in this lifetime." said
Lantis. Just then Clef appeared and stood up front. "Ready?" asked Clef. Both of them
nodded. Just then a nice music began to go. Umi and Fuu walked out spreading flower
petals everywhere. When they finished the music began to softer. Everyone stood up and
looked back.
Hikaru stood looking elegant her white wedding dress. Her vale was down and
she was holding a bouquet of white roses. She smiled and walked down the aisle.
"Eagle... your sweating." whispered Lantis. Eagle pulled on his collar and smiled. When
Hikaru reached them both of them pulled the vale up and she smiled. Then the ceremony
began. When they got to the part where the exchanged rings Umi gave Hikaru the rings
for Lantis and Eagle. When it was Eagle's and Lantis's turn they turned to Geo. Geo
looked at Zazu who was hugging his bottle of wine. "Where the rings?" he hissed
knowing everyone was looking at him. "Huh... oh" Zazu pulled them out of his pocket
and tossed them to Eagle and Lantis.
Soon Clef blessed them and it came to the good part. "Know I announce you man
and wife." he said. "You may kiss the bride." Eagle and Lantis then kissed Hikaru on the
cheek. Hikaru smiled and then Lantis lifted Hikaru up and carried her out with Eagle
behind.. When the got out people where throwing rice at them. Zazu pulled out his wind
bottle and popped the cork and drank the wine. After that they had a party with a
wonderful wedding cake which Umi baked. When the party was over the walked outside.
The people cheered for them and then Clef used his magic and a golden charge
with two white horses appeared. Eagle helped Hikaru in and she hugged him. Lantis
waved to everyone. Hikaru then looked out the window and tossed the bouquet. All the
girls jumped for it but the missed and Ascot caught it. "What!" he said holding it. Umi
snuggled close to him. "Looks like you'll be the next one getting married." she said
playfully. Ascot turned deep red and then waved good bye to the newlyweds.
In the carriage Hikaru snuggled closer to her Lantis and Eagle. She admired her
rings one which was ruby red and the other diamond. She rested her head on Eagle while
holding Lantis's hands. The smiled down at her and then looked out the window. For
there life together was only just beginning and nothing would be able to stop there love
for each other..

~The End~

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