There are a lot of people who enjoy sitting in the shade of the gorgeous sakura trees that grow and blossom in our village. But they barely notice the girl who's namesake they are. Even your teammates; the eclipsing moon, the burning sun, the cold midnight. They just walk by you, ignoring you. The blossom of Konoha, the only rosette-haired child anywhere. Even your family doesn't share you exotic beauty. But you aren't noticed; the flower on the ground, the translucent image. It's as if they have simply erased you from memory as anything special.

I'm watching you sit underneath one of the trees that you love, cherry blossoms falling and landing all around you. A small breeze picks them up and whirls them around you in a flurry of petals. Some of them lodge in your hair, sweeping it around your face like a halo of rose.

And look, here come your teammates, walking along, back from the training that you were dismissed from early. You smile and call out the almost mandatory greeting that will always be answered the same way by that dark-headed prodigy. Then the sun asks you the same question, blue eyes simply repeating it, not really for wanting any more. Your teacher simply walks away, his nose buried in his books. Then they leave as well, arguing about something again, leaving you standing there. Don't they even see you?

I can see the hurt that flashes across your face for a moment, then you slowly slide down the bark of the sakura tree, it's rough skin bloodying your palms. You put your face in your hands for a moment and your shoulders shake. For a moment I think you are crying, but then you lift you face (now crimson with your blood) and I can see that you are laughing. You laugh so hard that your body shakes; I can see the hurt in your eyes though, even as you do. Finally you stand up and leave, trailing one hand across the trunk of the tree. A bloody smear is all that is left of your rendezvous with your team. I watch you walk away, hands close at your sides. You don't deserve this; they don't deserve you.

Don't laugh because you're lonely, Sakura. Don't laugh because you're lonely.


Author's Crap:

Yes folks, it's another one! Hope you like it.