Chaotic Order

written by Shaun Garin

Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling. All other series used are well within their original intents.


"Yeah, we're dead again."

The two beings sighed in relief. Harry Potter and Voldemort looked at each other and grinned widely. "Man, that was some ride," remarked Harry.

"Yeah. You STILL managed to beat me again," remarked Voldemort as his form changed. It changed subtly, loosing the robes and snake-like features to change into a smooth overlay of numbers in a 001010101 pattern that never seemed to finish.

Harry on the other hand turned golden. His skin seemed to pulse with a chaotic energy, never making the same pattern once one had been formed. "Told ya. It's fifty thousand to fifty thousand."

"Fifty thousand and one," corrected Voldemort. "You beat me twice."

"Pish, that wasn't a proper beating," remarked Harry flippantly. "You were set back."

"Whatever. So, the score is in your favor. Care to try again?"

"I'll still whup you."

"Bring it, light boy."

Harry grinned as he stabbed a finger at the closest world. "This one needs some avatars. I'll become a kid named Naruto. And you?"

"Sasuke will be me. Who knows. Maybe this time, I can actually beat you."

The pair of omnipotent beings raced off, eager to reincarnate once more.