Disclaimer: I am not George Lucas. I do not own Star Wars or KOTOR, though it would be sweet if I did.

This is a "what if" story. What if Revan had never left for the unknown regions and instead found a threat right in the heart of the Republic? Don't worry, you'll be seeing characters from both KOTOR I & II.

Past's Secrets


Dantooine: 1000 years before the events of KOTOR

Five figures walked along the dim corridor. One walked in front, two walked in the middle, and two behind. In the middle were a Jedi and a figure covered in dark hooded robes. The other three, Jedi also, were leading the two in the middle down the hallway. The one in the front looked back and spoke to the rest.

"Move along now. We must not keep the council waiting."

"I believe the council will not perish if they must wait a few seconds longer," replied the Jedi in the middle.

"Hold your tongue, Knight Arturus. Considering the amount of trouble you are in, you would do well to rid yourself of that attitude."

The Jedi in the middle lowered his head but glanced up again, this time at the dark hooded figure on his right. The figure's hands were bound in chains which made a soft clinking sound as they proceeded. He spoke again, but this time to all three of his captors.

"I fail to see why you must keep him in chains. He is not dangerous. He has never harmed a soul."

One of the Jedi to his rear spoke up. "His chains are not our doing. The council was unsure of this thing's…personality. They could not take the chance of it harming anyone."

"For the last time, he is not dangerous! When will you finally realize that?"

"Father, where are we going?" asked the figure in a raspy, almost inhuman voice.

"Don't be afraid. We are going to see the council," replied Arturus to the figure.

"We are here." The small crowd arrived at a large doorway. Flanking the doorway stood two other Jedi, one female and a male.

"The council is waiting for you inside," said the female Jedi. After this they opened the doors and proceeded into a large room illuminated by several large windows and lamps floating near the ceiling. Lining the rear wall were seven large chairs, all in which sat a Jedi in blue robes – the high council.

In the middle sat a green Twi'lek. When the five stopped in the middle of the room he spoke to the three captors. "Leave us."

The three turned around and left. Upon exiting they closed the large doors, leaving Arturus and the mysterious figure alone with the council. Arturus bowed before the council in typical Jedi fashion.

"Arise," commanded the green Twi'lek. "Knight Arturus, do you know the reason why you were summoned here?"

Arturus looked at him then at his cloaked companion. "Because of him, Master Trusk?" he asked, pointing at the figure.

"Exactly. The council and I do not know what to make of your little "creation", but tell us, what in the force motivated you to commit such an… act?" Master Evad, a female human, cut in.

"Have you no judgment in your actions? Do you not realize the consequences that would occur if this thing ever fell into the hands of the S—"

"Let him speak, Master Evad. I feel he has much to say," commanded Trusk.

Arturus glanced nervously at the council as if he was at a loss for words but quickly regained his composure. "I felt that by doing so I would be able to serve the greater good. I wanted to know more about the force…to understand it. I wanted to know just to what extent it could be controlled and how it could be used. When I thought of the force and how it acts through all living things, I asked myself, what if it could be used to create a living thing?"

This time Master Volo, a male human, yelled at him. "So you decided to act as if you were the force itself? Such pride, such arrogance! This man is already on the path to the dark side!"

A blue-robed Selkath silenced Volo, speaking in his deep guttural language. "Do not be so quick to accuse, Volo." He turned his attention to Arturus. "Knight Arturus, you have been one of our most faithful servants. We have known you almost your whole life. We know that you serve the light, and that you would only do such a thing to help others. Am I right, Arturus?"

"Yes, Master Darius! I thought by doing this I would serve the greater good!"

"But how in the galaxy did you do it?" asked Master Evad.

"I… it took me years to accomplish. For years I meditated and studied the force. I sought to gain more control over it. I kept my plans a secret, so as not to arouse suspicion. Not that I intended to do something evil, but I merely wanted to avoid attention before I completed my experiment."

"Such techniques are also used by the Sith, Knight Arturus," hissed Master Volo, but Master Trusk silenced him.

"Let him continue."

Arturus resumed his speech. "When he was done, I found out that not only was he alive, but he could feel the force, just like a Jedi."

"You mean this creature can wield the force?" asked Darius.

"He can, though he does not know how to use it. Please, I beg you, do not kill him. He has done nothing wrong. Exile me from the order if you wish!" The council sat in deep thought over his request, but Arturus knew his words were in vain.

"Knight Arturus," said Trusk solemnly, "we know that your intentions were noble. But this creature cannot be allowed to live. Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen if this fell into the hands of the Sith? Can you even begin to realize the power they would wield?"

Even Arturus could not argue with this, but he could not bear to see his creation destroyed. "There must be another way…"

"There is no other way, Arturus. We cannot hide him, and we most certainly cannot let him walk freely. We have no choice. The risks are too great. You know this."

Arturus did. Deep down he knew this was the right decision, but he could not bear to face it.

"Some secrets are not meant to be revealed Arturus, and there is power that is not meant to be wielded. We do not want to destroy him, but it is the only way."

Arturus nodded, tears falling from his eyes. He turned to the creature who had been listening with increasing nervousness. "I am sorry, but this must be done." He turned to the council. "I only ask of you, do not destroy his form. Treat him as you would a human."

"We will certainly do as you ask, Arturus," replied Trusk. "We must not delay, however. This must be done now." The council all moved toward the creature, preparing to cut it off from the force.

"Father, no!" protested the creature with desperation.

"Do not resist them, I command you! We have no choice. I am sorry." The creature gazed downward and knelt down before the council in submission, awaiting its sentence. The council surrounded the creature and slowly raised their hands toward it. Arturus could feel them draining the force from its body. He could barely control himself and felt tears rolling down his face. It was probably the creature's silence that hurt him most. In a few moments, the deed was done, and the creature fell to the floor in a lifeless heap.