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The wedding took a long time to plan, longer than Revan had wanted. Surprisingly, one of the most difficult things to decide was where to have it! He and Bastila had considered Coruscant, but eventually decided against it. Manaan, where they had shared their first kiss, was a big choice, as well as Talravin (Bastila's home world). In the end though, they finally decided on the planet perhaps most important to them both - Dantooine.

The whole event actually drew more attention than they had anticipated. Their close friends at first were the only ones invited. Then, Revan had decided to let some Jedi Masters attend, then some Republic officers. Then, word slipped out somehow that the two famous Jedi Knights were getting married, and before they knew it, it seemed like half the Republic knew about it. Thankfully though, they had managed to keep the crowd of attendees relatively small.

It took place outside, as Revan and Bastila had always planned, on a place overlooking one of Dantooine's beautiful lakes. Bastila had always loved the water, and Revan wasn't about to disappoint her.

Inside her tent, Bastila was busy preparing for the occasion, and was more nervous than she had been in her life! She sat in front of a mirror and was applying her makeup, with the help of Mission, Yuthura, and Visas.

"It's going to mess up," Bastila said nervously. "What if he doesn't like it?"

"Oh for crying out loud Bast, just relax!" Mission said. "Your hair's fine and it's not going to mess up. So just chill, okay?"

"Mmm…this makeup won't fade, will it? What if there's too much? You think he'll like this dress?"

"Bastila first of all, Revan is a guy and he probably won't care," Visas told her. "Secondly, we didn't put on too much, so just relax. And third, believe me when I say you look positively breathtaking." Bastila didn't look convinced, but sat back and said no more.

It had been eight months since the battle on Dantooine. Since then, Visas had undergone a dramatic change. Ever since Nihilus's death, it was like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders, or like someone had removed a mask she had been forced to wear. She had gone from being the timid, quiet, submissive Sith Assassin to being the vibrant, outspoken girl Bastila had known from her childhood. Even her appearance had changed. Well, at least her clothes. She still wore the robes and veil she had worn during her days as a Sith Assassin, but she had traded the dark scarlet colors for a pure, vivid white.

After a while, it was finally time. Visas went over to Bastila and helped her put on her veil. When everything was done, she and Mission examined her from head to toe.

"Bastila, you're a knockout," Visas said happily. Bastila still didn't look convinced. Her knees felt weak from sheer nervousness.

"I'm so nervous. I don't know…if I can do this," she said.

"Aw, what's the matter, Bast? You're not getting cold feet now, are you?" Mission asked teasingly.

"No! It's just that, well, I've never done this before."

"You'll be fine," Yuthura assured her. "Now come on, let's not keep him waiting."

Outside, Revan was shifting nervously as he stood in place. He wore the dress robes he had gotten for the occasion. His black hair was the same length it was before, but it was at least done in a way that was an actual style rather than its usual chaotic mess.

"Nervous?" Carth asked him from behind. Revan looked over his shoulder.

"No, not at all," Revan replied sarcastically. He turned and took another look at the crowd. All the familiar faces were there. Some of the Jedi council were there, most notably Master Vandar, Master Vash, and Master Atris. Revan had been disheartened to learn of Kavar's death, but he was at least relieved Darth Traya hadn't been able to cause more damage. Ever since she returned, Revan hadn't really trusted her, but could do nothing after he was sent on his mission.

Jolee, and Juhani were there as well, and were watching the whole thing expectantly. Zaalbar was there, too. The wookiee had taken a break from his duty on Kashykk to visit Revan, whom he still had a life debt to. Even Atton (who was now training as a fighter pilot for the Republic) was there, watching from the side. Not too far off were T3 and HK. The bloodthirsty droid was serving as a sort of extra security for the affair. His presence alone was enough to keep things under control for some.

"What are you afraid of? Don't tell me the former Sith Lord can take on an entire Sith army but goes into a breakdown at his own wedding," the Admiral mocked.

"This former Sith Lord is also starting to get annoyed, Carth," Revan growled.

"Woah! Easy, there. Don't worry, I was nervous as hell when I got married, too," Carth assured him. "If it makes you feel any better, she's probably as nervous as you are." He gave another chuckle. Carth had changed as well, to Revan's relief. He had definitely gotten more relaxed these past few months. Now that Telos had a new source of fuel, Carth no longer was constantly worrying about the planet's fate. As of now, things looked good for Telos. The rebuilding looked as though it would be a success, after all. As of right now, all was right with the galaxy. Nobody had to worry about Saimos's secret ever falling into the hands of the Sith ever again. The machine was destroyed, and the creature's body was cremated after his death. The secret would never slip out again. And it was better that way.

"Here she comes," Quaid notified them. Revan took a breath and regained his composure. He straightened out and put on an air of confidence for the audience. At last, Bastila appeared, being lead by Visas and Mission. Revan's jaw practically dropped at the sight of her. To him, she was always beautiful. But now

"Good luck," Quaid whispered from behind.

Bastila could feel her nervousness rising as she approached Revan. In a way, she was glad she had the veil over her face. Visas and Mission accompanied her down the isle, but now was the time for her to go on by herself.

"Go get him," Visas encouraged her. Bastila stepped forward and faced her husband-to-be. The Jedi stared at her with wide eyes that almost made her laugh.

"Bastila, you…you look…you're…" he stammered. "Bastila, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," he said with a grin.

Bastila could feel a blush creeping up on her cheeks. "Flatterer," she said. She took a moment to take in Revan and his appearance, feeling her blush grow. "You…you look handsome."

"Thanks," Revan said back. He extended his arm out to her. "Shall we?"

Bastila took it, and the two walked down the isle. Awaiting them at the end was a Selkath dressed in formal attire for the occasion. Once there, the ceremony proceeded smoothly. The rings were given, and vows were exchanged. Finally, it came to the part everyone looked forward to the most.

"Do you, Bastila Shan, take Revan to be your lawfully wedded husband, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?" the Selkath asked in its guttural language.

Bastila looked up at her love with a smile. "I do." The Selkath turned to Revan.

"And do you, Revan, take Bastila Shan to be your lawfully wedded wife, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?"

"You bet," Revan said confidently.

"Then by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

Revan barely gave Bastila time to respond before he raised the veil, took her in his arms and placed a passionate kiss on her lips, which she returned equally. Applause and cheers erupted from the crowd, and the two, now husband and wife, ran down the isle to the celebrating crowd.

All sorts of hugs, handshakes, and 'congratulations' were exchanged as the gathering was broken up and people started heading for the reception.

"Way to go," Quaid said as he congratulated Revan.

"Yeah, it's about time," Revan replied as he held Bastila close to him.

"Congratulations," Visas said as she appeared from the crowd. A brief hug was exchanged between her and Bastila, then Revan.

"You know, you two really do make a great couple," Quaid said brightly.

"Thanks. By the way, what about you two?" Revan asked them. "You two making any plans?"

Visas and Quaid smiled at each other then turned back to Revan and Bastila. "We've been thinking about it," Quaid told them. "We just decided to give it a little more time before we make any lifetime commitments."

"Well, take your time. Just don't take forever," Revan said with a wink as they moved on. The next person they came to was the little Master Vandar.

"Congratulations!" he said warmly. "The order wishes you the best of luck. May you both be happy together."

"Thank you," Revan and Bastila both said.

"It was you. You sent me that lightsaber, didn't you?" Quaid asked him. Vandar gave him a warm grin in response.

"Well, you were an exile by order, but some of us didn't believe you deserved such," he said.

"Well, thanks, Vandar," Quaid said. Not long after the battle of Dantooine, both Quaid and Visas were reinstated as Jedi Knights, much to their delight.

As they made their way to the reception, Revan gave Bastila another kiss on the cheek and led her along.

"Well, we did it," he said.

Bastila smiled warmly. "I hope this lasts forever."

"I think it will," Revan replied. After all the battles, all the uncertainties, and against all odds, they had made it. All was the way it should be. Sure, they would still have battles ahead of them, many ups and many downs, but for now, everything was perfect. And neither of them could have been happier.

Much later, the after party ended and everyone went their separate ways. Revan and Bastila found themselves headed toward their new home they had bought not too far off from the ever-growing Khoonda settlement. The two were seated in the back of a landspeeder being piloted by the psychotic HK-47 himself, with T3 next to him.

The droid brought the speeder to a halt in front of a rather quaint-looking house. It wasn't too big, and not too small. It was just right. Perched on the branches of one of the trees in front of their home was a peculiar bird Revan didn't think he had ever seen before. It had bright blue feathers and a strong yet graceful appearance. Upon seeing the two there, it spread its wings and flew off. Revan merely shrugged and thought little of it, though at the time he didn't realize that that bird would be a regular visitor to their home in the years to come.

"Stand guard outside, HK," Revan commanded.

"Statement: I shall guard you and your meatbag mistress with unequaled ferocity, master."

Smiling, Revan picked up and carried Bastila up to the door. After T3 opened it, he carried her over the threshold and inside. He walked through the house and up the steps, while she clung to his neck and pressed her head lovingly against his chest. At last they came to their bedroom, and Revan placed his wife down on the bed. He lay down next to her and the two shared a passionate kiss.

"I love you, Revan. I love you so much," Bastila said in between breaths. Her husband pulled away and looked deep into her eyes.

"I love you too, Bastila. I'll always love you. I don't want to lose you ever again," he whispered back softly. Nope, nothing, not even all the power in the galaxy, could have meant more to him than this woman next to him. Bastila said nothing, but smiled warmly back and kissed him again.

"So, you satisfied with the way things turned out?" Bastila asked as they both sat up.

"I think so," Revan said. "I don't think I could be any more satisfied. And you?"

"Oh, I think I'm satisfied as well," Bastila said back. A mischievous smile crept over her face. "Hopefully, that won't be the only satisfaction either of us recieve tonight."

Before Revan could say anything, she literally tackled him onto the bed, straddled his waist, and stared down at him lustfully. A smile appeared on her husband's face as she started kissing him furiously while running her hands over his body.

Revan never had a better "sleep" in his life!

The End

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