Remember the Good Times


The once peaceful planet no longer was so. Trees and buildings had toppled down early on. Knocked down from earthquakes or attacks, it was difficult to tell. Vegetation had long since vanished. The calm, tranquil waters had turned red with gallons of blood from both native and foe, crashing in large, furious waves against the shores. A black, stormy sky took place of the beautiful clear green. What was once New Namek was now a battlefield. A dying planet.

One young man was trying to escape this fresh hell, dodging multiple ki blasts as he raced across the pockmarked surface. Those chasing him also wished to escape, fearing death as naturally as any other creature. But the fear of punishment from their master, one of the most feared beings in the universe, overrode their instincts, and they kept on chasing him. 'But', thought the warrior as he barely moved to avoid a sickly green colored blast, 'If I did the job right, that bastard should be at the check-in desk in the afterlife'.

After one blast came closer than was comfortable, he briefly turned to throw one of his own, hoping to hit the offender. A squeal of pain shortly followed, telling him that at least someone had come into contact with the deadly force. Good, at least he still had enough energy to at least throw an attack. A smirk spread across his handsome, albeit scarred and bloody features. That was one less worm to worry about.

His small victory was short lived, the smirk disappearing off his face as a white boot connected with his head. He fell hard, his own momentum sending him sprawling across the muddy ground. The moment he stopped, he tried to get up and keep running. The pod was only meters away. He could see it! And this planet was going to blow any minute. But before he could even rise to his knees, his attacker's foot pushed him back down, holding him firmly in place.

"Not so tough now, are you monkey?" That voice. He knew that voice. The warrior spat mud from his mouth and looked up. The bright orange skin and white hair only confirmed it. Jeice, one of those elite bastards of the Ginyu Squad. He couldn't resist a chuckle, ignoring the pain it caused him to do so. All of those pompous asses had died gloating about their superiority, how he could never defeat them. He thought he had gotten them all. Looks like he missed one.

Jeice may be a Ginyu bastard, cowardly, and weak as hell compared to him. But the young warrior had used most, if not all of his energy in the previous battle. He barely had enough energy to run, much less to fight. And if that smug look on Jeice's face was anything to go by, they both knew it.

A bright light caused him to be blinded for an instant. He blinked a few times, then looked back up. Jeice's head was gone. Oh, the body was still there, slowly falling over to the side as the warrior continued to watch, but the head was completely gone. Friendly fire aimed at him, perhaps?

"If you don't stop gawking and start running, hybrid, I don't think even I can help you," came a drawling voice. He turned, eyes widening in surprise at his unexpected ally. He opened his mouth, to either ask why, how, or even maybe a thank you. He didn't know at the time what he would have said. But before he could say a word, his rescuer was off, returning fire at all those that had been chasing him. Not wanting to waste a second of the time he'd been given, the young warrior lifted himself off of the ground and began running once again. He was too drained to fly.

He slammed into the pod moments later, his protector having managed to keep his pursuers away. As the door shut, he began hitting random coordinates. He had no specific destination in mind, just as long as he was off this planet and not sailing into a star. The pod rattled a bit as it lifted into the air, some ki blasts managing to hit it, but it stayed firm in its path. It was designed to take far worse than that. He sent a silent thank you to his ally. 'If you live, maybe someday I can return the favor, my friend.'

When the pod had cleared the atmosphere, it was when it really hit him. He was free. Finally free! For the first time since he could remember, he was free of that selfish, egomaniacal, psychotic tyrant! Sure, it had taken everything he had, and he had almost been killed by millions of weak goons. But, if he had died, he would've died free. He looked down at himself, and at the blood quickly soaking through his clothes and into the seat of the space pod. 'Hell, I may even die now.'

He could feel the sleep stasis coming on, but he forced the effects away to quickly check where he was heading. Backwater… small… large population of incredibly weak creatures… Perfect. Anyone hoping to get revenge would never be able to find him here. It would give him plenty of time to heal and train before he left to seek out what life he could salvage in this big wide universe.

The ships programming soon overrode his will, and his eyes drooped closed as he fought to stay awake. His last conscious thought was, 'Who the hell names a planet E-arth?'