Color me Red

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Summary: OotP didn't happen. Draco… has problems. 2 very huge problems. He runs away and gets himself nearly killed. Someone manages to save him tho. Including Veela!Draco and MPREG!

Chapter 1

(the middle of fifth year)

Draco Malfoy always woke up early, somewhere around 6 a.m. Why, you ask? To be the first in the shower. He hated waiting and he hated not being clean. And he hated other people staring at his oh-so-gorgeous body. Sure, it was nice to know you were hot, but when other people started drooling and staring at you with lust-filled eyes, it became too much.

This morning was not an exception in his routine. He woke up, tiptoed to the bathroom, undressed and went into the stall.

He loved hot showers. The feeling of the warm water trickling down on you, waking you up, was… something he wouldn't miss for the world, in lack of other words.

He always cleaned himself thouroughly. And when he finally was ready, he listened if there was someone in the bathroom before getting out.

Outside, he muttered a drying charm. Another reason why he showered alone. His hair, when quickly dried, resembled easily some sort of furball. He started combing through it when he felt… Something warm, trickling down his legs.

Huh? But, there shouldn't be any water left after the drying charm. He wiped it up and held his hand before his eyes. His eyes nearly bulged out of its sockets.

He… He… Was… bleeding!

More warm blood trickled down the path between his legs as he sat down on the floor. He tried not to pass out from the shock, but one more look at his bloody hand was enough. Draco fainted.


A soft sound of murmuring woke him up. He was lying on something cold, but his legs felt warm. Voices were whispering around him, but he could only recognice a few words, such as 'Unconscious' and 'bleeding' and 'what the fuck?'.

Suddenly a high-pitched scream echoed in the boys bathroom. And it was definatly not a boy who had screeched. By now, Draco had began to open his eyes, but something suddenly blocked his view. Hands were all over his body, shaking him, petting him, hysterical sobs. He opened his eyes again.

"Oh Draco! What happened to you? Why are you bleeding? Oooh, we have to get you to the hospital wing!"

He recogniced her. Pansy Parkinson. His somehow-best friend. And she was hysterical, though he couldn't understand why… Then it came back to him. And a warm trickly feeling running down his inner thighs confirmed his fears.



The next thing that happened was all a blur to him. He remembered someone calling for Snape, then he was suddenly being levitated and the next minute he was lying in a bed in the Hospital Wing with Madam Pomfrey, Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore, standing by the bed, talking in hushed tones.

He had groaned a little when he felt a searing pain in his hips and an ache in his head which felt like elephants were driving trucks all over his brain and skull. And then that wet feeling between his legs.

Madam Pomfrey rushed over to him and forced him to drink some kind of green-bluish liquid. He started feeling numb and drowsy and soon sleep overtook him.


He could almost not believe the things Dumbledore explained to him as he woke up. When he was bleeding, it was the thing only girls get, PMS, or whatever. The reason he was able to get pregnant was because they had discovered he was actually part-veela. His Grandparents one his mother's side, were part-veela. His grandmother was half-veela and his grandfather was a quarter-veela. His mother didn't have any activated veela-genes in her and he had gotten every single one of the genes… activated.


It was like being a bloody girl.

Each month he would bleed for 5 or 6 days. And he was able to get pregnant now.

Then they told him that in the next few years, he would recognice his soul-mate. Someone Draco had to 'bond' with. Dumbledore had blushed a little, when explaining to him that they would have sex and Draco would bite the girl or boy in the crook between the shoulder and the neck and, well… the rest would be instinct… The blush on Dumbledore's face had by now spread itself all over his cheeks.

And as every word had sunk in… Draco fainted, again.


A/N: THIS WAS SHOOORT! Okaaaay…. This was supposed to be a chapter, but I see it more as a prologue…Too short for being a chapter… Well… Next chapter will jump to the seventh year when Draco realises who his mate is. :insert evil laughter: and it will be longer.

Oh, and in this story, Pansy won't be such an idiot… She's actually Draco's best friend, but nothing more nor less.