This is my Phil of the future fic. i love ricky ullman, but unfortunately, i don't own the show. Chapters will get longer

Chapter 1: The news

Phil Diffy sat on the concrete steps in front of his house. He was completely devastated. His father had just told him the three worst words of his life: 'We're going home'. Though they had lived in the 21st century for a year now, the time machine was always somewhere in the back of his mind. When he first arrived in this time, he couldn't wait to hear those words. Then he had met her. KeelyTeslow.

He saw Keely walking up the street and quickly caught up with her. Without a word he hugged her. "Phil...? What's wrong?" she asked, rather confused. "I need to talk to you." he said.

Soon, they were sitting against the fence at the tennis courts. Keely was sitting between his legs leaning her head against his chest. " dad fixed the time machine." he didn't have to say anything else, she knew what was coming. "You're going home?"she asked, he nodded. "Next week. I wish I didn't have to go, but my dad said that this isn't where we belong." Phil explained.

"Of course you belong here. When I'm with you, everything feels right." Keely admitted. "My parents said that i have to give them one good reson to stay. I've been thinking, and I've finally come up with an answer." Phil said. "Really, what is it?" she asked, curiously. "When I first came here the twenty second century was my home, but now, after this past year, i don't think I could go back and just forget about everything, about you." he explained. "You kept our secret, you could have turned us in to the F.B.I. or something" she cut him off. "You know I'd never do that to you, Phil. You're my best friend. And I have another reason you shouldn't leave..." Keely started. "Really, what's that?"he asked.

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