Title: Memories of Love

Author: Jenn

Rating: PG-13

A/N: This story is for Max, who requested a story where Dylan and Trance were in love. The main part of this story is sometime in the 4th season . . . The middle part of this chapter is a flashback. . . You'll see when it is. . .


"See you two later," Harper said before standing up and leaving the officer's mess. Trance and Dylan were now the only two in the room, Beka and Rhade having already left.

Dylan looked over at Trance. "So are you ever going to tell me what that future you came from was like?"

"I've already told you. Things went badly. It was not a good future."

"And if I don't know what I did wrong, the same mistakes could be made," Dylan countered.

"No. Not the worst one."

"What do you mean, 'the worst one' ?"

"Andromeda," Trance called, then waited a few seconds until the ships holographic self appeared. "Please engage the privacy mode," she requested.

"Privacy mode engaged," Andromeda announced before the hologram disappeared.

Dylan looked at Trance curiously. He didn't think she'd ever used Andromeda's privacy mode before.

"You died. That's when it all started going wrong. But that time, the event that caused your death, is already past. I made sure of that when I came here."

Dylan was still trying to accept what she said. "I died? How?"

"The Nietzschean's killed you. But it was my fault."

"I can't believe that, Trance. I'm sure it wasn't your fault."

"It was," Trance said with the guilt easy to hear in her voice. "You were helping me, and you were killed."

"What happened? And I want the whole story."

"It started when I began to transform into my adult self. . . . "


As had been the case for almost a week Trance awoke in the med deck, in pain, with Dylan beside her bed. She began to sit up and Dylan moved to help her. She wore a sleeveless tunic and when his hand touched her bare arm the connection was made. She gave an involuntary gasp.

"What is it?" Dylan asked. For more than a week Trance's condition had been getting worse, and he was worried.

"I just. . . Our connection. I understand it now. Ever since we met I've felt that we had some sort of connection, but now I understand it. You're my Guardian."

"I don't understand. . ."

"Dylan, there are some things you need to know. . . . About me. Things I couldn't tell you before. I'm an Avatar. And each Avatar has a Guardian. You are my Guardian. I wasn't able to sense it until now, when I'm beginning my transformation."

Dylan wasn't even totally sure he'd heard her correctly. It sounded almost unbelievable. But at the same time it would explain a great many things. "Wait. . . An Avatar. . . as in the legends I heard when I was a kid?"

"Yes. And I suppose it only makes sense that my Guardian is from one of my planets."

"You mean you're the Avatar of the Vedran sun?" Dylan asked in disbelief.


"And I need to get back to my people to finish my transformation."

"We'll take you," Dylan assured her.

"No. You can't. The Andromeda wouldn't be allowed."

"I'm not letting you go alone," he informed her.

Trance was quiet for a minute, thinking.

"You and I could go. Because you're my Guardian you would be safe. But the others can't come with us."

"We'll take the Maru."


Trance paused and took a drink from her glass.

"The Andromeda took us most of the way. Then we spent the last three days of the trip on the Maru. We'd stocked it very well since we didn't know how long it would be until we got back to Andromeda. Once we arrived you stayed on the planet with some of my people and I was gone, going through the transformation, for a week. Then I returned and we left in the Maru."

Trance fell silent, and Dylan spoke.

"We didn't make it back to the Andromeda."

"No. They were delayed. The Nietzscheans found us before they arrived."

"So how. . ."

"How did I survive?"

"I was so filled with anger that I changed into a pale shadow of my true self. A ball of energy, light and power. I suppose you'd call it 'The Core' of my true self. It was enough to destroy the Nietzschean ships. A few days later the Andromeda arrived. I returned to this form and we tried to continue without you. But nothing went right from then on. We lost Harper and Tyr. And Beka. . . became what she became."

Dylan was silent for a few minutes. Thinking about what Trance had said, and about what she hadn't said.

"There's more. Something you aren't telling me." He was completely sure of this.

"We were alone on the Maru for two weeks."

Images filled her mind. Them having a quiet dinner together and dancing. The two of them laughing together. Dylan telling her about his childhood. The two of them curled together in his bed.

"We fell in love."