As she sipped her own coffee Trance looked over at Dylan and realized something. If she was ever going to have the relationship she wanted with Dylan, she would have to tell him the truth. The entire truth. She was going to have to tell him about Tyr. She'd wanted to protect him from the knowledge that Tyr had not only betrayed, but also killed him. But now she realized that if they were truly going to build a relationship they'd have to be honest with each other.

"Dylan, remember that morning when we talked and you said that there was something I wasn't telling you?"

"Yes," he replied, a shiver of apprehension going up his spine.

"It wasn't just that we fell in love. There was something else as well. The Nietscheans who killed you were led by Tyr. He's the one who killed you."

Dylan's hands tightened on his mug til Trance thought the mug would break, but it didn't. "How did that happen? I thought you said he was on the Andromeda, at the negotiations?"

"He was. The negotiations were with the Saba-Jaguar Pride, and some of the other Prides. From what we could piece together later this is what happened: He used the negotiations as his chance to gain power, and had his son secretly brought there. After proving to the Prides that Tamerlane was the reincarnation of Drago, he had himself named Regent until his son grew up. Then he sent the message to you, saying the negotiations were being going slowly. He'd ordered the Prides to drag out the process, to give himself time. The day after he called you he left the Andromeda, telling Beka he was going to spend some time with the Prides, and try and speed things up. But instead, he came after you. . . "

"Since I was away from the Andromeda and vulnerable," Dylan finished.

"Yes. Killing the famous Dylan Hunt would also strengthen his position as Regent. And the other ships attacked Andromeda. Tyr had given orders that they disable her, so she couldn't follow him or warn you. But that they weren't to destroy her."

"No. He always wanted the Andromeda for himself," Dylan murmured. He then looked at Trance. "Are there any realities where Tyr didn't betray us?"

"Yes. In a few realities his son is never born. His wife drank the poison instead. It's only once he learned that his son was the reincarnation of Drago that his betrayal became inevitable."

Dylan abruptly stood up. "I. . . I have to go, Trance. I'll talk to you later," he said before hurrying from the room. He felt the anger crashing through him and didn't want to take it out on Trance. He knew that his sudden departure might hurt her, but not as badly as some of the things he might say if he had stayed. And it wasn't her he was mad at. His rage was directed at Tyr, and himself.

A short time later Dylan was in the gym doing his best to demolish the punching bag. Anger and adrenaline burned through his veins. But eventually he calmed down enough for rational thought. He was angry at Tyr for betraying him, yes. But Gaheris had also betrayed him and he'd never felt this degree of anger towards him.

Realization hit him with almost the force of the blows he was still directing tat the punching bag. It wasn't that Tyr had betrayed him, or even tried to kill him. It was that Tyr had been perfectly willing to kill Trance along with Dylan. No, Trance hadn't died, but Tyr hadn't known that. He'd been willing to kill Trance.

This realization forced Dylan to admit another truth. He wasn't falling in love with Trance. He had already fallen in love with her.

He stepped away from the punching bag as his arms fell to his sides, all his anger forgotten for the moment. He was in love with Trance. And he'd just walked out on her, without any explanation. She probably thought he was angry at her. Cursing under his breath Dylan headed to his quarters. First he was going to clean up from his workout, then he was going to find Trance, and hope she'd accept his apology.

Trance was still in her room, and almost ignored the door chime. She could sense that it was Dylan on the other side, and after a moment she hit the button to open the door.

"I'm sorry, Trance," Dylan said once the door closed behind him.

"For what?"

"For just leaving earlier, without explaining. I wasn't mad at you, and wanted to leave before I lost my temper," he explained.

"You have a right to be angry. You considered Tyr a friend, buthe betrayed and killed you."

"Yes. But that isn't what I was most angry at him for. He was willing to kill you, to get to me. That is what made me so angry. I hated him for trying to kill you."

Trance was shocked, and that was not an easy thing to accomplish. If Dylan was that angry that Tyr had tried to kill her, then he must care about her, she reasoned. But doubt crept in. 'Of course he cares about you. That doesn't mean he's in love with you,' the doubt whispered in her mind.

"And that anger made me realize something. . . " Dylan paused. This was not the way he'd ever imagined telling her he loved her, but he didn't want to wait either, so he continued. "I love you, Trance. . . . .I'm in love with you," he clarified.

"Dylan. . . " Trance began, but her voice trailed off. She'd been about to say that he didn't mean that. That he wasn't in love with her. But looking into his eyes, she saw that he did. He did mean it, and he was in love with her.

Neither could be sure who moved first, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that they were in each others arms, and their lips were fused together in an intense kiss. Each felt the other's desire, and it fueled their own. A moment later they'd fallen back on Dylan's bed.

Two hours later Beka stretched her arms as she stood up and walked around Command. It was the end of her shift, and she was expecting Dylan any second. To be honest she'd been expecting him for several minutes. He always showed up earl for his shifts.

As if her thought had summoned him, the doors slid open and Dylan walked through.

"You're late," she noted.

"I'm right on time," he replied.

"And for you, that's late. What happened? You oversleep?" she teased.

"Something like that," he muttered.

Something in his tone caught Beka's attention. "Something like that?"

"Leave it alone, Beka," he ordered.

Before she could say anything else the doors slid open again and Trance walked into Command.

Remembering her conversation with Harper and Andromeda for the day before Beka looked between the two. "You sleep late too, Trance?"

"I had a nightmare," she evaded. "But everything is fine now," she added, looking over at Dylan and smiling.

Now even more confused, Beka also looked at Dylan to find him smiling at Trance.

"So what was the nightmare about?"

"Something from the future I came from," Trance replied, without looking away from Dylan.

"Alright! What is going on with you two?" Beka demanded.

Finally Dylan broke his gaze from Trance to look back at Beka. "Nothing."

Andromeda appeared on the main view screen. "Not one word!" Dylan quickly ordered the ship, suddenly remembering they hadn't engaged Privacy Mode that morning.

"Yes, Captain."

"Okay! Now I know something is going on!"

"Everything is just the way it should be. Quit worrying," Trance advised.

"I'm going to find out eventually," Beka assured them, before leaving Command.


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