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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen named Serenity who ruled the Moon. This beautiful queen had a beautiful daughter, Serenity, who fell in love with the prince of Earth, Endymion. Then an evil attacked the moon, killing Princess Serenity, Endymion, and all the others except for Queen Serenity. She used the last of her energy to send the souls of everyone, including the princesses of all the planets, to Earth to be reborn. And this, my friends, is where our story begins…

"Serena! Wake up." a woman with long blue hair calls out.

We hear a groan. "Momma, I don't wanna get up." a girl (Serena) whines.

The woman (Momma) comes into the room & opens the blinds. Serena covers her face with her covers, so Momma walks over & throws off the covers.

"AAA!" Serena cries at the sun streaming into her room.

"Get up or you'll be late." Momma says, walking out.

Serena squints toward the direction of her door. "Why does school have to start early?" she asks to no one in particular. She hears a meow & looks up to see her cat, Luna, staring at her.

"Morning Luna. You're lucky, cats can stay home & sleep." Serena sighs, rubbing her. "Unlike me, who has to get up & go to school." She walks to her closet, Luna staring at her.

10 minutes later, Serena is running down the stairs. "Bye Momma! Bye Daddy. I'm gonna be late." she kisses them both goodbye & runs out of the house.

She runs down the street, cursing to herself. She sees something from the corner of her eye & stops. She decides to investigate. She walks over where she thought she saw something.

What she found was an empty field. "That's weird. I could have sworn I saw something." She shrugs her shoulders & runs to school.

Luna comes out from behind the building. She watches Serena run & runs across the field.

Serena, luckily, makes it to school in time. She plops down in her seat in homeroom & lays her head down.

"Woke up late again?" a red-haired girl jokes.

Serena looks up. "Hey, Molly." she smiles. "You know me. I can't wake up on time to save my life." she jokes.

"I know." Molly smiles, then takes something out. "Look at this." She hands it to Serena.

Serena reads the newspaper. "'Sailor Fire catches robbers again!'" Serena looks up & sighs. "She's so beautiful."

Molly nods & leans in to look at the picture of the black-haired girl with a gold tiara with a red oval in the middle. She has on red star shaped earrings & a red choker. Her collar is done with two white stripes. She is wearing a white leotard with a large purple bow in the front that has a red heart in the middle. The sleeves are short & split into three bubbly sections. The skirt is short, mid-thigh, & pleated with a white bubbly edge on the top. The is a large red bow in the back. The gloves are elbow length & are white with red cuffs. Sailor Fire has on red heels & a orange mask covering her eyes.

Serena sighs again. "I wish I could be a superhero."

Molly laughs. "You can hardly get to school on time. How do you think you could save the world?"

Serena stuck her tongue out at Molly. "Meanie." But Miss Haruna comes in, so the Molly sits down & the class starts.

After school, Molly, Brenda & Serena walk to the front. "We're going to my mom's jewelry store. Wanna come?" Molly asked.

Serena shook her head. "Can't. Babysitting."

"OK. See you tomorrow." Brenda waves as she & Molly walk away.

Serena waves. "Bye!" She turns & walks towards the residential area.

10 minutes later, Serena is ringing someone's doorbell. She waits a few moments & a pretty woman opens the door. "Thank God you're here, Serena." She smiles, letting her in.

"No prob, Miss Johnson." Serena smiles, putting her stuff down.

Miss Johnson grabs her coat & walks to the door. "I'm at the school for 2 hours. You know my number & the school's if something happens."

Serena nods, mentally reciting the numbers.

"I think that's all." Miss Johnson puts on her coat. "Now all we need are the girls." She turns to the stairs. "Girls!"

Two girls come running down. "Serena!" the younger one exclaims, running towards the blond girl.

"Hey, Cassie." She smiles, scooping the girl up into a hug. "Where's Mandy?"

Cassie looks back towards her sister on the stairs. "There she is." She leans into Serena & mock-whispers. "She had a bad day."

Mandy glares at Cassie, but she is oblivious. Serena looks at Miss Johnson. "What happened?"

Miss Johnson sighs. "I don't know. When she got home, she was like this. She won't talk to me. Maybe she'll talk to you." She bends down & kisses Cassie. "Be a good girl for Serena."

Cassie nods enthusiastically. "I will!"

Miss Johnson rights herself up. "Bye Mandy." But Mandy ignores her. "Try & see what's wrong, will you?" Miss Johnson asks Serena.

Serena nods. "I'll try."

Miss Johnson waves as she walks out the door. "Be good girls!" She gets in her car & starts it. She backs out of the driveway & is soon out of sight.

Serena closes the door. She turns to the two girls. "So, what do you want to do today?"

"Watch Snow White!" Cassie exclaims, holding up the case.

"That's a baby movie." Mandy mumbles, but Serena hears her. She frowns & turns to Cassie. "Why don't you go put that in the VCR? We'll be in in a minute."

"OK!" Cassie smiles, running toward the family room.

Serena turns back to Mandy. "Now what's wrong?"

"Nothing. Why does everyone think something's wrong?"

"Cause you don't normally act like this." Serena walks over & pulls Mandy to her lap. "Now, what happened? I'll keep it a secret." She does the whole zipper, key, throwing it away bit.

Mandy sighs. "OK." she starts. "I really like this boy…" she starts.

Serena nods. "Boy troubles?"

"Yep." Mandy nods. "But he likes someone else & do you know why?"

Serena shakes her head.

"Because she has…boobs." Mandy sighs, looking down at her chest. "I don't have any."

Serena withholds her laughter. "Is that the only reason why he likes her?"

Mandy nods again. "I think so."

Serena brings Mandy's face to hers & says, "If this boy likes this girl only for her boobs, then he's a loser."

"But he's really cute!" Mandy objects.

"So what? There are tons of cute guys that don't look at that stuff."

Mandy looks at Serena. "It's easy for you to say. You have boobs."

Serena nods again. "Yes I do, but I'm 14. You're only 9."


"I didn't start till I was 12." Serena lies. She started at 8, but she was here to comfort Mandy.

Mandy gets off Serena's lap. "Really?"

"Really." Serena comforts her. She gets up. "Now, why don't we go watch Snow White with Cassie?" She holds out her hand.

Mandy takes it. "OK, but one more thing."


"Can we have ice cream?" Mandy looks hopeful.

Serena laughs. "Sure. But be clean about it." They walk into the kitchen.

2 hours later, Serena is sandwiched between two sleeping girls. She slowly gets up, letting them lean on one another & turns off the VCR.

She turns it back to TV. "I really should start my homework." Serena thinks. "But I can do that when I get home." She sits down & changes the TV.

As she flips, she hears something interesting "…in jewelry store robberies." The news was on, talking about the jewelry store robberies. Serena was about to change it, when they showed the store.

"That looks like…" Serena leaned in & squinted at the TV. She gasps. "Oh my God, that's Molly's! I have to see if she's OK." She turns to the sleeping girls. "But what about them? I can't just leave them here. Or can I…?"

She sits down & thinks. "If I run, I'll make it there in about 5 minutes. I'll go in, make sure she's OK, then run right back." She looks back. "They should be OK for 10 minutes." She grabs her coat & runs out of the house.

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