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Al and the others went to their rooms to sleep for as long as the night was lasting upon the small mountain town of Xenotime and for it seemed like the longest night as it seemed to never end for the friends. Al had found it hard to sleep during the night knowing that tomorrow maybe his last day upon this great Earth, but he had finally fallen asleep with the satisfaction of knowing that he maybe seeing his brother again, but there was the unrelenting fear of defeat that loomed in the dark recesses of his mind. He knew that defeat may happen, but he must not submit defeat in the waking hours of the next day as the dawn slowly crept up upon the small home of Belsio.

"No matter what happens tonight, we know this, we do this to save all that would be hurt by the evil of Envy and we fight tonight on this day to avenge those who died innocently," Al said as he looked into the sullen eyes of his companions and he saw the pain that was written upon their faces as they remembered those that had been hurt and those they had lost.

"Be careful my young friends…"Belsio said as he placed a hand on Al's shoulder.

"Let's go, Envy won't wait to go through with his plans," Lust said as she tried to help Russell, but he resisted her helping hand.

"Leave me, I can walk on my own and don't baby me regardless of my pain," Russell said as he rid himself of his crutches.

Russell was determined to show that he was no weak and that he didn't help to get through the pains of life and Hawkeye sat in the young boy's eyes as he gritted his teeth as he attempted to walk on his ankle and with each step, her heart went out to the boy and she could see the Al was worried about him too, but such emotions were not needed at the present time.

In the cities and towns the friends had traveled through, those that had been there for the friends now stood and watched as the clouds started to roll in like rolling thunder as the clouds darkened and the sun seemed to disappear behind the clouds and the day seemed to slip away into a blanket of night. In Risembool, Pinako stood with Lt. Ross and Bloch on the porch as they watched the clouds darken and a heavy rain start to set in as the very thought of darkness was about to rain down upon the friends was coming to a head. In Ishbal, Rick and his teacher stood outside their home and prayed to their God, Ishbala for guidance and for safety for Al and the others as they prepared to fight an evil force that they had been chasing since East City Headquarters. Lior, was soon over taken by the darkness as the students were soon forced to work by candlelight as their teacher tried to read the lesson, one student went to the back of the room and looked out a window and noticed the rolling clouds.

"Thomas, please return to your seat," Ms. Psiren asked the young boy as she stopped her reading.

"Ms. Psiren, I think the world is going to be in trouble today…something is coming," Thomas said as he turned to Psiren.

Psiren looked towards the window and noticed the darkening clouds and turned to the students and excused to their homes for the day and the lesson was over for the day and as she watched them leave the school house a sense of foreboding ran down her spine as she gathered her jacket closer around her neck as a cold chill blew through the town and a small blizzard seemed to blow down the streets of Lior.

"What danger looms in those clouds?" Psiren asked out loud as she watched the blizzard blow over the town.

The friends walked the streets of Xenotime towards the old mansion and as they walked streets, the streets seemed like a ghost town as people watched them from their home as the friends walked towards the edge of town towards the old mansion. An uneasy feeling fell upon the streets as they walked up towards the mansion and found the location where Al snuck into the mansion and they waited within the Main Hall of the old mansion where they knew Envy would find them.

"Tonight we end this fight once and for all," Al said as he watched the walls.

"So many memories ring throughout this house…don't you think so Alphonse?" Russell asked as he touched the walls of the old mansion.

"You are right, memories of mistaken identities and the fight that happen over the Red Water that ended in the destruction of this mansion, but it ended in saving this town from mere destruction," Al said as he ran his hand over a tapestry upon the wall and the moment he did he saw Envy getting his project ready.

"What is it Alphonse?" Hawkeye asked as she saw that Al's had changed drastically.

"Envy is preparing the last parts of his plan to bring forth the Gate," Al said as he ran towards the stairway with the others in tow.

"Al, wait for me…I know the corridors better then you!" Russell shouted out after Al as Al raced down the stairway and down into the library where he found himself facing Envy.

Russell and the others chased after Al as he raced on, but they lost track of where he was, but they soon figured out where they were at and they started to race on towards the sounds of evil laughter as they raced towards the library.

"Well, well, Alphonse Elric….we meet once again and may I say for the last time at that!" Envy said as changed to Maes Hughes.

Al and Envy raced around the library as he tossed Hughes' daggers at the bookshelves as he tired to corner to Al, but Al managed to dodge each dagger until he came face to face with Envy as Edward and he started to be back into a corner as he tried to run to the bookshelves once again, but no matter where he ran, he couldn't run from the shape shifting Homunculi member. The game of cat and mouse was getting dangerous as Envy continued to change his voice and shape until he changed in Barry the Chopper with the cleaver in his hand and started to taunt Al once again.

"I'll find you my little friend and I'll peel the flesh off your bones!" Envy called out as he chased Al around the library and into a nearby study room where Envy cornered him.

"Leave the others out of this…you want me and you have me, but please DON'T HURT ME!" Al screamed out as Russell heard the screams and headed towards the study as he found Al cornered, holding back an axe murder's meat cleaver as it dangled above his head.

"I'll enjoy this last little act of torture against you Alphonse Elric!" Envy said as he prepared to cut Al.

"ENVY, LEAVE THE BOY ALONE!" Lust called out to the Homunculi member.

"Lust, I never thought you would join up with the humans even though you at one time wanted to be human at one time….oh well, I'll deal with you first!" Envy said as he rushed at Lust with the meat cleaver as it changed to the Philosopher's Stone and he stuck it Lust's Homunculus symbol on her chest.

"NO!" Russell cried out as he saw her fall to her knees in defeat as Envy ran back to Al and knocked him out and ran back to the basement of the mansion to prepare for the final strike.

Russell ran to Lust's side as she was slowly slipping away from the world before Russell's eyes as her eyes started to mist over as Russell held her head in his arms as he tried to keep her with him, but no matter what he did he couldn't keep her with him as she slowly slipped away.

"Lust, why did you do that?" Russell asked with tears in his eyes.

"I like you kid and I mean that in a way of love. Don't forget what you set out to do….I loved you …Russell," Lust answered as she slipped away with a content smile upon her face as she became a pile of ashes on the ground.

Russell was unable to express how he felt about what had happened as he cried over the ashes of a woman that he never knew loved her until now and as he sat on his knees as he sifted through the ashes he found a letter amongst what had been left of her.

"What is it Russell?" Rose asked as she kept her distance.

"It's a letter from her before this happened," Russell said as he started to read the note silently that read more like a small poem.

Dear Russell,

These are my lasting memories and thoughts as I look upon this world and wonder how we came to be together and as I ponder my thoughts I start to remember that even though this world may seem cruel and unusual there are good things in this world. The world is full of hopelessness and despair mixed with a series of unfortunate events that tend to bring people closer together through times of heartache and despair and even though this world may be weird and cruel; you need to remember that there are good people in this world that care very much about the life you hold dear to you now. Please don't forget me if I am to pass from this world and pass onto a world of no more suffering and cruelty…I leave you with these words.

Isn't it weird, isn't it strange

Even though we are just strangers on this runaway train

We're both trying to find a place in the sun

We've lived in the shadows, but doesn't everyone

Isn't strange how we all feel a little bit strange sometimes

Isn't hard. Standing in the rain.

You're on the verge of going crazy and your heart's in pain

No one can hear though you're screaming loud

You feel all alone in a faceless crowd

Isn't strange how we all get a bit strange sometimes

Sitting on the side, waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change

Reaching for a hand that can understand, someone who feels the same

When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin

So you don't stand out and you don't fit in. Weird.

Sitting on the side, waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change

Reaching for a hand that can understand, someone who feels the same

When you live in a cookie cutter world being different is a sin

So you don't' stand out and you don't fit in. Weird.

Russell closed the letter and stuck it away in his cloak and stood up on his sore ankle and let the weight of his body fall onto the sore ankle as he kept his back to the others as he tried to wrap his mind around what had just happened. He was crushed by the loss of Lust for her never knew the love that Lust had for him as he stood in the room and gathered his thoughts as he silently sobbed for his lost love as he tried to make sense of why Envy did what he did.

"Russell, if we don't go after Envy now all maybe lost even your own brother," Mustang said as he moved towards Russell and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder.

Russell didn't hear the words that had Mustang had just told him as he slowly walked toward the stairway that led down to where the Red Water had once been produced for Mugiar's evil plot as the stairs were lit by the light of the water.

"Russell!" Mustang called out to the young boy as he ignored all voices and walked down the red light lit stairway.


"Let's follow him before we lose sight of him before we lose the direction of where Envy is headed," Hawkeye said as Rose ran after Russell as he made his way further down the stairs without hesitation.

Envy was frantically working to get the last of his work together as he rushed around the room by candlelight as he tried to make an even circle and get the transmutation symbols correct and the correct wording for it to work as he frantically poured over books and threw most of them against the walls in fury. Time was starting to slip away for Envy to bring the Gate into the world as he looked up to the moonlight shining into the room as it was slowly at a snail's pace making it's way towards the transmutation circle.

"I need more time and more time to make ready for the Gate's arrival so that my final plan can be put into action once the Gate opens to rid myself of Edward Elric," Envy said as he slammed his fist against the wall and as he pulled it away in pain and with blood flowing from his knuckles, "Time is working against me as my human side is coming to light….that means the Gate is getting closer to opening as I spend my time trying to bring this stupid Gate to the world!"

Al lay motionless on the floor against the wall as his breathing was coming in small moments as he lay unconscious on the floor and a bleeding wound on his head from where Envy had dropped him on the floor near Fletcher's feet. Fletcher was becoming frantic as he saw the anger and frustration rising in Envy's eyes as he realized the time for the Gate's arrival was getting closer and closer with each passing second. Fletcher tried to work frantically to undo his bondages, but his efforts were in vain as he felt the ropes getting tighter around his wrists.

"Al…Al….please wake up!" Fletcher begged Al as he tried to wake up the young alchemist, but anything he did wouldn't wake Al from his unconscious form.

Al mumbled something his sleep as he slowly stirred, but he was still unconscious as he lay on the cold floor of the Red Water Production Room.

Time seemed to be working against Fletcher as he tried again and again to get out of his rope bondages, but the rope burns were starting to turn to painful sores on his wrists as the rope was starting to rub on the skin more and more. Envy was getting upset as time was passing and was preparing to take it out on Fletcher as he moved toward the young alchemists and grabbed him by his shirt collar.

"You are an alchemist, what am I missing from the transmutation?" Envy said as he screamed in the young boys face.

"I've never done something as elaborate as what you are trying to accomplish and your only source for what you need is lying motionless on the floor with a head wound as you scream at me," Fletcher said as he tried to talk through clenched teeth.

"I'm sorry if your friend is out cold, but I know of a way to wake him up and I will get my information," Envy said as he threw Fletcher to the floor and grabbed a pail of cold water and threw on Al.
"What happened…where am I?" Al asked dazed and confused as he tried to make sense of where he was and why he was wet.

"Good evening Alphonse Elric….I hate to have to disturb you from your little nap, but I need a little help….and you will do!" Envy said as he grabbed Al by the scruff of his neck and dragged him towards the room with the water.

Al spent along time with Envy and no matter what Envy said to make Al talk, there was no use trying to getting any information from the young alchemist and once he was done with the young alchemist he left the room with an unconscious Al in his hands as he dropped him on the floor where lay Al unconscious with bruises on his face.

"Al, please wake up before Envy decides to come back to kill you because I know he won't keep you around for much longer," Fletcher said as he found that his binding had been untied.

"Fletcher, be quiet before Envy hears or finds out that I'm in here," whispered a mysterious voice behind Fletcher.

"Russell?" Fletcher asked the voice.

"Shush, I need all the time I can get for Mustang and the others before they come down here," Russell said as he cut the rest of the bindings and moved towards Al, but as he got to Al's bindings, Envy turned around and slapped Russell across the room into a nearby wall.

"Well, well, if it isn't the older Tringham brother? I thought I got rid of you in Ishbal, but I guess crushing your right ankle and cutting you from shoulder to shoulder doesn't dampen your spirits," Envy said as he moved towards Russell.

In the shadows Fletcher reached for Russell's dagger that he was using to cut the bindings as he moved towards Al and cut his bindings and started to shake Al, but no matter what he did he couldn't wake the alchemist

"Come on Al, you need to wake up!" Fletcher yelled into the alchemist's ear as Al's suddenly popped open.

Mustang, Hawkeye, Armstrong and Rose ran through the corridors of the mansion as they followed the glow of the Red Water as it blindly poured through the halls of the mansion that gave off the glow that was needed to find Al and the Tringham brothers.

"We need to find Alphonse and the Tringham brothers and stop Envy before something happens to either one of those boys," Mustang said as he ran on ahead of the others as he came upon the Red Water his left eye started to throb as he got closer to the glow.

"Mustang, we need to get in that room now and stop what is to happen," Hawkeye said as she pushed him on as his patch flew off and he regained his sight once more.

"What has just happened to us?" Armstrong asked as he stepped into the room and found that it had been changed to the way the place of where the Gate had come into the world was changed to as they found themselves standing the ancient room.

"Colonel, are you okay?" Hawkeye said as she saw that Mustang had regained his left eye back from when he first lost it.

"I am, but now we need to get to the boys!" Mustang said as he slipped on his gloves, Hawkeye drew her gun and Armstrong prepared for the battle.

Al opened his eyes and took the dagger from Fletcher and stood up as he realized something about the room, it was the same room as when he lost Edward to the Gate after their final fight with the Homunculus that nearly ended in tragedy for the Elrics. The room was strange as he walked towards the fountain of the Red Water and dipped the dagger head into the water and started to slow move towards Envy.

"It ends here tonight Envy," Al said as he walked towards the Homunculi member.

"So you decided to wake up young Alphonse, but I'm sad to say that you won't see another sunrise!" Envy said as the fight continued on as he prepared to rush Alphonse with all his strength as Al circled the room with dagger behind his back as he prepared to make his move.
"SAY GOODBYE ALPHONSE ELRIC, I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL!" Envy said as he made his move and as Al made his.

Hohenheim Elric's home was as silent as a cemetery as Edward, Alphonse Hiedrich, and Hohenheim watched what they said and what they did in the house in fear of someone wondering what they were doing, they were especially fearing Greed. Strange as it was, Greed hadn't returned to the house since the fight the other night in the study against Ed and this set everyone on edge as night was falling upon the house. Edward was hiding out in his room as he stared at the walls of his room as he sat on the edge of his bed as Hohenheim and Alphonse sat in the Dining Room talking amongst the two of them.

"Do you think he will go through with his threat?" Alphonse asked in fear.

"From whatEdward has told me about the problems he had in the other world back in the time when he was with his brother….I couldn't see him not following through with his threat against us," Hohenheim said with a tone of sorrow in his voice.

Ed sat in his room as he pondered what problems he had caused for his father and Alphonse, he only wanted to find a way to get home, but now that all seemed insignificant as he pondered the fate of his father and Alphonse. He had seen news articles about the numbers of Jewish people that had been sent to the camps and the death toll as the camps was rising each day as the war was raging on with what felt like no end to it as the German power was rising with Adolf Hitler controlling it as the carriage master of the runaway carriage of Nazi power. Ed would look at his silver pocket watch that he had gotten when he became a part of the State Military as he checked to see what time it was and on the inside of the face from when he opened it up was the same reminder he had written felt like five to seven years ago on the day they had burned their home down to hide the sin they had committed against humanity.

"I promised you Al, we would be together till the end and I would gain your body back no matter the cost, but I don't know if my sacrifice to open the Gate to come to this world was enough to return you to normal….how I miss your smile," Ed said to himself as he closed the pocket watch and clenched it tightly in his right automail hand, "time is almost out on our lives, but I can't think about that…I will take whatever death brings for those that tamper with other lives by bringing them into your problems. I've done that once already….too long ago in my days of searching for the Philosopher's Stone, I've never forgiven myself for the life lost. I'm sorry Brigadier General Maes Hughes…"

Greed had been hiding out at the local pub where Wolfvein had ben hiding out with his soldiers' as they waited for the time to strike the Elric home and the night soon fell upon the small town of Munich, Germany as the soldiers moved towards the home with Greed leading the charge towards the home as the trucks rolled on down the streets. The people closed up their shops early as they watched the Military trucks roll down the cobble street to where ever they were headed to next, but when they saw the soldiers dressed in a particular fashion they knew it meant trouble for someone.

"Lord, protect those that are about to face the terrible fate of those horrible camps," whispered an elderly lady as she made the shape of the cross on her chest as the trucks passed down the street.

The Elric home was silent as Hohenheim and Alphonse played a simple game at the table as Ed moved down the stairs towards the Living Room where he found his father and Alphonse and as they sat around the table in silence they were unaware of the impending danger that was rolling towards the house.

"You guys ready for whatever happens tonight?" Ed asked as he sat down at the table.

"It is better not to worry about impending doom, but to embrace the time we have left," Hohenheim said as he dealt out cards to Alphonse and Edward.

"Time waits for no man," Alphonse said as he laid down a card from his hand into the discard pile.

Greed got out of the truck with Wolfvein and grinned in absolute happiness as he watched the soldiers pouring out of the truck and lined up to the orders given out in German by the officers in charge.

"I did as you told me do Heir Wolfvein, now, when do I get my reward?" Greed asked as he watched the soldiers pounding on the door of the Elric home.

"Now my friend," Wolfvein said as he nodded to a nearby soldier holding a Billy club in his hand as the soldier knocked Greed in the stomach.

The soldier left Greed fall to his knees as he tried to regain his breath after having the air knocked out him as the same soldier took Greed by the arm and brought him up as he clubbed Greed in the face with the back end of his pistol.

"There is your reward my friend," Wolfvein said with an evil grin upon his face.

"What are you doing? I'm on your side….they are the traitors!" Greed said as the soldiers took Greed by his arms and held him up as they continued to beat him as Wolfvein stood by and watched.

"I can't have you wondering the streets free with what you know about the camps. You and your employer will be the first victims to face the torture in the halls of Auschwitz," Wolfvein said as he clubbed Greed unconscious, "place him in the back of the truck and keep pounding on the traitor's door."

Inside the house the Elrics heard the sound of someone pounding on the door, but the sound wouldn't stop as the pounding grew louder and louder, but as Ed moved to the windows near the door and noticed who it was as he ran back to the table to tell his father and Alphonse who was at the door.

"It's Greed's little band of soldiers at the door," Ed said as he kept his voice down.

"I feared this was going to happen, Edward, go to your room and hide out from what is going to happen," Hohenheim said as he held Ed by the shoulders.

"Dad, I can't do that…"

"I'm not giving you an option!" Hohenheim said as he pushed Ed up the stairs toward his room as he returned to the table as he and Alphonse tried to play it cool.

The soldiers became persistent as their knocks came at more harder beats as the soldiers ordered in German to open the door, but Hohenheim sat at the table and he and his student played their card game as they heard the sound of the soldiers scrambling around the back of the house and tried every way to get into the house.

"Offen die Tur! Open the door!" said the commanding voice of a soldier outside the door as they continued to pound without ceasing.

"We are harmless," Hohenheim answered as the soldiers forced their way into the Elric home.

"Hands up and put them behind your heads," said the soldier.

"What is the meaning of this?" Hohenheim asked as he got up from the table.

"We have reason to believe that you are working on something that can be used as weapon against our leader, Adolf Hitler," said the soldier as they forced Hohenheim and Alphonse out the door.

"There are no any other people in this house…it is only us," Hohenheim said as soldier pushed him out the door.

"Shut up! Search the house!" demanded the soldier as the others ran through the house looking for anyone else.

Ed could feel the soldiers making their way towards the stairs as he attempted to open the Gate as he made slight sparks as the transmutation circle on the floor started to glow and with the last clap he realized his power had returned as the Gate slowly came to life as he stepped forward as he took one last look back towards the stairway as he envisioned his father and Alphonse begin taken out of the house.

"Goodbye my son," Hohenheim whispered as he was shoved into the back of the truck as a slow song started to play on the radio that seemed scrambled, but in the brief moment as time seemed slow down, the song came through loud and clear.

If I'm gone when you wake up

Please don't cry

And if I'm gone when you wake up please don't sigh

Don't look at this time as a time of heartache and distress

Remember me, remember me

'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams

If I'm gone when you wake up

Please don't cry

And if I'm gone when you wake up

Please don't sigh

Don't look at this time as a time of heartache and distress

Remember me, remember me

'Cause I'll be with you in your dreams

Don't cry I'm with you

Don't' sigh I'm by your side

Don't cry I'm with you

Don't sight I'm by your side

And though my flesh is

I'll still be with you at all times

And though my body is gone

I'll be there to comfort you at all times

I don't want you to cry and weep

I want you to go on living on your life

I'm not sleeping an endless sleep

'Cause in your heart you have all our good times

The song seemed to fade as the truck drove on down the road and the Gate closed behind Ed as he stepped into his former hometown and started to wonder where Al and Winry were and he soon got his answer as Winry, Lt. Ross and Bloch ran outside to greet the long lost alchemists.

"I'm home," was the only the thought that ran through the young alchemist's mind as he watched his friends running towards him with outstretched arms and tears in their eyes as they embraced him.

Al moved towards Envy as the final fight was about to happen as Mustang and Hawkeye followed by Rose and Armstrong as they rushed into the fight as they watched the two enemies fighting each other"

"This is your last dance with death Alphonse Elric!" Envy said as he made his move towards Al.

"Only one of us leaving this fight alive!" Al said as he charged at Envy, but Envy was too slick for Al as he moved from the alchemist as he charged towards Russell, but he missed.

Mustang shot flames towards Envy as Al saw his chance to his chance to strike Envy through the tattoo on his inner thigh with the red water soaked dagger, but Envy avoided the attack as he prepared to strike Al in the thigh with a hidden dagger, but Al managed to dodge it and Al saw his chance to strike and took his chance….

"Ed, Ed, do you hear me!" Winry shouted as she shook Ed as his pen scratched this way and that as he worked to finish the battle scene on a story that he had started to write in his sleep.

Ed could not hear Winry as he continued to speak the story out loud in his sleep as the pencil in his hand darted across the paper as a small break of sweat broke on his face as his eyes darted this way and that way across the paper as he concentrated on the paper with a zombie like stare. Winry's voice was distant until he felt the hot stinging pain of her hand slapping him on his face as his mind stopped and he dropped the pencil as he turned to yell at Winry, but she was ready with her other hand.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" Ed shouted as he stood up and screamed in Winry's face, but was silence by Winry's wrench.

"You were out of control, you were shouting out what you were writing and you weren't yourself," Winry said as she pointed at the work of fiction sitting on the table.

"You didn't have to resort to slapping me!"

"I was worried…"

"Thanks and I'm sorry…." Ed said as he started to pull Winry's face closer to his.

"For what?" Winry asked as her face got closer to Ed's as they prepared to kiss in a moment of passion.

"This," Ed said as he got closer to kiss Winry, but his mind came back to reality as Winry pummeled him with the wrench again after she read what he had just written.

"Not in a million years, Romeo," Winry said as she left the room swinging her wrench.

"I can dream can't I, but did what I just write really happen?" Ed pondered as he scratched his head as he stared at what he written: Adventures of an Alchemist by Edward Elric, Book 1: Where is my Brother?

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