Sakura/Lee (of course Sakura tops), written for the Chain of Fics livejournal community a while ago.

Not Quite Perfect

It wasn't perfect, but it was a start, Sakura decided. She wasn't normally in the habit of accepting less than perfection these days, but part of her had grown to accept that some things would never be quite right the first time through. In this case, she would settle for not-half-bad in a heartbeat.

She would have time to make it perfect later, even with the war and all the pain it promised. (Inner-Sakura liked to point to Sasuke and ask her why the hell she thought she wanted perfect, anyway, when it turned out like him. She never had a good answer.) She would make the time to get this right if she had to.

The tweezers chimed musically as she set them down and slowly picked up her hand mirror. "All done," she said softly. Her hands were steady as she handed it to Lee.

"M-miss Sakura..." The tears in the older boy's eyes might have been from shock at his appearance, overwhelming joy at being so close to Sakura, pain from having his eyebrows decimated by her merciless tweezing, or a combination of the three.

She worried for a moment, when that was the only reaction he had- but when Lee burst out sobbing and threw his arms around her, she knew she had nothing to worry about. When he started soliloquizing about the beauty and passion of burning youth, she patted him awkwardly on the head and returned the embrace. Lee's eyebrows were a little crooked, but they no longer resembled mutant caterpillars. It was a start- she could work on his hair next, and maybe his wardrobe if she played her cards right.

But then he blushed when she kissed him, just barely a peck, and stopped his speech to smile at her with literal stars in his eyes. So Sakura smiled back and decided that his hair could wait, and maybe he didn't look that bad in green. She kissed him again, and he kissed her, and she knew that maybe things weren't ever going to be entirely perfect, but this was as good a start as any.