When Everyone's Gone…

Disclaimer: As we know and are well aware I Comm. Butler do NOT own Full metal Alchemist and or any of it's characters, especially Mustang sniffles. Oh well I guess a girl can't have it all.

AN: Okay here is the first FMA fic I have ever done. I cheer for broadening my horizons! Man I have really dived off the deep end into the pool of fan writing, I not only write for JAG, but for Inuyasha, Wolf's Rain and now Full Metal! I'm building an empire! WOOHOO! (Sorry I'm not into evil laughs). Ahem, anyway this is just a wee bit of fluff between my two favorite characters Roy Mustang (Who still hasn't lost his shirt, darn) and Riza Hawkeye, so if you aren't for them then you shouldn't be reading this. GO ON NOW SHOO!… Okay now all of you left here, either just reading this to laugh at my rambling or you want me to get on with the story… here we go!



Lt. Riza Hawkeye walked the empty halls at East with more files then it was probably legal for her carry, not that it mattered there wasn't anyone here… again. She let out a groan. Somehow things weren't going the way she wanted lately. It seemed she was stuck in this office for the rest of her life. Damn Col. Mustang! Leaving her here with all the paperwork that he was supposed to be doing!

But if he isn't going to do then who would? She thought to herself as she entered Mustang's office, she paused at the door, was it just her or had she heard humming?

Pushing the idea aside she decided that she might as well sit in a comfy chair while she went through the files. Slamming down the files on the desk she went around and sat in his nice leather chair, and was surprised to find the seat still warm. Ignoring it she opened the file on top. Hmm a report from Fullmetal and his brother, this had the potential to be very interesting. Kicking off her boots and setting them on the other side of his desk she let her stocking feet rest on the cold tile floor.

Col. Roy Mustang watched in shock as two very obviously feminine feet showed up underneath his desk. They had to be a woman's considering the toes were painted bright red. The pants of the person now occupying his chair were a little long and wrinkled not that it mattered anyway. Here the Great Roy Mustang was sitting scrounged under a desk, in a never-ending search for the pen he had dropped. (AN: We all have had that happen riiighhht?) He immediately ran through a list of his colleagues that the feet could belong to and came up with no one other then the Furhur's secretary, but she was civilian wasn't she? So there he sat trying to avoid the feet as they shifted carefully and uniformly under the desk.

Riza couldn't seem to get comfortable at his desk it just didn't seem right. Maybe it was the fact that he was her superior and that it was just awkward, or maybe the fact that being so close to Roy in a sense was making her uneasy. She let out a snort at that thought. Her uncomfortable around Mustang? The man could barely tie his shoes without her around, well if his shoes had laces. Not that she really minded having to wait on him hand and foot… Oh hell who was she kidding! She practically lived for it! Why not be in the company of a very handsome/successful state alchemist all day long?

"DAMN IT!" Shaking the thoughts away Hawkeye kicked her bare foot under the desk and was surprised to think she heard a response.

Roy suppressed a moan as her foot whammed him right where it counts. He was sure whom the feet belonged to now. He waited in silence praying that she hadn't heard him. He stopped when she continued,

"Well it's probably just the building. I have to stop letting my mind get away from me now where is that liquorices, he always has?" Roy heard the opening of a couple drawers and his patience was fading fast.

"Ah ha! There it is! Here's to another wonderful night alone at the office, doing superior's paperwork. Riza sighed and took a bite out of the liquorice and then tried to focus on the file before her. It wasn't long before she became bored and after gnawing on the liquorice she stood.

"Hmm. I think I should get out of this uniform. It can't be healthy to wear the same thing for more then twelve hours." Riza walked out without turning back to look into Mustang's office, her boots in one hand and the barrette that kept her hair back in the other.

Roy popped up from under the desk carefully and scanned the room.

"Good she's gone." He immediately went for the stash of sweets he kept in a drawer and opening it found it empty.

"She is gonna pay for this!" He declared his temple throbbing. His anger faded instantly when he saw the stacks of papers on his desk.

"So this is what she does when she isn't with me. Oh so glad I don't have to…" Roy stopped when his stomach growled.

"Damn! I can't believe she cleared it out! Just wait until I get my hands on…"

"Get your hands on who SIR!" Roy whipped around to see Riza standing in front of his desk in a black tank top and a pair of flannel shorts. Her long blonde hair was undone and in soft waves down her ramrod straight back. She never wore makeup but her face was a little pink so she looked like she was ready for bed, except for the leg holster and her shoulder holster, both holding a gun. Roy had to blink twice and clear his throat several times.

"Uh, um no one. LIEUTNENANT! JUST WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?" He changed the subject quickly.

"Well no one was here sir and I need to be comfortable to do my work and the…"

"And that is an excuse to be dressed in such a fashion?"

"No sir it's not an excuse, and I know that, but I was unaware of…" Riza was turning redder by the minute. She wasn't normally a woman to get embarrassed, but in front of Mustang... Roy just studied her for a minute.

"You always wear your guns to bed?"

"Pardon me sir?"

"Your guns. You wear them when you sleep?" Roy asked again coming around to stand in front of her. He snapped the strap of her shoulder holster, but she didn't dare budge.

"No sir, they just hang by the bed,"


"As always."

"It's nice to see that my people are always on guard. Now explain why you were sitting in my chair, in my office."

"It's more comfortable then mine sir." Hawkeye stated simply. Now that she was standing this close to Roy, she noted how tired his eyes looked and how his shoulders were drooping a bit and his uniform had lost some of it's crispness. She had a strong urge to caress his cheek and tell him it would be all right, but what would be all right she wasn't sure. Before she could stop herself her hand was halfway to his face, she quickly changed its course to run it through her hair.

"I can change if that is what you want sir."

"Nope. Just go about your business Lt. Hawkeye, while I get some shut eye." Roy tossed off his jacket and kicked off his boots before sitting on one of couches. Hawkeye went and sat in his chair gently.

"Suits you just fine, Lt."

"Thank you sir."

"Wake me if you need anything." Mustang undid the top two buttons of his shirt and lying down closed his eyes. Riza picked up the file from earlier and began to read it, proofing it for Mustang's signature, that she would get tomorrow.

Then she'd finished that file Mustang was sound asleep. She shivered in the cool air. Getting up she headed back to her office, she was going to have to put on something warmer or she'd freeze. Looks like the uniform was in order again. She sighed and continued walking down the empty hallway…