The Trials of Courtship By: Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: Yes we all know the drill so you figure it out yourself! I'm tired of wasting the time, so don't own them, wish I did…etc, etc…

Author's Note: Here is a fic that I feel almost terrible doing. It goes against everything I usually do. I have NEVER put myself in a story before, and didn't figure I ever would. (I'm not a huge fan of Mary Sues) Anyway, after like half of the people I know telling me that if I were from Inuyasha, Sesshomaru and I would be the most interesting couple. At first I thought they were just a wee bit obsessive, but when it boiled right down to it I found that I might be able to rival the great Sesshomaru. So I hope that I don't offend anyone out there with this, but hey I'm a dreamer too so lay off!

PAN: In this one I'm seventeen as well as Kagome, I needed to twist the timeline a tinny bit, not that you really care but hey.

It had been a year or so since I had decided to pack my bags and ship off to Japan. Granted the fact that I was only sixteen at the time. I know it must be a stretch but when the opportunity arises you take it right?

Since I arrived I lived near a shrine with a very interesting family, especially there daughter Kagome, who seemed to be sick so much it was a wonder to me how she was still alive. She was or rather should have been in almost all of my classes and we had become fairly good friends, not best but good enough. She never told me where she went when she was 'sick' but I did manage to squeeze out of her some stories about a fellow named Inuyasha. I hadn't the faintest idea who and or what he was but if he made her happy then it wasn't any of my business.

However that all began to change when I met the one person for lack of a better explanation right now whose attitude could rival mine anytime day or night for that matter…

Sesshomaru sat upon an uprooted rock atop a grassy knoll staring out at the quickly setting sun making its way across the feudal era of Japan. His bumbling minion Jaken interrupted his chilly pensive state.

"My Lord! My Lord! I come bearing terrible news!"

"What of it Jaken?" Sesshomaru rested his gaze on the toad like creature.

"My Lord it seems that I have spoken with a demon who held in his memory part of the will of your father."

"Continue, I am listening." Sesshomaru urged. Jaken cleared his throat and took a step back from Sesshomaru.

"It seems and I quote 'that according to your father's wishes, in order for you to reach you're ultimate power you must soften and take a mortal into you're innermost heart, how ever small it could be.' I merely am repeating what I heard my Lord!" Jaken cringed away as Sesshomaru got to his feet.

"Is that so Jaken?"

"Yes my Lord. Won't the brash and impudent little girl do?" Sesshomaru gave a sharp shake of his head.

"No, it seems that he wants me to take a mortal woman just as he did, thus creating my weak brother."

"But, but my Lord," Jaken protested, but Sesshomaru interrupted him.

"Mortals are weak. However it should be in my best interests if I abide by this foolishness. After all it will cure my boredom." Sesshomaru cracked his knuckles once and then looked at Jaken.

"Jaken, go and fetch…"

"Wait my Lord! There is more!

"Go on if you must."

"Yes my Lord. Ahem! The demon said 'it need not be any ordinary mortal, but one of fair skin and hair. Eyes as deep as the forests and a fire in her soul to match the burning in his son's own'." Jaken recited perfectly.

"Jaken locate Rin and bring her back here."

"Yes my Lord." Jaken gave a short bow and bustled off. Sesshomaru took one more look at the skyline and commented.

"You ask bizarre things father. However, where do I find this mortal?" He wasn't expecting an answer so he didn't wait for one but headed off the hill in the last rays of light…

"Hi, Lin!"

"Hey, Hojo." I greeted him with a small nod. Just another school Monday, I'd have to grin and bear it.

"Will Kagome be back today, do you think?"

"I don't think so, but don't get too down, I'm sure she's fine." I gave him a small smile and headed to my first class of the morning, Mathematics…

"Where are we going Lord Sesshomaru?" Rin asked.

"You will see soon enough Rin."

"Jaken told me that we had to find a lady for you. Is it true Lord Sesshomaru?"

"You will see soon enough Rin." Sesshomaru assured Rin, in the same level tone as always…

Several weeks past and the New Year was fast approaching in Japan. Kagome and I decided to go shopping for new kimonos for the upcoming festivals. We trudged up and down the shopping districts, trying on kimonos from every end of the color spectrum. I settled for a blood red one with gold embroidery, complete with eri and obi to match. Kagome went for a pale pink with a floral design.

"So will you be with Inuyasha this New Year?" I asked as we made our way back to her house.

"Well maybe, but not all of it. We're going to that festival remember?"

"How could I forget? I just emptied almost every yen in my pockets for something to wear."

"You going to watch that ball in America?"

"Yeah if I can get the channel, I got lucky last year."

"And the first temple visit?"

"I don't see why not." I stated. Kagome smiled and we kept the light banter going until we reached the steps to her home.

"I'll see ya later I guess." Kagome said before beginning the climb. I continued on down the street to the little house I lived in. Removing my shoes I called out.

"Gram I'm home!" I waited for a little woman to peer around the corner and she did just that her gray hair slipping down in a long plait.

"Ah Lin it you back! I wait all day now you back! Show me what you buy!" I smiled at her attempts at English, I didn't expect her to change for me. I had mastered both French and Japanese and dabbled in German, but I did like my birth language the best.

"Alright." I said in Japanese and she padded out to meet me before we went into the kitchen. I knelt at the small table across from Gram. She wasn't really my grandmother but actually my landlady officially. As luck would have it she liked me enough now that I was her companion. That saved me a fair some of rent money. I spread the kimono out on the table and her weathered hands passed over the fabric wrinkling and bunching it slightly.

"Hmm, I say you do fine job. Gorgeous, New Year's come and you will be most beautiful!" She clapped her hands together and then let out a sigh.

"Maybe you find good husband like I found…" I listened as she recited one of the stories of how her and Gramps had met in their youth at a New Year's festival. I listened patiently and when she had finished and got up to start cooking dinner I returned the kimono to the bag and stood.

"Well Gram I think I'll take a little nap and then be here for dinner."

"Ah yes, go, go I take care of all." She took the bag from me and gave me a light shove out of the kitchen. I headed out to the courtyard. Gramps was still tending the gardens so I didn't bother him but went to my little sanctuary. Consisting of a bedroom/living-space and a bathroom it was just perfect for me, cozy and small all things considered. I slid the door shut and not even bothering to remove my slippers I fell onto my unmade futon and dozed off in the warmth of the late afternoon…

"Careful Inuyasha! You'll smudge it!" Kagome squeaked and snatched the picture away from his claws.

"Kagome who is the golden haired one?" Shippo inquired.

"That's Lin and me last New Year's. I don't know her real name but she's from America."

"America?" Sango asked.

"Never mind. She's from the continent. She is realleeeEEEKKK!" Kagome screamed as she stared behind Inuyasha.

"Hand me that picture." Came the icy tone of Sesshomaru. Inuyasha jumped up and began to unsheathe the Tetsusaiga, but Sesshomaru was faster and grabbed him by the neck.

"I did not come to squabble with you but if that mortal of yours does not give me that picture I'll snap you in half like the measly twig you are."

"INUYASHA!" Kagome shouted again so Sesshomaru tightened his hold.

"HERE! TAKE IT! Take it and LEAVE! Kagome tossed the picture and Sesshomaru dropped Inuyasha and snatched it from the air.

"I appreciate that we have an understanding." He turned swiftly and silently returned to the woods.

"Gee what's he want with that thing?" Inuyasha wondered rubbing his neck gingerly.

"That was the only copy I had!" Kagome whined.

"It certainly was a beautiful picture. Kagome I must find this the fair-haired one and ask her to… OWW… Now, now Sango don't be rash. I only meant it in…GAH!" Miroku jumped up and ran away with Sango at his heels.

"YOU STUPID LETCHER. JUST YOU WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON YOU PERVERT!" Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo watched the chase for a bit before following behind them…

"I was sure we would have some ways to travel, but to my half brother's mortal's world. That was unforeseen." Sesshomaru said to Jaken. He then took the photo and tore it in half dropping the half with Kagome on the ground. He stared intently as they traveled at the fair-haired girl in a kimono of midnight blue.

"Lord Sesshomaru! Lord Sesshomaru! Allow me to see!" Rin pleaded as she tugged on his sleeve. Sesshomaru tucked the picture in the folds of his kimono and then said flatly to Rin.

"You will see soon enough." In his thoughts he added.

As will I, as will I.