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Author's Note: There. Don't be expecting any more disclaimers.

Well, now, this was a… fairly insane idea I had shortly after Christmas. You see, I got the Star Wars trilogy on DVD and the first season of Stargate SG-1 on DVD. After I watched Return of the Jedi, one of my muses whapped me over the head with this idea and I haven't been able to let it go since. Aaaanyway, all things considered, I think this should work out fairly well. I have a lot of theories that may or may not be correct—mainly involving the Stargate portion of the story. On another note, everything is canon in the Stargate universe until mid-season 7. To be specific, this saga begins after the episode "Grace" ends, and before "Fallout" begins. The Star Wars universe is canon until a little bit after the Jedi Academy book trilogy. (Sorry people, I'm not a fan of Mara Jade… So there shall be no Luke/Mara romance, if ANY romance between any characters at all.) There will also be elements from BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, including a cameo made by one of my… six different Revan's, and elements from the Jedi Knight game series as well. KotOR also has a major influence on the plotline of Part III. Just warning ye.

Also, this story takes place in an alternate universe where the Star Wars movies don't exist in the Stargate SG-1 universe (those who've actually seen the show will recall Teal'c saying that he's seen the original trilogy nine times XD). This is merely to avoid complicated situations. (Come on, how would YOU react if someone famous tumbled out of YOUR Stargate? …………Assuming you HAVE a Stargate. ;))

Anyway, enough of my silliness. Much thankens to Kawaii Spinel Queen of Evil for helping me plot out this… thing. Despite the fact that she isn't familiar with either universe. (It's been ages since she's seen Star Wars and she's only seen a few episodes of Stargate SG-1.)

One last thing, if you don't like the story, please do not flame. Instead, politely offer me suggestions as to how to improve the story. Respectfulness, politeness, and suggestions are all I ask for. Surely that is not too much?

Anyway, on we go! Enjoy!

:Dark Jedi Princess:

Title: "Powerlust I: In the Dark"
Author: Dark Jedi Princess
Category: Stargate SG-1 and Star Wars
Genre: Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, Drama, possibly Epic
Rating: PG-13
Reasons: Violence, mostly.
Summary: Just as Luke Skywalker discovers the Taur'i through a hidden Stargate in the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, Anubis goes after a lost secret that the Jedi have guarded for millennia.

"Foreign or Alien Language"
Stressed Words
Written Text

Powerlust I: In the Dark
Chapter 1 – Massassi Stargate

Luke Skywalker stared around the hidden chamber, perplexed. For the past week or so, he had been visiting this secret room in the Massassi Temple on Yavin 4 at every moment that he could spare. The room in question was dimly lit, even with the skylight cut into the roof. On the end of the room farthest from the entrance, a circular device of some kind stood. It seemed nothing more than a large, dark grey ring, with chevrons placed at intervals around the edge, but its aura told a different story. In the centre of the ring, someone had carved a series of strange symbols. There were eight, placed vertically within a final, oval-shaped symbol.

Streen and Tionne had found the room a short while ago, and Tionne was currently consulting the Jedi Holocron for any record of the large ring. It looked like it might be a portal of some kind; there was a sort of dial around the centre, with the same strange symbols that were carved into the wall. A pedestal with an orange orb in the middle stood somewhere off to the side, with, again, the same symbols placed around the orb.

So far, Tionne had been unable to turn up anything about the device itself. The only thing she had felt was worth mentioning was that the Massassi people were not originally from Yavin 4—they had been brought there long ago from some unknown, possibly exo-galactic(1) planet. After they had been kidnapped, they were genetically manipulated by the Sith Lord Naga Sadow and then exploited as slaves by Exar Kun. Luke wasn't sure of the significance of that, if there even was any. He leaned back into the wall and closed his eyes, surrounding himself in the Force and feeling the ring's dark aura. It was different from the residual Dark Side power of the temples at Yavin 4... its aura seemed to indicate that it had once been intended for an innocent-enough purpose, but that it had been exploited for dark purposes. Perhaps that's the connection, he thought idly, his mind still lingering on what he had been told about the Massassi. They've both been exploited by something enslaved to the Dark Side.

"Master Skywalker?"

Luke opened his eyes and glanced at the doorway. Kam Solusar was leaning into the doorframe, a somewhat worried expression on his face.

"Are you alright?" Kam asked.

"I'm fine... trying to figure out what these symbols mean and what that device is here for... Threepio can't understand them and Tionne can't find any meaning in them either."

"What if they don't have any meaning?" Kam suggested. "They could be ideograms(2)."

"True," Luke conceded. "But what of...?" He stood and walked towards the wall that had the group of eight symbols carved into it. After examining them for a moment, an idea struck him, and he strode over to the pedestal, examining that closely as well. "All eight of the symbols on the wall are on this… device as well," Luke observed. He found the first symbol in the set of eight on the pedestal and pressed down on it, gently. It lit up, glowing red-orange. Luke raised an eyebrow, then did the same for the other seven symbols in the set. "…This orb in the centre has to be for something…" He muttered. He placed his hand on top of it and it lit up with the same red-orange light.

With a tremendous roar, a cloud of blue-white plasma billowed out of the ring, pulling back in seconds later and forming a shimmering pool of blue-white liquid. The liquid illuminated the room with a soft glow, throwing everything into sharp relief. Luke blinked a few times, not sure of what he was looking at.

"…What is it?" Kam asked, staring at it in awe.

"I don't know," Luke responded, shaking his head. He stepped up to the pool and gently touched it with his prosthetic hand before reaching out with the Force and sending a tendril of thought past the surface of the liquid. He felt a tug at his subconscious and his Force-probe briefly touched something with... wild, untamed talent. There was something Force-sensitive on the other side of the pool.

Abruptly, the thought-probe hit something solid and metallic, cutting off the contact. Luke withdrew it and picked up a large rock, hesitantly tossing it into the pool. It did not come out on the other side. Rather, it struck the metallic... thing that had blocked Luke's thought-probe with a loud clang. The pool disappeared, living them in semi-darkness.

"Master Skywalker...?"

"...I think it's a wormhole..."

Dr. Daniel Jackson stared at the Stargate as the wormhole disappeared, wondering about the sensation he had felt just seconds before the Iris had closed. It was odd, like he had touched someone else's thoughts and emotions. As far as he was concerned, that sort of thing was impossible.

"I thought the Goa'uld gave up on trying to get through the Iris," General Hammond said, sounding a little irritated.

"I... don't think that was a person, sir, it sounded more like a rock when it hit," Sam Carter responded. "I think it's more likely that whoever was on the other end only just figured out how to activate the Stargate..."

"Something slipped through," Daniel muttered. "Just before the Iris closed."

"I don't see anything in the Gate Room, Dr. Jackson, do you?" Hammond said, incredulously.

Daniel shook his head. "No, sir, but..." He swallowed, knowing that the words would probably sound ludicrous. "...I felt something. Not... not a physical feeling, more of a mental one... like... confusion, curiousity... and... an overwhelming sense of... power, I guess. I don't know how to describe it, exactly, but..."

"Are you sure those weren't your feelings?"

"Yes, something... brushed my subconscious, then, when the Iris closed, it went away."

"Strange, I don't think anyone else felt anything of the sort," General Hammond said. "Major Carter, any idea who this might've been?"

"None, sir, unless it was the Asgard... we probably lost a lot of power, this was an eight-Chevron address. They're the only race we know who don't live in our galaxy."

"The Asgard don't need to use the Stargate to visit us, and I highly doubt they'd throw a rock at the Iris," Jack quipped. Sam chuckled.

"I don't think we should worry too much, it was probably an isolated incident. Whoever was on the other side should be able to figure out that our end's blocked."

Luke didn't think he'd ever been this curious about something in his life. At least, not before he'd joined the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, which had ended five years ago.

He was alone in the room with the portal, kneeling in front of the gateway, though still some distance away. He had a feeling that the cloud of the matter that erupted from the gateway when it was activated should not come in contact with anything living. Taking several deep breaths to calm his pounding heart, Luke activated the gateway, using the Force to press the eight symbols and to touch the orange orb that activated it.

The glowing event horizon illuminated Luke's face as he closed his eyes, and opened his mind. He could not have any distractions... he had to figure out how to get through that barrier, and meet the Force-sensitive being on the other side...

"Unauthorized off-world activation!"

Jack, Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c rushed in to the observation room overlooking the Gate Room when the announcement sounded. Four chevrons were lit when they arrived.

"Second in two days," Sam muttered, seating herself next to the technician. General Hammond arrived seconds later, just as the seventh chevron locked. He watched as the eighth lit up and the Stargate activated.

"Another eight-chevron address," Sam noted. "Possibly the same one."

"Close the Iris," Hammond ordered.

"Closing the Iris," The technician said. The Iris slid over the event horizon and had only covered the outer portion when it stopped for a split second and quivered before shutting entirely. A loud spang echoed throughout the Gate Room before the wormhole disengaged and the Iris opened again.

"...What the hell just happened?" Jack asked, bewildered.

"I don't know, that's never happened before..."

Daniel stared at the now-inactive Stargate. When the Iris had stalled, he had felt the same presence he had the day before. Sam had been right, it was the same address. The same person was trying to get through the Iris. He mentioned this to Sam, causing her to look at him oddly. Hammond surveyed him with a scrutinous eye.

"Are you sure you're okay, Jackson?" He asked. "Maybe you should ask Dr. Frasier to check you over..."

"I'm fine, Sir," Daniel insisted.

"I'd still like you to get checked out," Hammond said.

Daniel sighed and headed for the infirmary. "They think I'm going crazy again..." he muttered to himself. "I know this is real... It has to be..."

Over the next week, the Stargate continuously activated once or twice a day. Each day, the Iris would stall at increasingly long intervals. It shook while it stalled, indicating that some invisible force was attempting to hold it open.

As a way of finding out the address of the planet that the incoming wormhole was coming from, Sam had begun to design a computer program that would allow them to detect the symbols that the chevrons were locking on when someone at an off world Stargate dialled their address. The idea was based on the theory that the chevrons would lock onto the address of the originating Stargate when someone dialled Earth.

Meanwhile, Daniel was trying to figure out why he kept "feeling" the presence of the person trying to get through the Stargate every time the Iris stalled. No-one else on the base could feel it. Dr. Frasier had examined him and then given him a clean bill of health, saying that there was nothing really wrong with him. The only odd thing she had encountered was a chemical of some sort in Daniel's blood, but she'd seen it before and hadn't felt compelled to mention it because it didn't seem to do anything harmful to him.

Four days after the Iris had first stalled, whoever was attempting to hold the Iris open managed to stop it just after Hammond had given the order to close it and push is entirely open. It shook and groaned, trying to close itself despite the fact that it was being prevented from doing so. Daniel watched apprehensively from the observation room as he felt the tendrils of though extend through the Stargate. There was nothing that could be seen, but Daniel knew that there was something there.

The thought-probe brushed tentatively against Daniel's consciousness, seeming to convey apprehension and curiosity at the same time. Daniel tried to give off a welcoming feeling, to tell whoever was extending the probe that he was a friend. It seemed to work. After retracting briefly, the thought-probe brushed deeper in to Daniel's consciousness, although being careful not to intrude on anything. Daniel closed his eyes, blocking out the sounds of the claxon alarms and Hammond's shouts to keep trying to close the Iris. He thought he knew how to respond to the presence, to convey his thoughts to the person contacting him. He was wondering who the person was, so that was the first thing he tried to get across to him.

Who are you? He asked, mentally.

An image flashed in his mind, of a 30-or-so year-old man with dark blond hair, dressed in all black, kneeling before his Stargate, an expression of somewhat pained concentration on his face. My name is Luke Skywalker. I am a Jedi Knight.

Daniel was somewhat confused, but didn't have a chance to ask what Luke Skywalker was referring to, as Sam chose that exact moment to interrupt.

"Are you okay, Daniel?" She asked, her voice seeming distant, faint.

"I—I'm fine…" Daniel said, quietly. I'm Daniel Jackson, he informed the man on the other end of the Stargate.

I'd like to meet you. I'm coming through the wormhole. Another image flashed through Daniel's mind… the man was standing up, moving towards the wormhole… his eyes were still closed, he seemed to be straining himself.

"He's coming through," Daniel warned. "The man on the other end… he's coming through."

"Dr. Jackson—"

"Uh… Incoming… traveller, sir?" The tech said, uncertainly, sounding surprised that Daniel had managed to predict that someone was going to come through.

Daniel abruptly collapsed as the thought-probe withdrew contact. Teal'c caught him deftly, holding him firmly by both arms. Daniel felt weary. It would seem that the mental contact had drained his energy. He opened his eyes and looked out the window just as the man he hand seen came tumbling through the Stargate, literally rolling down the ramp and coming to a halt at the foot of it. The Iris rapidly slid shut, no longer held open by force.

Daniel wrenched himself free of Teal'c's grasp and hurried into the Gate Room. The man was unconscious, but still alive. The Stargate deactivated and the Iris opened again.

"Hold your fire!" Hammond ordered. "Get a medical team in here, now!"

Daniel stood over the man, still dazed. A medical team arrived and hoisted him onto a stretcher, taking him to the infirmary. Daniel followed, wondering what on Earth could have intrigued the man about him to make him want to come through the Stargate.

To see me, Daniel said to himself, disturbed. One thing's for sure… I'll have to ask him some questions when he wakes up.


(1) Exo-Galactic - Existing outside one's home galaxy.

(2) Ideograms - Symbols representing objects or concepts, as opposed to phoenetic sounds.