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Ooopsy Hermione's Thoughts Have Been Found

Harry's Point of View

I was in the common room as usual. But the unusual thing was I saw Hermione asleep with her head down on the table she was sitting at. I smiled down at her sleeping form. I don't even think she knows how beautiful she is. I came to terms with my feelings for Hermione a long time ago.

Anyway, I saw a book lying on the table beside her labeled 'Hermione's Thoughts.' I didn't know what to think but I was very intrigued and curious. So being the Gryffindor I am I casually opened the book. So I pulled up a chair and started reading Hermione's book.

I was shocked at many of the things written there. I was the most shocked by the fact that she was in love with me. I mean what can I say I was elated. I just hoped what she wrote was real. And just as I finished reading every entry she had written she began to stir. I knew I was in for some trouble. I figured she'd hex me into the next life.

"Harry what are you doing with that book?" Hermione asked me turning pale and looking scared. I was a bit unnerved by her reaction. "I found it and I thought I'd look at it." I said casually. "Did you read it?" She asked closing her eyes waiting for my reaction. "Yes." I answered simply. "And?" She apparently wanted to know what I thought.

"You know 'Mione, I've loved you for a very long time. I'm kind of bummed I had to find out your feelings for me in a book instead of me telling you how I felt and you telling me back." I said with a small smile gracing my mouth. She gave me a smile and threw herself in my arms hugging me. I returned the embrace just as enthusiastically.

"I can't believe you feel the same way about me." She said quietly. I decided to lighten the mood a bit. "I can't believe Voldemort is gay." I said mock seriously. She laughed softly. I could her chest vibrate with her laughter against my own chest. It was an amazing feeling. We pulled away from each other long enough to stare each other in the eye. Then we leaned in and shared the sweetest kiss I've ever received. I think it was the first time in my life I ever truly felt loved and wanted. It was utterly amazing.

"So does this mean you'll be my girl friend?" I asked quietly through labored breath after we pulled away. She just smiled and kissed me again. I just knew this was going to last forever. I know it's cliché but I like it.

Hermione's Point Of View

When Harry told me he felt the same about me I was absolutely shocked but thrilled. I had this feeling of warmth and butterflies flow all throughout my body. I couldn't be happier. Maybe writing my thoughts down wasn't such a bad idea. Now I've got Harry and I honestly don't know what could be better.

The End!

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