Here's the last chapter. Writing this story sure brought back a lot of memories! I hope it didn't scare any single readers too much:-). Just keep telling yourself...the first year is the hardest!


She walked in the house with a gift bag and called out to him. "Woody? I'm home! Where are you?"

"In here!"

She turned the corner into the dining room. The room glowed with candlelight and two places had been set. He pulled a chair out for her as she slid in.

"You've been busy. Something smells wonderful," she said appreciatively.

"Chicken marsala and garlic herb bread I made in the bread maker we got for a wedding present."

"We got a bread maker for a wedding present?"

"Aunt Jean and Uncle Bob."


"Happy Anniversary, Jordan."

She reached up and pulled him in for a kiss. "Happy Anniversary."

"I've got a present for you." He pulled a box from his chair, and she opened it. She looked at it unmovingly for a moment, and then a curious smile played across her face.

"A bikini."

"I thought maybe later this summer, August or September, we could maybe go down to Mexico or Jamaica. Kind of a combination anniversary/birthday present. I've already talked to the travel agent, and there are some great deals coming up."

She looked up at him with that same enigmatic smile. "I think you'd better open my present."

She reached into her bag and passed him his anniversary gift.

"A bottle of champagne?" he said with a creased brow.

"That's just part of your present. Open it up."

"Jordan? What are you up to?"

She shrugged and smiled as he popped the cork and poured some into each of their glasses. He lifted his. "To the end of our first year of marriage. Thank God it's over."

She laughed and clinked her glass against his. "My thoughts exactly. To the end of our first year of marriage, and to new beginnings."

"New beginnings," he said, and she watched as he took a first sip.

He pulled the glass away and finally looked closely at the bottle. "This isn't champagne, Jordan. It's sparkling cider."

"I know." She grinned and reached out for his hand.

"I don't get it."

"I don't think I should be drinking."

"Why not?" He sat there with furrowed brow. "Are you on cold medication?"

She sighed lightly and tried another tack. "You know, I love the bikini, but I really don't think it will be my style in five or six months time."

He frowned and shook his head. "What do I know about fashion, Jordan?"

She laughed and rolled her eyes. "Woody! Think!"

The phone rang, and she looked down at the caller ID. "It's my dad. He's probably calling to wish us happy anniversary."

Finally, it was as if a lightbulb went on over his head. He looked at her with widened eyes and gave her a slightly queasy smile.

"Jordan?" he gulped. She nodded with a radiant grin and answered the phone.

"Jordan! Happy anniversary, sweetheart. It's been a year now. Am I a grandfather, yet?"

She took Woody's hand and placed it on her belly. "Yeah, Dad. You're a grandfather."