How it hurts me, to see it, through their eyes…

The air is acid and foul as I breathe in.
It is impossible not to sputter and cough as I gag.
The guide merely looks at me with resentment, he lives here so let him look;
I am no expert but I know this air, they breathe cannot be good for one's health.

I smile weakly and mentally to my self – perhaps
…perhaps, that would explain their behaviour to outsiders…
I board the speeder for my use and at a nod, my guide sends us roaring off into the street.
I watch as a Mother struggles with her three children while we pass them.

I move to help – but my guide grabs my arm and shakes his head;
We agreed to hear you, out but you will not interfere before we let you.
Whether you would have my help or not; she is in need of someone's help!
I say and I pull my arm out of his grasp angrily, but by then it is too late.
The Mother and her children are lost in the dust as we speed away.
Do not interfere… The words ring mockingly in my mind as I watch the world around me.

He spits as he glares at me – don't try anything Jedi or we'll kill you.
Oh, how I long to wipe that sneer of his face but I can only smile blandly and nod.
But how hard it is to keep my fists by my side, while they are clenched and itching for his blood!
My eyes turn cold and my face hardens as I look at the ruins around me.
Lead on, I say in a cold voice to the guide and he shivers
Refusing to look at me; as we disembark from the speeder.

I see the anger, hate, awe, and fear in their eyes, some even look hopeful
But I am no fool… Too many resent me and what He did
All those years ago and I have no reason to blame them.
He destroyed them and now I am the only one left to fix his mistakes.
You fool! I can still hear his crazed laughter as we battled
On the Star Forge, all those long months ago – almost…

The dirt crumbled and the gravel crunches underneath my boots
As I walk up to the center where they hold their meetings, now…
The smoking ruins, the faith crushed and hard feelings replacing it.
This is no home for anyone to live in – the anger, fear, and hatred

These feelings are cloying here…it hangs heavily in the air almost choking me.
Tell me please, I plead silently to the empty air, what can I do?
…I wish to help them… Please – I whisper – I just wish to help them...