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Luke Skywalker stared out of his Imperial Suite at the endless space that stretched out in front of him. He was almost completely concealed by a dark hood, allowing only the red in his eyes to show when the light hit them just right. A lock or two of scraggly brown hair fell into his eyes. His hand reached almost absently to the red lightsaber strapped to his belt.

He swept out of his chambers into a corridor of the Death Star. Officers who were talking carelessly at once silenced themselves and watched Luke fearfully. He turned his head to look at them, but the shadows covered his face, making it impossible to see what he was really looking at. He smirked at them. He stopped at the door to his sisters' room, and knocked. "Leia?"

The door opened slowly to reveal a beautiful young woman wearing a white form fitting dress. Her hair was curled in ringlets, and pinned back ever so slightly. She was smiling nervously. "Luke. It's good to see you." She said. "Do you want to come in?"
Luke didn't answer, but swept in. He sat down on her bed, and removed his hood.

She closed the door behind him, and sat down opposite the room. For a moment, neither of them said anything, and then Leia sighed. "Luke, I know why you're here…"

"And you know I'm right." Luke interrupted.

"I just can't do it." She said. "You know I can't."

Luke knew only too well. For as long as he could remember, he and his father, Lord Vader, had been trying to convert Leia to the dark side of the Force. But she just couldn't do it. Not only could she not do it, she refused. Leia was like a beacon of light in a black sea. The only thing that kept her safe was that she was Lord Vaders' daughter. Luke knew though, that his father was becoming impatient with her. He was there to plead with his sister, she couldn't hold out forever.

"Leia, he's getting unpredictable. If you don't give yourself to the dark side, he may kill you."

"Then he'll have to kill me. I'd rather die than live in this place anymore." She said softly.

Luke stared at his sister. She was one of the few people he held dear…if you could even call it that. She was the goodness that was missing in him, the light. He couldn't imagine a life without her. "Leia, please. I'm begging you."

"No! Maybe you can live in the darkness, carrying around that red blade and hurting people just to see them hurt. I can't! Please, just let me die!" She cried.

"Shut up!" Luke yelled, standing up. "Would you do that to me, sister? Would you leave me behind like that?"

She looked at him. "But, Luke, you've already left me behind. I can sense the anger and hate in you. There's no room for anything else in you." She gestured towards the door. "Now, if you don't mind, I will retire."

He glared at her, but slowly got up. He pulled his hood back over his face, and stepped out into the hall. He thought he saw a tear in her eye as Leia closed the door behind him.


Leia was, in fact, crying when her brother left. She walked over to her desk, where three holodisks sat. One was of her birthplace, the watery, long dead planet of Naboo. Another was a picture of her when she was three. And the last…was her parents wedding photo.

Leia felt her breath catch as she slowly picked it up. She'd found it in an old case of things her father had hidden way. She'd discovered it by accident, and was afraid to take anymore, for fear that one day it might be missed. Her mother, Padme Amidala, looked so beautiful and regal in a white wedding dress. And Anakin…Anakin was young, handsome, and smiling. In seventeen years, Leia had never seen her father smile.

Oh, father. What went wrong? What went so horribly wrong?

Nobody knew how much Leia cried at night. She longed for a family, for love. Nobody had ever shown her love before, except when they wanted something from her. Her existence was cold and cruel, she'd almost forgotten the feel of a suns' warmth on her face, and she'd been locked up in this cruel battle station for so long. But Leia was stubborn. She would never turn to the dark side, no matter what her brother or father threatened to or did do to her.


She placed the holodisk back on her desk, and crawled into her bed. She blew out the two candles that lit her room, and tried to go to sleep. But she couldn't. Luke's' words kept playing in her mind.

He's getting unpredictable…he may kill you.