Part I of IV: The Masters of Evil

The Mandarin set foot in America. Using his technical genius, he had slipped by American radars and remained undetected. He had taken off his earrings and wore an American business suit instead of his Chinese robes. It was easy to acquire a fancy hotel room, where he was to meet his new hired hands. Here's a list of those five super-villains.

Blizzard: Originally the icy Jack Frost, Gregor Shapanka gave himself a new costume and improved his powers, calling himself Blizzard.

Constrictor: A super-criminal that has two pairs of electrified coils on his arms excellent for squeezing his victims.

Mr. Hyde: A mad scientist who made for himself serum, which upon drinking gives him super strength.

Porcupine: A small genius, Alexander Gentry, who made for himself a battle suit that contained various grenades and covering of quills, which, at the press of a button, stuck out.

Scorpion: Once on the side of the law, Mac Gargan underwent an experiment that gave him the proportionate strength of the Scorpion and a powerful tail.

Whirlwind: A mutant that was born with the ability to travel at great speeds like a human top (which happens to have been his first name).

The Mandarin sat down on the fanciest and tallest chair, much like his throne back in China, only softer. "Let the meeting begin. Although this is the Masters of Evil, we are not going to battle the Avengers first; rather, we are going to assault the Stark Plant, the greatest power source in the whole city."

"That means we'll encounter Iron Man, right?" asked Blizzard.

"Of course."

A terrible voice, a little like a shriek, asked its own question. "How do we succeed?"

"We won't reveal ourselves until we are inside, Mr. Hyde. We'll steal a supply truck belonging to Stark International. I'll say the rest of the plan as we go along."

Tony Stark sat at his desk, drinking coffee. Jim Rhodes came in. "Our earthquake device is going to be here for another week."

Stark closed his eyes. "When are they going to get rid of that thing? It's been attracting terrorists and costumed criminals for days now. Soon the whole plant is going to be someone else's and New York will be at his mercy."

"I'm Sorry, sir. Well, I've got to go now. Don't want to keep my pals waitin'." He left, leaving Stark. The wealthy businessman pressed a button, and a section of the wall opened, revealing red and gold armor; the armor of Iron Man. Just recently he had fought off members of HYDRA and AIM, not to mention the Eel. The battle with this slippery cook didn't last that long. His armor protected him well against the Eel's electric blasts and his repulsor ray finished the battle.

This earthquake device was the result of an accident and the government wanted to exploit it. Stark was against it from the start, but they threatened to take over his company. He had no idea what they would want such a destructive thing for. It's only use was threatening countries, but that might start a nuclear war with China, who would defend any Communist countries. It was a waste of money.

Putting on his suit, Tony Stark sent his jet boots into action, flying out of the window. The window shut automatically, thanks to Stark's genius. The Avenger looked downwards as he flew, spotting a getaway truck followed by police cars. He swooped downwards, stopping the vehicle dead in its tracks.

The criminals inside rushed out, firing their guns. The iron warrior grabbed two of them, throwing them into a muscle-bound crook. He then fired his repulsor ray at the ground in front of the others, blasting a hole in the concrete. The criminals tripped and fell in.

As the police rounded them up, one walked up to Iron Man. "Thanks. We had a tough thing going on here."

"Just my civic duty, sir." Iron Man flew into the sky to do more patrolling.

The Stark Intl. truck was alone on the road, covered by the trees. The journey was going smoothly until a heavy, armored figure stepped onto the road. The truck screeched to a halt. Standing in front of them was the Porcupine.

Mr. Hyde broke the lock on the back, opening the doors and throwing out the crowding equipment. Scorpion stepped in, followed by the Mandarin. The lethal super-villain made a small hole with the spike on his tail, through which the Mandarin fired his hypnotic ring at the two drivers. The other criminals climbed into the truck and closed the doors. They were on their way to The Stark Plant.

"Listen, my accomplices. When we get past security, we'll break out of the truck and get rid of all who are around us. Blizzard and Mr. Hyde shall follow me. Whirlwind will go around taking out opposition. The Porcupine and Scorpion will guard the truck. I have stored some valuable weapons in there. Constrictor will take the highest room and keep a lookout. Is everything understood?"

"You bet!" grimaced the Scorpion.

It was late in the afternoon. Iron Man was still out fighting crime and the truck reached the gate of the Stark Plant. The drivers didn't look too much like they were in a trance, fortunately for the Mandarin and the Masers of Evil.

'You may pass."

The truck got further in and stopped. Mr. Hyde knocked the door open. The surrounding men were surprised as the berserk man charge towards them. He grabbed three of them throwing them around the room. Whirlwind's methods were faster, as he twirled around, knocking out most of his opponents.

Three men remained. The Scorpion hit one with his tail, which now dripped with blood. The Mandarin zapped the two drivers while Constrictor caught the other two guards outside the truck, shocking them into unconsciousness.

They all followed their orders. Constrictor went into an elevator while Whirlwind went out of sight. The Mandarin descended down some steps with Blizzard and Mr. Hyde while the Porcupine and Scorpion remained behind.

The man in the tower tried to communicate with the man in charge of parking. There was no answer. "Hello? Is anyone there? For heaven's sakes, someone please answer."

"Alright, they're knocked out for the moment, or dead."

"Wha-ARRGGHHH!" The man was electrocuted by two coils and slumped over. Constrictor sat down in his seat and looked out, He could see Whirlwind moving around, knocking out guards and workers. A green button on the control panel started blinking. He pressed it.

"This is the Mandarin. How are you faring, Constrictor?"

'Just fine, Mandarin. From my view it looks like Whirlwind's got it under control."

Iron Man corner of the building. The support had been blasted a maniac armed with many bombs. People were screaming and running. Can't hold this any longer. He waited for some help, but none was coming. He reluctantly dropped the corner and the building shook apart.

He found the maniac in a fast, two-man car, alongside an insane driver with sunglasses. He flew hands forward, grabbing the car from behind. "Hey, R-robert. Are car's getting lifted." "What do you mean? That's- Oh, crud, it's Iron Man.

That's right." Stark smiled, flipping the vehicle over with the crooks screaming. They survived and Iron Man wrapped a bent steel bar around them. "That should hold you fellows. You," he pointed at the bomb maniac. "Next time I see you trying to blow up buildings, thus endangering over a hundred lives, I'm goin to blast a hole through your stomach, got it?"

"Y-you bet, Mr. Iron Man!"


The modern knight went into the air, before getting back to his mansion, he would check up on the plant.

The Mandarin checked he earthquake device. Blizzard and Mr. Hyde were a little bored. Mr. Hyde looked into a mirror. He noticed that more hair was forming along the top of his upper lib and that his muscles seemed to be shrinking. Walking up to a suitcase, he opened it, took out a vial, the Hyde formula, and drank it. He felt his strength returning.

"So that is you infamous potion, is it not?" questioned the Mandarin

"Yes. I made it myself early on while the superhero were still young. What's your power from?"

The Mandarin lifted his hands showing his fingers. Each one had a ring. "These ten rings you see on my fingers are grafted to my skin. Each one has a power. A ring is the most powerful weapon a mortal can have."

"Sounds like the Green Lantern," said the Blizzard. "When are going to use that blasted device?"

"All in good time, Blizzard. The government should have kept this a little more secret."

Constrictor gazed out of the tower window. Whirlwind had finished his job and was chatting with the Porcupine and Scorpion. The snake-like villain looked further up at the New York skyline and saw something very interesting; a red and gold knight was approaching. Constrictor made an evil smile grabbing his coils. Iron Man was coming.

Next: Iron Man gets ganged up on and the Mandarin lays out his plans in Part II of IV: Defeat