TITLE: Tunnel Vision

SERIES: First in the 'Tunnel Visions' series.

AUTHOR: Jacquelyn Smith


WARNINGS: Minor character deaths, profanity, grab kleenex

CATEGORY: Drama/Angst

PAIRINGS: None in this story

SUMMARY: When an alien invasion hits Earth, SG-1 and a few others are forced to flee through the Stargate and take refuge with the Tok'ra. How do they react when it's their world that falls?

SEASON/SPOILERS: Takes place at the end of season three/beginning of season four - no spoilers.

DISCLAIMER: All publicly recognizable characters and places are the property of MGM, World Gekko Corp and Double Secret Productions. This piece of fan fiction was created for entertainment not monetary purposes and no infringement on copyrights or trademarks was intended. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

NOTES: This story is my version of where Stargate SG-1 might have gone at the end of season three. This is a Tok'ra friendly story - deal with it, or don't read it. It follows canon up to about that point. Look for the next story (hopefully in April) in this series entitled, "Solace". This is not strictly a Sam/Martouf story, though both figure prominently - Major Davis just sneaked his way in, and how could I say no to him?

THANKS: To Stace & Jewels for the beta.

DEDICATION: For Steph for all your help on & off the list (you are in here towards the end). For Carol who never, ever gives up & has been there since the beginning. For Becca, I miss you and I'm sorry I lost you. And for everyone who has ever read one of my stories and asked for more.

Copyright Jacquelyn Smith; March, 2005

"Tok'ra, kree!" A guard's voice rang out in alarm deep within the tunnels of Vorash.

"Oh, what now?" Jacob Carter wondered aloud.

Martouf smiled, apparently appreciating his sarcasm.

It had been a very busy month for both freedom fighters. Jacob had been captured by a rogue system lord, detained and tortured on a hell like planet. Martouf, along with a team from Earth had attempted to rescue him, and in the process, had been caught along with him. All had narrowly escaped, though in Jacob's mind, it was like any airplane landing you can walk away from a successful operation. Although his mission had been botched, he was alive and Sokar and Apophis were now dead.

It had taken the better part of the last three weeks to heal and debrief. He had spent a few days on Earth with Sam, and then had flown to San Diego to visit his son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. He had been near death, and spending time with his family had helped to ground himself. Made him believe that living the life of a Tok'ra, with all its inherent danger, was actually worth it.

His life revolved from crisis to crisis. That's just the way it was. And until the Tok'ra defeated the System Lords, it wasn't likely to change. Jacob knew only one thing: when that day finally came, he would go home to Earth and spend more time with his family.

He hurried with Martouf down the busy corridor towards the main transport hall. The rings were just arriving, delivering a large group of people. Obviously they were not a threat or the guards on the surface would never have allowed their passage.

Suddenly recognizing who the group was, he called out in disbelief. "Sam?"

His daughter was with a ragtag group of soldiers and one of her teammates, the former First Prime of Apophis, Teal'c. Most wore base dress uniforms, a few were in Air Force blue and several wore lab coats. A couple were being carried, obviously injured and covered in bloody, hastily applied bandages. Whatever had happened, happened very quickly, and from the look of things, it had been a hasty retreat. "What the hell happened?"

"We had to evacuate the SGC!" Sam spurted out, her voice heavy with adrenaline. "General Hammond stayed behind and blew the base. Dad, everything is gone."

"Samantha, what do you mean by everything?" Martouf asked.

"I mean, Martouf," she said after catching her breath. "That the Earth has been taken over by something the Asgard call the Replicators. Within days everything on the planet, everyone on the planet, will be completely destroyed. Total annihilation."

"Oh my God," Jacob uttered in disbelief. Other Tok'ra were beginning to gather in the now crowded corridor, already attending to the injured Tau'ri.

"A small group of us barely managed to get out in time," explained a major Jacob remembered meeting a few months ago.

"Davis, right?"

"Yes sir," he affirmed. "Colonel O'Neill sent us here with our wounded to seek your help. We gated to the Alpha site and were overrun with Jaffa. We lost six people before we could gate out again."

"Whose Jaffa?" Jacob asked, prompted by Selmak.

"Those of Heru'ur, General Carter." Teal'c said as a Tok'ra healer divested him of a wounded soldier he was carrying in his arms. "The base had been burned to the ground before our arrival. They left nothing."

"Where's Daniel?"

"He's out with SG-13 digging on P3X-889," Sam explained. "Our first priority was to find someplace safe to go. With the Alpha site gone, we dialed up a barren world before coming here. We're lucky you're still on Vorash or we'd have no way of contacting you."

Jacob winced, and Selmak quickly assumed control of their shared body. "Martouf, find quarters for these people and see to their immediate needs."

"Of course," Martouf replied and quickly exited the chamber.

Selmak pointed to a short, brunette woman. "You are the Tau'ri physician?"

"Yes," she nodded. "Janet Fraiser."

"Our healers will confer with you. How many are injured?"

"One critical, four major, twelve minor."

"Major Carter, how many refugees in all?" Per'sus asked as he walked into the chamber. Selmak watched his host's daughter flinch at being thought of as refugees.


"We will discuss the details of your remaining with us after your wounded are treated and your people secured." The new High Councilor's aide whispered something inaudible, as he went on. "Who is in charge of your group?"

"Colonel O'Neill." Sam said as she dabbed at a small cut on her head.

"These... Replicators. They are contained on your world?"


"You are certain of this?" Per'sus inquired further, not looking convinced.

"Councilor Per'sus, the self-destruct system built into the facility was initiated by General Hammond. The resulting explosion would have effectively destroyed the SGC, as well as killing over 200 people and the chaapa-ai." Teal'c said, his usual stoic tone tinged with anger.

Selmak listened in silence to the exchange. The newly appointed Tok'ra leader was simply being thorough in querying the Tau'ri about this new threat. If this enemy could simply appear almost without warning and destroy a planet in a number of days, then it was prudent to be sure the technologically inferior Tau'ri had not accidentally brought this danger with them to Vorash. Jacob however, was incensed.

"The explosive was laced with naquadah," Sam added, exhaustion readily apparent in her voice. "Nothing would have survived for two kilometers surrounding the base. We gated from the Alpha site to a planet with no known life in order to make sure they were contained. We tried unsuccessfully to open the gate back to Earth, but it's gone. Everyone and everything on Earth will be completely destroyed within days. If maybe we could take a ship at some point and"

"We will discuss the possibility," Per'sus interrupted curtly.

Jacob was devastated over the news that Earth had fallen to some unknown alien race. That he would never again see his son or daughter-in-law, or his two grandchildren. That only thirty-four out of six billion would survive. Selmak reminded him that he was one of the lucky ones. His daughter was alive. And for now at least, she would be staying with the Tok'ra.

Pushing the shock to the back of his mind, he took back control of his body and gently took Sam's hand into his own. For a moment, she looked up at him and they shared a sorrow filled glance. She understood too, he thought. He could see it in her eyes.

He took a deep breath and mentally prepared himself to get back to business. "Okay, Teal'c, we'll assign you an escort and you'll go back and get the rest of your group. Sam?"

"Yeah, we'll fill you in on the rest," she said squeezing his hand for a moment before letting go.

Jacob watched Teal'c as he silently confirmed his orders with Sam. A simple look and a nod were all the exchange required. They had been through a lot as a team, he knew. No doubt they were very much in sync with each other. Still, he wondered at the former First Prime of Apophis taking orders from a female second-in-command of a four person unit. Not that he questioned his daughter's ability to command, but rather was surprised by Teal'c's willingness to accept her orders. Hell, he was still surprised that Teal'c took orders from O'Neill and had pledged himself to serving Earth. Selmak didn't quite understand it either.

"What a goddamned mess!" Jacob said, shaking off his current train of thought. "Come on, we'll tend to your wounded and then we'll talk."