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It had been two years since that fateful night in Godric's Hollow. Young Harry Potter had been sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle after the death of his parents; amid his Godfather's protests, that is. But as Dumbledore had said, "It was for the best."

The only reason Sirius Black had not been sent to Azkaban for betraying the whereabouts of the Potter's to Voldemort, was mainly because of Dumbledore. The Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry who had given Sirius Veritaserum during an enforced court hearing. It proved the truth, even though it was not what many had wanted to hear. For as it turned out, the one who had really betrayed the Potter's still ran free: the Potter's other long time friend Peter Pettigrew.

At this moment in time, however, Sirius Black and his only remaining friend (and fellow Marauder) Remus Lupin sat in Dumbledore's office waiting for him to explain why he had summoned them there. 24-year-old Sirius and Remus, being James Potter's best friends, were of course the worst affected by his and Lily's death. Remus and James had been close but Sirius and James had been like brothers, and for that reason Sirius had been dubbed Godfather to James's son Harry shortly after the child's birth.

Dumbledore sighed heavily as he stared at his former students. He knew he was going to be putting a lot of weight on their shoulders by asking them to do what he was going to ask them to do, but with what recently came to light…he had no other good alternative.

"Sir, is there a particularly good reason for why you called us here?" Sirius inquired, slightly annoyed by the prolonged, uncomfortable, silence.

"I'm afraid there is, Mr. Black," Dumbledore replied gravely as his eyes came to rest on Sirius. The young man's annoyed expression changed to one of mild curiosity.

"Do either of you know what it means to be an elemental wizard or witch?" Dumbledore began, deciding this was the best way to approach the subject. Sirius perplexedly shook his head 'no', but Remus, on the other hand, nodded.

"Elemental Wizards are very rare. Only one or two are born every thousand years," Remus stated knowledgably. "An Elemental Wizard or Witch," He continued, recalling what he had learned about them in seventh year. "Will have much more power than any normal one. Their magical ability surpasses all others. Not only can they control certain elements, depending on their personality, but they also do not 'need' a wand to concentrate there magic, like we do, but can use one if they want," Remus finished thoughtfully, half-wishing their schooldays…of fun and learning – in his case – had never ended. Dumbledore nodded with a small smile at how much Remus had indeed studied in school.

"Why do we need to know this, sir? If only one or two are born every thousand years, it's not likely we'll meet one," Sirius cut in matter-of-factly.

"Well, Mr. Black, truth be told, it has come to my attention that one exist today," Dumbledore smiled, eyes sparkling. Sirius and Remus shared a look then returned their gazes to Dumbledore, interest and curiosity in their eyes.

"Voldemort has been after "Elemental" power ever since his school years, and for this reason, among others, he attacked the Potter's house in search of young Mr. Potter," Dumbledore imparted with a sigh.

"But why-" began Sirius, but Dumbledore continued as though he had not been interrupted.

"I know, 'now', that this was a major reason for him; for you see, I have just recently discovered that young Harry is in fact an Elemental wizard," the elderly wizard finished calmly. It took a good few seconds for these words to sink in.

"Are you saying…?" Remus asked incredulously.

"Yes," Dumbledore replied with a nod. The message had the effect the older man had predicted. Remus looked shocked while Sirius looked angry…justifiably so, Dumbledore knew.

"And you're letting him stay with those magic-hating muggles!" Sirius yelled as he stood up. "I told you James had wanted him with me. Now look who he's with! They won't understand him, they'll…they'll blame him for things he can't control! I can just imagine the trauma that could cause a child!" Sirius continued furiously.

"Sir, the prophecy did say Harry would have powers no other wizard had, but if Voldemort does know, than he'll be bound to come after Harry again," Remus cut in worriedly. "Not to mention, he probably told his remaining Death Eaters of his plan as they are still trying to find a way to resurrect him." Remus' words hit Sirius hard and he too was struck with the worry that had been usurped by his initial anger, so much so that he sat back down looking at Dumbledore expectantly.

"I know all of this. That is why I'm worried, and also why Harry will be taken out of his relatives care immediately, for his own protection from their mistreatment as well as the dangers of Lord Voldemort," the blue eyed Headmaster stated sadly.

"…M-mistreatment?" both young men gasped, eyes widening as horrible thoughts of what the Dursley's might have done to their only remaining link to James Potter crossed their minds.

"Patience, you two, the Dursley's will receive their just reward. Do nothing foolhardy out of anger." Dumbledore told them firmly. Sirius looked like he wanted to say something, though thought better of it, and the two wizards nodded reluctantly.

"Where are you going to send Harry, sir?" Remus asked abruptly. Dumbledore smiled, eyes sparkling once more. "Well…I thought he'd be safest, well protected, and loved unconditionally, with his father's two best friends."

A shocked silence followed this pronouncement as the two men stared in amazement at their former Headmaster.

"That is, of course, if you two are willing to raise a child together, sharing the huge responsibility," Dumbledore continued, smiling, seeing as how they were at a loss for words.

Sirius and Remus looked at each other, grins spreading across their faces.

"If not I could always-" Dumbledore began again but Sirius promptly cut him off.

"Of course we'll take Harry! We'd…we'd love to!" he said happily, without hesitation.

"I thought as much," Dumbledore beamed with a chuckle, eyes still sparkling. Remus' happy expression soon faltered as a worry-filled one took over.

"But…what about my condition? Sir…I could hurt Harry," Remus said anxiously, solemnly.

"The newly developed Wolfsbane potion will keep you in your right mind during your transformations, Mr. Lupin, and you may sleep in the basement of the house I have provided for the three of you in London. It is well protected with charms and enchantments. And please, you are no longer in school. Call me Albus, the older male implored. Remus smiled sheepishly, but merely Sirius grinned.

"When can we get him?" the dog Animagus asked excitedly.

"First thing in the morning. After I have put my finishing touches on this new house." Dumbledore answered calmly. Sirius and Remus smiled brightly.

"First thing tomorrow…" They echoed in unison.


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