My Happy Ending


I work as a CSI. I investigate crime scenes which are mostly of things gone wrong. Relationships break apart and one of them kills the other or themselves. Other people decide that life's too much and kill themselves. Some don't pay off debts and land themselves in the desert with a bullet in their heads. Many things about death are of something gone wrongs. People tell me I can be cold towards people at times, and other times empathic. If only the people I work with knew. I was one of those kids that would have ended up where half of the people we talk to because of our job are today. If I didn't stop what i was doing then I could have ended up as a drug addict, alcoholic, homeless, in jail, dead, or many other things. Catherine and Nick once asked me what I was in high school and I told them "Science Geek". Yeah I was in the last three months of school. Those last three months where I realized that all the cheating I did to get A's in classes wouldn't cut it in the real world, and that my life had to change. It took my brother's death to make me realize that, but it doesn't matter. So when I see people who turned out like that in life, I may be cold, but it's because I've been where they are, and when they say that they can't get out I say bull shit. I got out when I was a kid. What do they have to speak for?

A week ago someone recognized me from my bad High School reign. A girl I used to hang out with. Her name was Amber Ritter. Funny how everything I worked for and hid can come crashing back in one millisecond when she says one word to me "Anjelita." Funny ain't it? Anjelita is my name. Everyone knows me as Sara Sidle. Yeah, those last three months of school when I got put into that final foster home I was Sara Sidle. Until that point I was Anjelita Ramirez. After that interview Brass, Greg, Grissom, and Nick -who happened to be working the case with us- cornered me and asked what Amber was talking about that pissed me off so bad. She said to me "Too bad Blaze went to far and ended up dead eh chica?" Blaze was what we called by brother. Yeah, I was pissed she had the nerve to talk about my brother like that. They knew I was pissed when I smirked at her with an evil grin that hadn't been seen in years and replied "Too bad Alejandro fucked up your life good and left you with nothing eh chica?" Amber glared at me and I smirked as I walked out. Alejandro had been Amber's Boyfriend in High school that was bad news and left her with nothing. So they asked me what the hell that was about, and I shrugged it off telling them it was nothing important now.

In the car Grissom didn't drop it. Greg just sat in the back as we argued. He had told me to take the rest of the night off and when I got back tomorrow night that he needed an explanation. So that's why I'm writing this you see. I'm quitting, and moving back home. And what I'm about to tell you now is going to be left with my resignation papers. What I'm about to tell you now is the hell I went through when I was a kid and when I was in high school. Everything you think you know about me, about Sara Sidle, is about to change when that image of a science geek is stripped from you mind and you're introduced to Anjelita Ramirez. Get Ready now. It's a wild ride.