Doctor Who: The Return Of U.N.I.T.

The Tenth Regeneration Adventures

By Jeff Walker

London, England – 2020

As the cityscape is blanketed by the starry night, deep within the streets of London, a sleek black car is racing past the rest of the traffic. All the cars are of the current designs for the time, even this black car seems stylish for it's day. Swerving in and out dangerously, the car quickly turns a corner as it screeches it wheels and heads down a new street beyond the main traffic. The man inside is Caucasian and wearing a black out fit that looks more like a uniform. Breathing heavily the man looks in his rear view mirror and is sweating profusely. He soon attaches a micro-headset to his ear and turns it on by pressing the tiny button on the side of it.

"Telecom link up! Send to addy Zoomer One" The British man utters to it.

The device begins a squelch of noise and soon begins a dial tone to the contact he instructed it to connect too.

"Come on…Come on answer…" He nervously says, as he keeps looking his rear view mirror.

The black dressed man seems young in appearance, mid-twenties to early thirties, his hair is cut short and black in color. His erratic driving continues as he swerves to miss cars in his path and pedestrians trying to cross the streets. Turning the car down a new path again, the man suddenly hears the micro-headset phone connect.

"Occupant not replying…please leave a message." The automated Telecom female voice replies.

"Begin message." The man shouts. "This is agent Bosworth! I've been discovered…repeat…I have been discovered…all our fears have been confirmed ZoomerOne. Will report findings to you when we meet at the location of pick up."

As he turns the car yet again down a long dark alleyway, a pair of lights quickly turns on in front of him and causes him to stop immediately. Gasping at the sight, the man sets the car in reverse and tries to leave the dark ally. But as he tries to leave, another car enters blocks the only way out. The frightened man stops again and looks at both vehicles heading towards him slowly. Setting the car in park, the young man hears the occupants getting out of their cars and the sound of their feet walking over to him. Bosworth picks up a weapon beside him and darts out of the car. Trying to run, the man is soon intercepted by others dressed in similar clothes as him.

"That's far enough Bosworth!" The other man says as he points his odd looking weapon at him.

Bosworth continues to breathe heavily and looks at the group beginning to surround him.

"Look…I…didn't see anything. Honest…I just want out guys. Please! I've got a wife and kid at home…"

"You know the rules, Bos. Nobody just leaves the organization." The man states in a cold fashion.

Horror flashes across the young man's eyes and he soon screams as he tries to shoot at the men taking aim at him. In a flurry of strange green energy blasts from the dark weapons, the group manages to vaporize the man in the matter of seconds. The only thing that drops to the ground unaffected is his suit and the miniature phone that was still attached to his ear. The dark uniformed men gather over the remains and tap their feet at the smoking clothes.

"Mission complete, Sir." The Afro-British man says into his micro-headset phone. "The target is eliminated."

"Good." A gruff male voice replies back. "Return to base."

"Rodger that sir."

Looking back down at the uniform, the lead attacker reaches over and grabs the suit as it still smokes in his hands. He looks at it carefully and reveals the logo attached to the suit. The logo is an updated symbol of U.N.I.T., the former military section devoted to extra-terrestrial investigations.


The Planet of Galifrey.

The Doctor, having recovered from his ordeal with the Infinite Guardian (- See Regenerative Crisis), sits with the Lord President of Galifrey in the presidential office as the two argue about his current human companions.

"Doctor…you know we cannot allow those two to be taken out of time." Lord President Devendari sighs.

"We've been through a lot together…perhaps not Megan as such, but Andrea means the world to me. Can't I just bend the rules this one time?"

"You've been bending, breaking and leaping over them for sometime Doctor. But times have changed here. We're trying to return to governing the space-time continuum as we once did. Megan was not meant to survive the Cybermen attack, her body was to be recovered from the debris field and her name was to be the one that was used on the vessel that saves the human refugees on Proxima Six. It was a key moment in the human history…one that brought peace to their species future colony wars."

"I know…I know…" The Doctor rubs his head in frustration. "I didn't think of it at the time, alright. But I can't just send this poor girl back to die! That's immoral…its barbaric…"

"It's how it must be, Doctor."

"What of Andrea?" The Doctor soon adds. "Why must she be returned to the moment I met her?"

"Again, you know why." Devendari says rubbing his bridge of his nose in fatigue. "She was to be victim like the others of that small human community. This must not change."

"I beg to differ." The Doctor demands as he slams his fist on the table. "These are lives we're talking about here…this is why I loathed our role in the universe. Instead of helping the innocent we're killing them! And why? Just to make sure the time stream remains all comfy cozy? I refuse to do what you ask!"

The Galifreian President stands out of his chair and walks around the long black marbled table he was sitting behind. He casually walks over to the frustrated Timelord and sits on the edge of the table too give him a more personable chat.

"Look Doctor…I know that you are very attached to the humans. And that being the former Lord President of Galifrey you have certain rights to whom you travel with…but for the sake of history…we must not change it's course to suit our own purpose. We've neglected our roles for far too long and its time to bring the flow of time back to a proper balance."

The Doctor rises out of his seat and paces the regal looking office. Gold and red are the colors that fill the room; the symbol of Rassilon over looks the room from above the massive golden doors and reminds the Doctor of whom and where he belongs. Giving a sigh and folding his arms over each other, the Timelord turns around and looks at the president with a heavy heart.

"Very well. I will do as you ask…but I want to do it myself. I brought them with me…I'll take them back to where they belong."

The President eyes him carefully. "Don't deceive me Doctor, are you telling the truth? Or shall I have to use the Mind Probe to make sure of your statement."

"You have my word, Lord President." The Doctor breathes out as he straightens his posture. "I will take them back."

The Galifriean President nods at his word and returns to sit behind his long back table. Touching a small golden symbol embedded on the marble top, a visual image appears above the tabletop. The holographic image is that of Earth; a small green triangle appears on the globe and begins flashing as it zooms over to one of the continents.

"Now then, I have a request to make of you Doctor. For that is the original reason we wanted to meet with you before all this took place."

"Meet with me? Why what for?"

"I'm about to show you something that has the Time Council very concerned. There's something happening on Earth that has caught our attention, a temporal energy signature, something that should not be happening in this timeframe of human history. We'd like for you to go to the planet and investigate the matter."

The Doctor returns to his seat and looks at the image.

"You're giving me an assignment? I'm not one of your researchers…I'm retired. And I'm not for hire you know?"

"Yes, we know you prefer to roam the cosmos at your leisure. But this latest incursion in the Time Continuum must not be allowed. Since you have greater knowledge of humans, their history and of their many customs…we've decided to let you investigate this matter for us. Please Doctor…we need your experience on this situation."

Peering at the location, the Doctor tries to see which area it's in.

"Oh? That desperate are we? I suppose I am the most qualified to interact with the humans and more tolerant of their behavior. Hmmm…looks like it's coming from the North Eastern hemisphere…centered in the heart of England I would say. Or rather London to be more accurate. What's the year you found this at?"

"The Earth calendar date is May 16th, 2020." The President states as he changes the holographic image.

The next one to appear is of a symbol the Doctor is all too familiar with. A slightly more updated looking symbol then he had seen before in his previous Regenerations, but one that still is recognizable to him just the same.

"Do you know this icon? It has something to do with this time period." The President asks.

"UNIT?" The Doctor mutters with curiosity. "That can't be right. I thought UNIT was dissolved by this period of time? What is this all about?"

Turning off the image, Devendari clasps his hands together and rests his chin on them.

"I was hoping you could tell us. Or rather…find out for us. It seems that there is a temporal anomaly occurring at this point in time and at that region of the planet. This icon was found a few times in the planet's history where is should never have been at all, those Timelords trying to fix the time stream discovered it and traced its temporal coding. It matches to this time date and of this origin."

"Really. Well, well, well….someone has been rather busy haven't they?" The Doctor says raising his eyebrows with interest. "Alright, I'll look into this little mystery of yours…but with one condition."

Devendari leans back in his chair as he waits to hear what the term is.

"I keep my two companions…for now. I'll need their help to assist me in my investigation. Then after it's done, I'll return them to their proper place and time. Deal?"

Mulling over the Timelord's purposely, he shakes his head negatively and taps his index finger on the table as his doubts come to light.

"I think it would be better to bring them back here, Doctor. We should be the ones to return them to their places of origin and clear their minds of all prior events. Besides…you have a habit of giving the Council false promises…how can I trust you?"

"Trust me Devendari, once my mission is done I'll send you a report from the TARDIS. You can even send me the co-ordinates to put them back in the proper places. That way you'll know exactly where I am and have a clear visual of me to make certain I'm not doing anything with the controls as I talk to you. Now…does that sound more reasonable to you?" The Doctor grins as he rises out of his seat and holds out his hand.

The Lord President nods in agreement and rises out of his chair.

"Very well. You make keep them for this one matter only Doctor, if you try to keep them out of time, we will bring you back and have you grounded here permanently."

The Doctor shakes his hand as he nearly leaps over the table to do it. With a smile on his face, the Doctor gives him a quick wink and lets go of his hand.

"I wouldn't dare dream of disappointing you, Lord President."


Back on Earth, the UNIT officers return to a tall black building with no windows, the solid looking structure has only a few tinted glass doors at it's base and a open underground garage where the UNIT cars drive down into. It's located in the heart of the city and gives no sign of it being of military property. No guards are visible, no barriers to separated from the other surrounding skyscrapers, it just remains there as part of the rest of London's cityscape.

As they later walk down through the bleak grey halls within the building, the group now consisting of three come to the end of it and stand in front of a polish sliver door with a security camera hanging over it.

"Identify." The monotone computer voice asks.

"Deacon…665…" The Afro-British officer states.

The door slides open and allows them to walk inside. Another long corridor brings them to another set of doors, a black set with sliver door handles. As they walk up to them, the doors swing open again and this time they enter the final room. The entire place is grey and black, light sources along the wall show alien looking gadgets and technologies incased in glass. Deacon stands at the foot of the table were someone sits with the back of his dark grey chair facing them.

"What's our next assignment sir?" He asks.

Spinning around to face them, a balding Caucasian man of middle age glances at them as places an electronic pad on the table. The bulky looking gentlemen is wearing a dark suit with a green shirt and tie, his face has a trimmed mustache and goatee that gives him a rather stoic look.

"Get your men ready for this, I want to get hold of this man at any cost. He should be arriving in London very shortly."

"Yes sir." Deacon smiles. "Who's the target?"

The man in the chair activates the electronic pad and shows the UNIT officer the person he's to look for.

"He doesn't really have a name…he only he calls himself… the Doctor."