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Chapter Eight: After Shock or Happy Endings

I looked up. My eyes widen.

"No..." I backed up, "I destroyed you."

It was Brad, Tuck , Mom, Sheldon (in their Robo suits) and my sisters. Brad fires another missel. I dodged it, but as soon as I did, my sisters jumped on me and held me down to the ground. I struggled to break free but with no results. I looked and saw Brad in the shadows. He was pretty quite.

"Brad? Brad! Aren't you even going to talk to me?"

Brad stayed silent.

"There is nothing left to talk about XJ9," said Mom

"You tried to kill us!" yelled Tuck

"And you thought we wouldn't take it personally!" Sheldon said it with such anger. I've never seen him so angry. It was scary. "It's over Jenny"

"No!" and with all my strength I shook off my sisters and flew away.

"She seems frighten," she Mom.

"'Scared' isn't the same a 'sorry,' " Sheldon said.

"She will be taken down," Brad said, "I will make sure of it,"

I flew a couple feet when Vexus spoke.

"Where do you think you are going young lady?"

"Their weapons are too powerful. I am gonna have to do this another time when-"

"No! You go back there and fight!"

I stopped. She spoke again.

"Jennifer, I implanted a micro chip into your neural system, allowing me to assist you in fights. But I can't help unless you fight! So get up battle!"

All of a sudden another missel hit me in the back leaving a dent.


XJ2 then shot at me with plasma but got the hiccups and shot them everywhere. I easily dodged her attacks. Then I felt myself being controlled by Vexus. I shot my layer leg at XJ2. She got hit but got back up. Then I tried to hit XJ8 with my Mighty Mallets but she grabbed them both and throw me to the ground leaving another dent on my head.

I got up and used my Hair-Razor-Rangs on Tuck but he caught them and through them at my stomach. Luckily I am a robot and it only left scratches. I put my metal hair back on my head. When they caught me off guard, Brad and Sheldon head-butted me. The hit of their attack cause me to fly towards the wall of a building. Then Mom shot at me with layers. I couldn't move so I got hit. After that hit all of my sisters hit me with everything they've got. I then got all my strength blasted them with my layer vision.

It this point I was really messed up. My eye was cracked, I had dents all over the place, I was scratched on my stomach and legs, my metal hair was bent and one of my arms was almost torn off from me. I could barely move. I was surrounded by everyone so I had no choose but to fly away.

"Vexus, help, I can't do this alone! Please help!"

"My dear Jennifer, you are never alone, not with me you are not," Vexus pushed a button and thousands of her minions came up from the ground and went to attack my family and friends.

I flew to Vexus' hide out: in an old warehouse near the mall. I saw her. She had her back turned.

"Vexus, whew! I made it. They have gotten better weapons and fought better too! I can't believe they almost bet me."

Vexus turned around quickly and backslapped me. I fell to the ground. I gasped as I looked up at her. "What?"

"That was nothing compared to what I am going to do to you, Jennifer," Vexus walked up to me, "Just wait until I and through with you!"

Vexus' minions surrounded my friends and family. Brad, Tuck, Sheldon, Mom, and my sisters were back to back. They were silent as the minions kept coming closer. When they got close enough Mom shouted, "XJ8, Now!" Mom through up a bomb and XJ8 put a shield around them. The bomb exploded and wiped out most of vexus' minions.

"Look's like this is going to be harder that I thought," Brad said as XJ8 removed the shield.

I collapsed to the floor after Vexus hit me. At this time my arm completely tore off, I couldn't move much. I struggled to get up but with no results.

"I told you to destroy your friends and family, you did not. I told you to fight , and you ran," Vexus said as she walked closer to me. "Some helper you are."

I finally got up, "You can't treat me like this!"

"Can't I?" Vexus punched me to the ground making me leak a little oil. "Who else would keep you? You've done bad things, unforgivable things. You have nowhere else to go. It's too late to change now."

"But it's not too late for me to walk out the door," I said as I walked to the exit.

"I am afraid it's too late for that as well. You see, you no longer have control in the matter, my dear Jennifer," Vexus' orb on the top of her head glowed. It must of triggered something because I was shocked and I couldn't move. I was being controlled.

"Come here now, Jennifer," Vexus hand gestured to come.

I resisted but the force was too strong and walked right in front of her.

"You promised you would stay at my side forever and that's a promise I intend for you to keep," Vexus narrowed her eyes. "You're not going anywhere, Jennifer my dear."

Oh no, I thought, This can't be happening!

Brad, Sheldon, Tuck, and Mom fought together and my sisters fought together. So far they were winning. Tuck was shooting bullets at a minion but then another minion shoved Tuck to a building wall. The minion held Tuck down as the minion was charging up his laser. The minion was about to fire. Tuck screamed but then Brad grabbed the minion and threw the minion across a street. Brad walked up to Tuck

"Where's Jenny?" Brad said straight forward.

"What's wrong? Thousands of Vexus' minions aren't good enough for you?" Tuck replied.

"I don't care about them, I want Jenny and no one else!"

Another minion was about to dive bomb Brad but he punched the minion in midair. Brad punched it so hard that the minion fell to pieces. Tuck was shocked to see his brother act this way. Brad found a lock on Jenny and went looking for her.

As soon as Brad left Mom said, "Everyone turn your shields at maximum!" everyone obeyed. Mom then charged up and made a big explosion causing all of Vexus' minions to be destroyed.

"Where's Brad?" Sheldon asked

Mom looked at her radar, "50kl, West."

Brad found the warehouse and he went inside. He walked a couple steps and saw me on the ground crying.

"Jenny? What are you doing? You OK?" Brad walked towards me

I looked at him, "Destroy me now, Brad."

Brad stopped in his tracks, "What? What are you talking about?" He looked at me puzzled.

"Isn't that what you came here for? Do it, NOW, you idiot! AARRRGGHH! BRAD! AGH! NOW! DESTROY... ME..! RRAGH!" electrical shocks overwhelmed me. I felt Vexus' control. It forced me to get up and hit Brad to a wall. Brad groaned.

"Forgive Jennifer, Bradley, she doesn't seem to control herself lately." Vexus appeared with an evil smirk.

"Jenny!" Brad looked at me then looked at Vexus, "What have you done with her, you snake!"

"Nothing much. I implanted micro chip in Jenny's neural system. Not only does it allow me to assist her in fighting but it also forces her to obey my control over her body. So now, I will control her every move. Jennifer has been every disappointing." Vexus smirked

Brad scowled at her.

"Now Jennifer, ATTACK!" Vexus pointed at Brad.

I didn't even resist any more. The force was too strong.

I took out my Laser out of my dented arm (the other one was torn off remember?) and fired at Brad. Brad kept dodging my attacks and charged for Vexus. He jumped towards her but one of my lasers hit him and Brad crashed to the warehouse's wall. He groaned and shook it off. He stood up and charged at me this time. I kept shooting at him. Brad managed to dodge the attacks. Brad pushed me to the ground and held me down.

"Please stop me Brad, I don't want to fight anymore! Especially not you!" I told Brad

"Then don't let Vexus control you anymore!" Brad got angry.

"I don't have a choice, she controls my every move. Vexus has won," I looked away from him and I shut my eyes.

"That's a lie! You can't still win, Jenny! It's not over yet. "

"Rrraaah!" I yelled as Vexus controlled me to push Brad off of me. He fell to the ground and he got up right away. Brad dusted off some dust off of him and walked towards me.

"You can still beat her! You can still beat Vexus! Unless you truly what to be this way, unless you are truly evil. Face it Jenny. You chose to work for Vexus, you chose to betray us and now you are choosing her to control you! Vexus isn't doing this YOU are! And that proves it Jenny, THAT YOU TRULY ARE TERRIBLE AND VILE!"

"NO!" I hit Brad to the ceiling with my Monkey's Paw. The hit caused the ceiling to brake into rubble on top of Brad as he fell to the ground. He struggled to brake free, but the Robo suit couldn't support the weight of the rubble and the Robo suit malfunctioned.

I gasped. What have I done?

"I will give Bradley a beating as well," Vexus walked towards Brad, "this is from the Carnival incident."

Vexus threw a series of blows on to Brad's Robo suit. Pretty soon Vexus broke through the Robo suit's thick windshield (a/n you know the kind of glass that protects you, like the ones in cars only thicker) At this time Vexus was hitting Brad's fragile face. I was forced to stay still and watch her hurt him. With every punch she throw at Brad was like punching me mentally as well.

That monster, I thought with anger and rage in my heart, That HIDEOUS monster. I struggled once more and this time with all of my mental and physical strength but, unfortunately, all I could move were my fingers.

Vexus stopped punching and smirked at Brad's bloody face. Somehow Brad still have the strength to remain conscience.

"Would you like to finish Bradley off, Jennifer?" Vexus controlled me once more.

This time I really struggled to resist but the force was too strong and I kept walking towards Brad. I picked up a piece of rubble, big enough to crush him. I picked it up over my head, ready to put it on top of him.

"Jenny, no..." Brad looked at me terrified.

"She's too powerful (struggles) I don't think I can stop it ."

"Yes you can! It's your body not her's. You can still fight it, you can still do the right thing."

"It's too late for me now... I am sorry Brad... please forgive me...forgive me..." My eyes watered.

Brad gasped as I was going to drop the piece of rubble on him.

"STOP!" Mom yelled. I looked at her, "don't move, XJ9,"

"Don't do it Jenny," Sheldon said from behind Mom, "Don't even THINK about it!"

"It will be the last thing you'll do, Jenny!" yelled Tuck as he entered.

"ATTACK, JENNY!" ordered Vexus.

"Jenny, NO!" yelled my sisters as they flew inside.

I stared at everyone, not doing anything.

"I gave you an order, Jennifer! DO IT NOW!" yelled Vexus.

Everyone started talking all at once. I didn't listen to any of them. I looked at Brad. He spoke

and I listened to him. Only him.

"It's your life Jenny, your choice. It's never too late to change. Not now, not ever. But if you do choose to be this way... do what you must..." Brad looked down and away form me.

"I am sorry, Brad. For everything I've ever done." I managed to gather all my strength and throw the bolder at Vexus. Vexus dodged. The micro chip fried when I resisted it that time. I could control myself again.

"Why you dirty, flesh lover!" Vexus charged at me.

I got out my Blazing Blade and sliced Vexus' stomach. I then got out my Monkey's Paw and hit her hard in the head. I may be weak, damaged and have only one arm but that wouldn't stop me from hitting her with everything I've got. Vexus hit me with five blows but I blocked two of them. I kicked Vexus' legs making her fall. She got up quickly and kicked me in the stomach so hard I fell to the ground. Vexus grabbed my neck and lifted me off my feet. I scowled at her.

"YOU CAN'T CONTROL ME ANYMORE! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!" I charged up and blow a big explosion. The explosion made a crater so big, that at the bottom of it you could see lava. Vexus fell in it but I flew away from Vexus' grip and didn't fell in. It was over. Vexus was dead.

I flew towards Brad and picked up the rubble from him. I grabbed my torn arm from the ground and fused it back on me. Brad then got out of his Robo suit and hugged me. I hugged back.

"Brad, thank you so much, for everything," I whispered in his ear, "You were the best friend I have ever had."

Brad hugged me a little harder, "You were the best friend I have had too, Jenny. You always were."

I stopped hugging Brad and walked up to Mom, Tuck, Sheldon and my sisters.

"I am sorry you guys. I turned on you. What I did was selfish and wrong, and I will never do it again. Will you ever forgive me?"

Tuck looked at me for a while, "Hmm I don't know... Jenny I am not sure we can trust you ever again."

I looked down, "It's okay. I... I understand..." I turned around and started walking.

"Wait Jenny! Geez! It was only a joke! We already have forgiven you, Jenny!" Tuck smiled. I looked at him in disbelief. Then when I saw there was no lie in his eyes, I smiled back.

"Something still troubles me," Mom said, "Why did you join the Cluster?"

My robotic ponytails shifted down and I frowned.

"Because Vexus promised me something. She promised that if I joined her I would be able to...

able to feel like a human. She said you guys could never give me that." I paused and started to speak again, "But I guess the real reason I joined the Cluster was because Vexus told me that you guys were using me and taking me for granted. That you didn't care about me or... loved me" I looked at Brad, who was frowning, then I looked down.

"Of course we cared about you, Jenny. We always did and we will always will," said Sheldon. I looked at him and smiled.

Mom was about to speak but Brad cut her ff.

"Yeah Jenny! How could you ever think that! We always cared about you, didn't you see that?"

"Yeah but still... it's like Vexus was planning this for years 'cuz is sure sound convincing!"

Everyone laughed.

"But you know..." I started, " I still wished that Vexus could of turn me into a human..."

"Well at least you've got one wish." Brad said with a smile on his face.

"What's that Brad?" I said puzzled.

"My heart."

I smiled at him. That was so corny, I thought, but it's the thought that counts. I then finally I got to kiss Brad, the way humans do. Sheldon watched boiling with anger.

"WWWHHHOOOO!" teased Tuck which made Sheldon even angrier.

When me and Brad stopped kissing I felt strange. I've never felt this way before. Wow! My first kiss and with Brad, I thought, I hope I did it right, after all I didn't know what a kiss was until Brad explained it to me at the carnival. I couldn't feel this 'kiss' Brad talked to me about, but it still seemed nice. All of a sudden I felt woozy and then cried out in pain. "Aaurrrgghh!" I fell to the ground, holding my stomach.

"Jenny!" yelled Brad.

Then a big flash of light consumed me. As the light faded everyone stared at me.

"Whoa, what happen?" I then noticed everyone was looking at me, "Why is everyone staring at me like that?" I asked.

"Jenny, you look completely normal!" Brad said.

"I do?" I asked excitedly

"Yeah Jenny you really do!" Tuck said

Brad then raced to his Robo suit, got a mirror from it and showed it to me.

"WOW!" I looked at my reflection. I had light skin, red hair, very few freckles and black eyes (a/n Look at 'Return of Ruggedy Android'). I touched the mirror making sure it was my reflection. "It really it me."

Mom then spoke, "As I was about to say before Bradley interrupted... (Ahem) That you are able to turn into a human, that is when and if you have a true loves kiss. You see your not just a crime fighting robot, you are also my teenage daughter. And what is a teenage life without love? I sure couldn't of lived without it!" Mom climbed out of her Robo suit and as soon as she did I hugged her.

"Thanks mom," my eyes filled up with tears, real ones, "This is the best gift you ever have given me." After a couple of seconds I stopped hugging Mom.

"But doesn't Jenny have to fight crime?"

"Don't worry Tuck, XJ- I mean Jenny (short pause), can always turn back into a robot when she needs to."

"It's not fair!" Sheldon whined, "It should of been me who turn Jenny this way! I should of seen it coming. Jenny was always talking about Brad and she always hung around him."

I chucked, "Sheldon you're a really nice guy and all but its like I said you're just not that special guy I was looking for. But you are really a good friend "

Sheldon sigh sadly and mumbled something.

Poor Sheldon, I thought, I should make it up to him.

"Well, lets bring back all of the humans back, eh?" said XJ5

"Affirmative, we must bring back all the life forms,"said XJ8

"Yes, and before I forget," Mom pushed a button and my sisters all shut down, "Thanks for saving the world and all now back to the basement with you."

Boy, Mom never gives them a chance, I thought, I feel bad. I looked at Brad, I went up to him and touched his face.

"Wow, you are so warm and soft," I said and the wind blow on my face, " I can feel to the cool breeze blow. So this is like to feel."

"Yeah, now you know what you were missing," Brad smiled, "Now, you want to know what a kiss feels like?"

I noddedand kissed him again. So this is how it feels, I thought. I never thought kissing could be so addictive. It was... incredible.Sheldon broke to kiss by saying, " Hey, Jenny should you bring the people back to Tremeton?"

I blushed, "Oh, Right!" I changed into a robot. To my surprise I wasn't all scratched up or damaged, it's like Brad's kiss did more than turn me human.

As I flew to Vexus' planet I thought, Is the Cluster really over? Is Vexus really gone forever? It's hard to believe she gone since I was fighting her for so long. Ishould be happy but I just had a bad feeling.

As soon as I got everyone down to Tremeton and brock their handcuffs they wore when the were enslaved. Brad, Sheldon, and Tuck went home early. Saving the human race and all can be very tiering. My mom took back my sisters in the basement. It was getting dark so I went home as well. I changed into my human form and went to my room and went to bed.

As I lay under the covers I began to think, Is the Cluster finally over? Is Vexus really dead? I stared at the ceiling as I thought some more, What will my classmates think of me when I show up to school looking like this? I hope nothing changes too much. Pretty soon I thought of Brad. I smiled to myself. I finally closed my eyes and dreamed about him... without that stupid Dream Chip.

End of Story

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