Sailor Moon R chapter 90 "Deux Ex Machina"

As Sephiroth stared into the glowing light of the life stream a figure appeared in the darkness and said "I have it master and hands him a book"

"The book of Galaxia" said Sephiroth looking at the book.

"I got it from the Arjunian achieve even though no one was there the security was hard to break even for me" said the pale figure in the shadows.

"You are my best soldier you have two more things to get me my child" said Sephiroth.

"Before I go I want to know what am and what is my purpose" said the pale figure in the shadows.

"You are my child I created you out of what use to be my best friends and a loved one, one was tifa who turned her back on me and the other was my very own brother who also turn his back on because they are all heretics and I made them into you a true believer of my faith" said Sephiroth putting his hand on the head of pale figure in the shadows "and your purpose is to serve me"

"I understand master" said the pale figure in the shadows putting its head into Sephiroth's lap.

"Soon everything will me my children as I tare down existence itself and rebuild it with me as its god as the tower of Babel is built from the souls of mankind" said Sephiroth.

He walked into the life stream itself and began to glow with its power.

"Come my children and serve me as your god" said he said raising his hands into the air.

There formless shapes rise from the ground and became and became featureless people and then took shape as girls with no clothes on.

Sephiroth turned and stepped out of the water and as he touched each one on the head, clothes appeared on them and each now had a face.

One had shiny blue hair and wore a purple kimono she seemed like the oldest compared to the other in appearance.

The one that seemed the youngest wore a black kimono with blue flowers and her hair was a blue as well and her eyes seemed to glow the same color as the life stream but darker.

The middle figure was wearing a brown tunic and her hair was a bright red and like her other sisters she had a tail.

"You are my army I will call you Heretic Purge and you will make sure everything goes to plan and nothing goes wrong" said Sephiroth and then he walked to each of them starting with the oldest and he placed his hand on her head and said I name you Touran and I name the youngest Lori and I name the middle child Kauron.

They all bowed except Lori who stood with a transfixed stare at Sephiroth.

"Why should I listen to you" said Lori in what seemed like a partly growling tone.

"Because I am your master and I created you and I can unmake you get it" said Sephiroth in a threatening tone.

"Crystal clear" said Lori hesitating and then bowing grudgingly

I want you three to recover something its in the wreckage of the Kaiba Corp building said Sephiroth.

Only two of them said, "As you wish Lord Sephiroth" as they teleported out of the room.

In front of the wreckage stood Sesshoumaru. Looking into the sky in the direction of the Nemesis moon as Tea tended to Motoko's wound.

"If this were any other day we would all be celebrating your b day today Tea" said Zoë

The expression went blank on Tea's face and she looked up with turning into one that looked barely conscious as she said, "Isn't something missing" after saying it she seemed to faint.

Tea woke up in her house lying in her bed.

How did I get here wonder Tea sitting in bed

Tea sniffed and caught the scent of bacon that wafted through the room.

Tea got up and felt urge to take a shower but fought it off to head downstairs to the kitchen.

When she got there all her friends were there and this one figure that looked familiar but couldn't remember his name for some reason.

"Hi Good morning Tea" said the figure as he cooked bacon.

"Who is he" Tea asked her friends.

They just started laughing.

"What is so funny" asked Tea.

But instead of replying they just vanished one at a time leaving her and the mystery figure.

His name was on the tip of her tongue but every time she thought she knew it, it had seemed to slip from her mind like a very slippery bar of soap, and even his face seemed to phase out of reality.

"Who are you she" shouted at the figure cooking bacon at the stove.

"Happy birthday Tea" said the figure at the stove cooking away.

"Thank you but please answer me" asked Tea.

"I know you but you forgotten me along time ago am I not that important? Am I that insignificant?" said the figure as he continued to cook bacon.

"What do you mean? I don't even know you" said Tea.

"You must stop him he doesn't know what is going on he is blinded by his goal to allow himself to see that he is not going to get what he wants" said the figure as he as he flipped the bacon out of the frying pan and into the waiting paper towel.

The kitchen dissolved into what seemed to be a lifeless wasteland that made Tea shiver at the sight of all the corpses and the smell of rotting flesh.

"This is just the begin of the end of all existence because now it running on fumes and soon those will run out" he said as he turn and faced Tea. But facial feature didn't make it easier to remember him.

"Please tell me who you are" asked Tea.

"I cant I don't even know who I am he prevents me from knowing who I am and who he is" said the figure as he hand Tea a plate with bacon and eggs on it.

The figure vanished like a page being torn out of a book.

Tea awoke in the arms of Sesshoumaru,

"Are you ok you fainted" asked Zoë placing her hand on Tea's shoulder.

"We need to get her to some where to rest because she could have reopened her internal injuries with all the stress she has been through" said Sesshoumaru as he picked up Tea.

"Good idea she needs as much rest" said Zoë

Motoko struggled but managed to get to her feet grimacing with pain from the stitched up bullet wound.

They caught sight of Robin and Bakura and Kazuma and they were dragging what appears to be a giant ice block.

"We come bearing gifts" said Robin looking rather cheerful.

"Who's the party favor?" asked Zoë.

"Sailor Skadi AKA Kagura" said Robin.

"That Bitch I want a piece of her for what she has done" growled Zoë getting to her feet holding her scythe.

"Not right now she might have information we need as in the location of En Sabah Nur" said Ishizu stepping out of nowhere and into the path of Zoë and nearly getting slice by her scythe.

"I hope this isn't one of your speeches about hatred and what's right and what's wrong because I don't need it right I need to handle this the way I always do" said Zoë.

"And what is that way then Blood for Blood" said Ishizu.

"your damn right I mean Blood for Blood she killed my friend I kill her and if you don't get out of my way ill make you even I kill in the process" said Zoë

'What is more important to you friends that are dead or the ones that still alive if we don't stop En Sabah Nur and his crimson knights and we might need her information to do so" said Ishizu.

Zoë continued to glare at Ishizu then her scythe disappeared and then she turned and walked away saying "ok fine but if she even breath funny I will kill her"

Crystal Tokyo-

The city shined reflecting the sun as it rose into the sky bringing forth another beautiful day.

"The hole in the barrier has been fixed my Love" The man in the outfit.

"I am glad Endymion" said The girl in the royal gown.

"But I fear for the worse you are weakening and you seem to know of people who don't exist" said Endymion.

"They did exit until recent someone is rewriting time and soon I will be gone with them it not matter of who but when its going to happen" said the Queen.

"No that is impossible how can anyone be able to change time itself" said Endymion.

The Queen went to say something but no sound came out and she seemed to go transparent for a couple seconds then she fainted.

"Selene" shouted Endymion as he ran up to the queen in an effort to catch her as she fell.

"There are many worlds. But they share the same sky. One sky. One destiny" said Selene lying in Endymion's arms before passing out again.

To Be Continued-