Writers note- This series is like a blend between Yu Gi Oh and Sailor Moon and other anime or video game I think fits into the story line I have created but not own but concepts like Patoshi were created by me and some friends of mine.

Sailor Moon R Chapter 93 "Speak Like a Child"

It was the world fell apart underneath them and they fell into a alternate universe of pain and trying to stand was an effort, Sailor Venus sat down setting down Sailor Mars who had suffered the most from the fall and was lucky to even to be alive.

They were currently in the sewer beneath Kaiba Corp building and the smell alone was making her feel sick.

"Where are the fraking ladders?" said Sailor Venus starting to get really peeved

Sailor Mars groaned and tossed slightly and then sat up.

"Can someone tell me what the license of that car that hit me and what smells like the 3rd dimension of ass?" moaned Sailor Mars.

"KaibaCorp1 and the smell is raw sewage" said Sailor Venus.

"Ewwww Kaiba crap are there any ladders so we can get out of here post haste" said Sailor Mars.

"None that I have seen and I have been looking hard and all I found was this" said Sailor Venus pulling out the dead body of Marik and making it say, "you are quite good at turning me on"

Sailor Mars shutters and says, "Sometimes you can be really disturbing"

"I was thinking about making it look I was having sex with it when you came too but decided it too perverted" said Sailor Venus.

"Sometimes you really amaze me we had a building fall apart underneath us and we are in the sewer and you can still joke around even about death" said Sailor Mars.

Sailor Venus bows trying not to look in pain but grimaced anyways.

"We need to find a way out of here you don't look in good condition" said Sailor Mars trying to get up.

"Your no prize yourself" said Sailor Venus.

.-Location Unknown-

"The matter at hand is they are still alive" said En Sabah Nur.

"Isn't that actually a good thing we can torture them some more and get there heart crystals" said Sailor Saturn.

"Yes it is a good thing other wise I would be angry right now and you would never want to see me angry ever, all I am upset with now is where is my mercenary Sephiroth he has been no where to be seen " said En Sabah Nur.

"You called Master" Said a voice. Coming from a figure that stood at the end of the room, his face clocked in shadow.

"Where have you been" said En Sabah Nur.

"I am always here waiting your command what is it that you want" said Sephiroth.

"Don't lie to me" said En Sabah Nur.

"Master I was observing the Sailor Scouts and making plan on how to help you eliminate them" said Sephiroth.

"Saturn is doing that very well without you" said En Sabah Nur.

"Yes I am" Sailor Saturn said sticking out her tongue at Sephiroth.

Sephiroth didn't flinch but said "Then why is she sitting around here while there still scouts out there to get rid off"

"We were just in the middle of that and the reason I needed you here" said En Sabah Nur as his millennium eye glowed brightly and nearly blindingly.

"What is it that you want" said Sephiroth.

"To know who side you are on because even with the eye you are unreadable it seems by the millennium eye" said En Sabah Nur.

"I am on your side what makes you think I am not I would never do anything to betray you" said Sephiroth.

"You are free to go but don't think it's a good idea to lie to me again because next time I will make you suffer like you have ever suffered before" said En Sabah Nur.

"I understand" Said Sephiroth right before he vanished in a flame colored whirl wind

"I don't trust him" said Sailor Saturn.

"Me neither but we need him later to fight at our side but now we have more important things to take care of soon" said En Sabah Nur.

"So Kaiba what is your answer will you join my Ex Dracaena" asked Kain.

"Answer to that is Go to hell freak boy!" Said Kaiba snidely.

"I am sad to here that" said Kain snapping his fingers, and Nataku appears in front of Kaiba driving his elbow. That land hard into his chest knocking the air out of Kaiba's lungs in one gasp.

"Yes should have said yes now I will have to eliminate you because anyone that isn't with me is against me" Kain said as a black axe appeared in his hand.

"I knew you wouldn't fight" said Kaiba getting up slightly shaken from the cheap shot from Nataku.

Nataku went to hit Kaiba again, but he dodged this attempt and slammed his fist into Nataku's face, then charge at Kain unsheathing a dagger with a rose shaped hilt.

They both measured each other getting ready for there next attack on the other.

"What are you fighting for anyways misters Hero" asked Kain going into a battle that could take off Kaiba if it wasn't blocked.

"I fight for myself, Ayna, Mokuba, and some other morons that need my help anyways" said Kaiba smirking mockingly.

"We are the same we both crave power and respect, we both force people into fearing us" said Kain.

"I earn that power and fear I was never given it, you take stuff and harm people my Ayna cares about in that I don't respect you" said Kaiba.

"I will make you respect me right before I finish you" growled Kain side stepping but keeping his eyes on Kaiba.

"Can you do it by yourself or do you need chuckles here to help you because that is so pathetic" said Kaiba.

"You may leave and help Touran, she is fighting Kaiba's Ayna make sure she is eliminate, and bring her head when your done so I can show Kaiba it right before he dies" said Kain grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"You humans make me sick, know very little about you but I dislike like you already" said Touran.

"Like I should care if you like me or not" said Sailor Senna with her sennen rings of fire appearing in her hands.

"Lets clash already I am so bored" said Touran as what ever floor within meters of her turned to ice and froze over the door.

Mokuba teeth chattered as he watches Sailor Senna, and Touran getting ready to fight, thinking it's so cold in here.

"Mars fire ignite" shouted Sailor Senna sending a blast of flames at Touran, sending her into bit of a short live panic putting herself out, she sent another flame blast but this was blocked by an ice wall which melt from the heat, keeping it away from Touran.

"You are better then I thought you were going to be, time to take off my kiddy gloves, and have some fun" said Touran.

"That just fine with but leave Mokuba out of this, he is just a child" said Sailor Senna as her Sennen glowed with a blackish flame.

They charge at each other screaming and clash filling the room with steam from the impact of elements. When it cleared both were standing tall with weapons entangled like a dance to the death.

"Do you know when you're beat or you just so dense to realize who the better warrior here is? I suspect the latter, human are inferior intellect from what I have seen so far" said Touran mockingly.

"Don't let her bother you know she is trying to mess with you" said Mokuba.

"Shut up someone get this brat out of my sight" shouted Touran glaring at Mokuba.

A girl with blue hair and fox ears appeared and grabbed Mokuba, vanished before Sailor Senna could do anything but scream "Mokuba" as she tried to pull away from the battle between her and Touran.

"Told you, humans don't think before they speak now he will pay for not keeping his mouth shut" said Touran grinning evilly.

"Anything happens to him and ill make sure all of you pay" growled Senna.

"Lets continue where we left off"