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"Ai mo tsumi mo yume mo yami mo…"

Complete bliss, the sense of utter happiness at having achieved what he had always desired, Yoh Asukura exhaled a sigh. Shortly he would be wedding Anna… and therein lied the problem. He despised the idea, all over having his life saved by her. In fact, it hurt him, knowing that his freedom, and desire to love another, was lost, abandoned when he said those words. He was so youthful and restless…

"My Lord?" A deep, slightly husky voice asked, from behind Yoh. Yoh twisted around in his seat, and fixed the trademark carefree smile onto his face automatically. Amidamaru's hair was literally quite wild, yet it suited his personality perfectly. His muscles were large and reliable, and comfortable to be hugged with. He was clad in a samurai's usual dress: a low, loose shirt with a belt, and dark pants to complete that look of complete… beautiful-Ness. Although a spirit, Amidamaru could still be touched, and it was the touch in which Yoh wanted to feel, in replacement of Anna's.


The spirit took a moment. Yoh Asakura was now the official Shaman King, and yet he was deeply unhappy – it was obvious, despite his Lord's approach of normality. How to approach this situation had required a certain amount of thought for the Warrior, and, even so, Amidamaru was slightly scared.

Odd. To have fought many dangerous battles and never once feel a twinge of fear, and yet be afraid about conversing with his Shaman master. This was, indeed, quite pathetic.

"I… can feel your sadness, Lord Yoh. You may deny it, but I can feel it through our bond. Please tell me… what is it that is causing you pain? I am willing to listen, Yoh." Amidamaru asked gently, not pushing or commanding, just… being the usual loving, caring Amidamaru. He settled beside Yoh on the lush, silken couch, noting Yoh's moment to think. Instantly, this meant trouble and sadness, for Yoh never thought much of anything, unless it was those two things.

Oddly, Amidamaru also knew without asking that this problem was in some way connected to the 'Lady' Anna. Ah, how the samurai detested her for forcing Yoh into marrying her! If pride had not prevented him from doing it, the skilled swordsman would have refused to compete in the Shaman Tournament to spare Yoh of a lifetime of grief. However, as this decision would have been highly unfair to make on Yoh's part… this idea had never actually been put into action.

Yoh shuffled uncomfortably, and tried to relax. It was Amidamaru, after all…

"Amidamaru, can you… please… hold me for a moment…?" Yoh asked breathlessly, inspired by his own courage. Or, lack of. He was trembling, and was almost certain that the spirit had detected it. Why he had asked that, he couldn't explain straight away. But it had been so long… so long since another had held him, purely for the sake of holding him.

The fallen samurai raised a perfectly sculptured eyebrow in question, yet gladly complied with Yoh's wishes. To touch one whom lives… Yoh… was beautiful.

Yet all of Yoh, in Amidamaru's eyes, was beautiful, both inside and out. For who could actually withstand those deep, warm hazel eyes, the gorgeous dark hair that always fell so rebelliously around his young face, with a perfect body to match it?

The samurai opened his arms, and Yoh literally fell into them, almost as if he were exhausted after a Tunnel even more challenging and perilous than that of Tartarus. He snuggled against the heavily muscled chest with a sigh, allowing himself to become comfortable. Yoh could feel himself drowning in the warmth that his spirit ally radiated.

It was just so inviting, and comforting… he could stay there forever…

Amidamaru, however, was barely able to quell the almost forbidden, sinful emotions surfacing once more from within his heart, and also a slight flip of his stomach. It had been a while since he had first experienced these incredible feelings, and he had instinctively known it to be love.

It mattered not that both of them were male… yet it ached Amidamaru's love-filled heart to think of Yoh touching Anna's body, without any thought of his own.

"Yoh…" Amidamaru murmured, holding him tighter against his body. Yoh sighed again and closed his eyes, inhaling the unique aroma that was the samurai. Never had they been so close… surely this could be a sign?

Oh well… being in love, regardless of sexuality, could take its toll. Waiting for another can be distressing.

Yoh opened his eyes swiftly when he felt Amidamaru press a light kiss on his hair. Yoh looked up into Amidamaru's eyes, his own wide. The warrior chuckled at his liege's startled, yet oddly arousing look and laid a feathery light kiss on Yoh's lips, his eyes closing as they touched. Yoh was so warm… and his lips were feathery to the touch…

It only took Amidamaru a moment to freeze and withdraw, scared of his Shaman deserting him. A million excuses ran through his mind, but none seemed very believable if Yoh wasn't… feeling that way about Amidamaru.

"I am sorry, my Lord," He whispered, his voice full of fear, "I… have… I mean…"

Yoh shook his head, smiling as he looked down at his hands.

"It's alright, Amidamaru. I liked it…"

Amidamaru's eyes widened for a moment, before relaxing to a normal position. Yoh… liked the kiss? So, could that possibly mean –?

"I've wanted to feel something like that – from you – for a long time now, Amidamaru…" Yoh whispered, his deep, hazel eyes gazing up into the samurai's own, imploringly. His samurai warrior blinked for a moment, pausing for a moment to fully absorb what his Lord had just said.

Yet after that moment, Amidamaru smiled warmly and slowly leaned down again to steal another kiss from his beloved Shaman King. Their lips caressed the other's slowly, teasingly until the warrior could not take it any more.

With a slight nudging effect, Amidamaru slowly ran his tongue along Yoh's bottom lip. The boy opened his mouth instantly, allowing his spirit to explore the sweet, sweet cavern. Yoh moaned when their tongues met, and then all that mattered to him was the kiss. His arms lifted and wound themselves around Amidamaru's neck, his fingers gripping the silvery locks of hair as he was kissed. Amidamaru embraced the lithe form, stroking Yoh's back, hair and hands. The samurai then caught a moan in his throat, and began to caress Yoh's soft, warm cheek lovingly as they parted, both unwilling to leave the other's lips.

"I love you, Yoh," Amidamaru whispered softly, taking Yoh's hand and slowly stroking it. His liege stared at the ghostly hand that touched his own, shivering when the tingling sensations began to get the better of him. When he felt Amidamaru's fingers slide gently underneath his chin, Yoh could not help but comply and look at his perfect samurai… his lover.

"I love you too, Amidamaru."

For a moment, nothing existed to the two lovers, only each other. Anna was no longer a concern. For as long as they would be together, Amidamaru knew, that she would never be able to hurt Yoh again. Time froze for both of them, just for one moment… and they instantly loved that feeling.

Then, the moment was gone. So fleeting… and yet so beautiful. And both Yoh and Amidamaru would treasure it… for as long as they were lovers.

Because that… would definitely be a long time.

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