In Which Ellie Ponders a Sequel via a little (alright, a lot,) of self indulgence.

Ellie logged into her yahoo e-mail for the 4th time in ten minutes and sighed. Nothing. That was how bored she was. Giving up, she decided to start writing her conversation with Blaise; she had nothing better to do. Ellie then paused, how was she actually going to go about having a conversation with a fictional character? What, does he just jump out of the computer screen?

"I owe you mega, Ellie," she jumped, seeing Blaise Zabini standing behind the computer chair.

"What? How did you get here?" Ellie demanded frantically.

"When you finally let me and Hermione kiss you came to the conclusion of that fic and I really thought I ought to thank you for it." Blaise stated, sitting down just inside the door.

"Er, thanks. Could you help me figuring out a plot for the sequel while you're here?" she asked expectantly.

Blaise nodded, "Sure, Hermione just went to the toilet."

"Well, all I have so far is that I really want Theo in it; Skoosie inspired me and forcibly pushed me into him with her pleading and now I'm addicted."

Blaise nodded, "Well, Theo isn't a really cunning or evil Slytherin, though he does have his moments. He's more quiet and private, doesn't say unless something needs to be said."

"Yeah, this is actually somehow the next day now and I know miraculously have a 13 chapter plan written out! You're good Blaise!"

"I try."

"Well, Theo is in it a good bit, there's a nice sprinkling of Ginny and a slight dash of Draco- there wasn't as much Draco as I expected." Ellie said, consulting her handwritten three page plan.

"Only a bit of Draco? Trust me, that's a good thing."

"Well, he has a couple of moments, where as he only had one in the prequel to this." She stated matter of factly.

"Do you have a name for this yet?" Blaise asksed curiously.

Ellie bit her lip, "Well I haven't really given it any thought to be honest, I'm just going to finish typing this today, I think, unless I get inspired to start writing any of the sequel, it's more a thinking day today."

"Fair enough, I mean you have been writing about 1,000 words every night to please your reviewers," Blaise said fairly.

"I know, but I've enjoyed it. My English coursework was only about the length of two chapters and I complained like hell over that. I just enjoy you and your friends, but not Shakespeare."

"I'd be hurt if you liked Shakespeare more than me." Blaise stated ironically.

Ellie rolled her eyes, "Back to the sequel, I've done something incredibly stupid with it."


"I've left the end of it really open, people will be asking for a sequel to that!" Ellie moaned.

"You idiot," Blaise sighed.

"I know, but I'm not changing it now; I like where it's gone and to be fair its set in you're sixth year, so there would have always been room for loads more. But still I've left you lot at the end about to embark on something else!" Ellie looked beside herself, "and to add to all that I have a craving for a Seamus/Theo fic, damn you Skoosie for making me write Theo!" she finished, panting hard, red in the face.

"Seamus? I don't think Theo would be too pleased about that."

"Tough. Oh yeah and I've joined a Honks comm., so I now have a craving for Harry/Tonks, not to mention my long ambition of wanting to write a Harry/Ginny fic." Ellie was starting to look highly pissed off.

Blaise laughed, "One thing at a time Ellie." She sighed,

"Yeah, now would you mind buggering off? I have to post this on FF.N and the sequel needs a title."

"So polite, I'll see you in your brainstorming, Ellie."

"Au revoir Blaise."

But when Ellie looked round Blaise had disappeared. She sighed and went off, she needs to go and see her Granny.

A/N: Self indulgent, yes, pointless, of course.