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Chapter 1 – How Rita Skeeter Got Her Job and Her Quill

"You guys remember my cousin Rita from my sleepover, right?" A tall girl with curly blonde hair asked her three companions.

"The one that would not stop gossiping and asking questions?" The one with startling green eyes and dark red hair asked.

"I remember her. She kept asking you, Alice, whether or not you performed illegal mutations on your toad," a girl with large silver eyes and a bottle-cap necklace giggled.

"Ugghh. Don't remind me. Teddy wouldn't come out from the fish-tank for a week after that," The last of their company, Alice, a plump girl with chestnut hair and a friendly face pretended to gag.

"Yep, that's the one. Well, she graduated from Hogwarts last year. Somehow, Rita managed to get a job with the Daily Prophet. Personally, I think she only got the job because she bribed them with half of the Triwizard Tournament money that great-grandma Marilyn left in her will. She's not any good at writing you know, it's just that annoying quill of hers she got off of that Fletcher guy."

"Are you serious? But some of that was for you, Carrie!" The green-eyed girl exclaimed.

"I know, Lily. But you know Rita; she doesn't give a flobberworm about other people."

"Wait, did you say she got that quill off of Mundungus?" The silver-eyed one spoke.

"Yeah. Why, Lisa?"

"Last year I bought a Revealer from him, for 3 sickles, and it turned out to be an eraser painted red! How come that quill works?" Lisa frowned. Suddenly, Alice giggled.

"What?" Carrie asked.

"Well, I heard from Frank that Mundungus has a special soft spot for Rita!" Alice whispered.

"Frank Longbottom? The one that hangs out with that Prewett kid? Since when is he a reliable source?" Lisa asked.

"Since he started going out with Alice!" Carrie teased.

"Oh, shut up, Carrie!" Alice said as she splashed her with water from the lake.