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Chapter 4 – Dobby discovers the Come and Go Room

"Winky!" Dobby pleaded. "Please, Winky, young Masters and Mistresses be coming soon, Dobby thinks! Wouldn't Professor Dumbledore being shamed to see Winky like this?" He squeaked in distress. His friend had been drinking again, and all the house-elves were getting slightly dizzy from the smell of the butterbeer. They had assigned Dobby the task of reasoning with Winky.

"Winky- hiccup -is not- hiccup -caring what- hiccup –Professor- hiccup -Dumbledore is think- hiccup –ing!" Winky declared as she toyed with a butterbeer bottle. "Professor – hiccup –Dumbledore- hiccup –is not- hiccup –being- hiccup – Winky's- hiccup –master!"

"Come, Winky, we must be going! Dobby is taking you on a nice little house-elf walk, he is!" Dobby said as he struggled to haul Winky upright. "Now," he gasped, supporting Winky's weight, "We be going!"

They left the kitchens, completely unnoticeable by the students, and headed up a flight of stairs. The duo continued for quite a while, Winky hiccupping and Dobby gasping all of the way.

They made it up to a very strange hallway. On one wall, there was a portrait of an odd-looking man being clubbed on the head by a group of dangerous-looking trolls. But by then, Dobby was too tired to even notice it. His magic was wearing thin, and any passing human would immediately see the two now. And he heard a bunch of them coming that way.

He looked around, panicking slightly. It would not do at all for Winky to be seen in this state. He saw on the other side of the hallway a small door. It looked like a cupboard. Quickly, he dived into it, grabbing Winky, just as a large group of Hufflepuffs rounded the corner.

It seemed that they had been extremely fortunate. It wasn't a cupboard after all, merely a very small door. It was a clean, bright, medium-sized room. By then Winky had already fell on the floor.

"Winky, we is staying here!" Dobby squeaked, even if it was no use. He continued chattering to himself. "Dobby is finding a nice room, much like Madam Pomfrey's clean room!" Then he pointed to the other end of the room. "Look, there is even being a nice little bed for Winky!" With much huffing and puffing, Dobby managed to lift Winky up onto the bed.

He explored the contents of the room for a bit, wagging his ears occasionally at what he discovered. In an hour, he had unearthed a few anti-butterbeer concoctions, extra pillows and sheets, and some newspapers for him to read while waiting for Winky to wake up. It had been a productive evening.