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Between the lines.

Chapter one: Not demoted?

Higurashi Kagome. A twenty year old casino singer. Single and childish.

Kagome worked daily as a waitress in the casino and sang as an extra job every night save from mondays and wednesdays. Her boss, Takishimas Sesshoumaru was a twenty-three year old cold workaholic. A amn of which she met only a few times. His younger half-brother, the same age as Kagome, was named InuYasha.

He dates Kagome's sister, Kikyou. She was older than her by an hour, making them twins. Hence the fact that they looked alike. Kagome was wilder and caring while Kikyou was affectionate but distant. They usually understood eachother. But sibling quarries were still very frequent.

Kagome loved her older sister as did she. They would shop together and talk long hours in the night just to babble about men. Sango was Kagome's closest friend, almost a sister. She was twenty-three and married to a man the same age as she. She could sing just like Kagome and sometimes would share a gig together. But she prefered being a bartender instead.

She's sometimes help Miroku, her husband, being the bouncer. During day, Miroku was a host and Sango worked as a waitress with Kaogme. Kikyou worked in a store nearby and would often eat breakfast at the casino's restaurant to annoy Kagome in the early morning hours. InuYasha, Kikyou's husband, had his own club not far either. He loved to annoy his half-brother some times too.

It was now morning and Kagome was in the back room getting changed into her waitress outfit. She sighed some, still tired because last night Miroku decided to drag her at his and Sango's house to watch a couple of old boring movies. At first, she kicked and screamed but had to give up as he threatened to kidnap her white dog plushie.

She got back around midnight. Not very late mind you, but she had some lirics to study before tonight's show. She planned on singing my immortal and hunted. (or hello for those who knows it from that title.)

Kagome tied her apron behins her back and put on her work shoes. It was required she ware the uniform of which consisted of a midnight blue knee lenght skirt and a cream silk button up blouse. Her shoes where a blackish blue with silver buckles to decorate them. She bought them to fit her uniform because they did not give the shoes.

She tied her hip lenght hair into a tight bun so as to not get distracted by loose strands, save from the long ones that framed her face, they came down right bellow her breasts. Kagome averted her saphire eyes from her shoes towards the door to see Sango coming in.

"Ohayou Sango. Slept well?" She said smirking lightly.

"Oh shut up you!" Came her grumbling remark.

Sango sat down in a chair in front of the mirror and began applying coral pink eyeshadow and lip gloss. Kagome never really wore makeup, she would ware the occasional lip bond when her lips felt dry or only on special occasions. Today, Kagome decided she'd put some cherry flavoured lip bond.

Once the older girl was done preparing for her day's work, they both walked out of the dressing room and got their pencils and pads ready. Miroku signaled Kagome that there was a table with some people ready to order. Sango was already gone into a six people family order so she was gone too.

An old couple were celebrating their fiftyth anniversary. Kagome gave them a card and smiled sweetly. She trully loved old couples' anniversaries, they had so much to tell together, so many stories and she was just one for stories.

After they had ordered and served, Miroku came to her with a grin on his face.

"We have a very important customer you have to serve and it turns out that he wants to talk to you too!"

"And who might that be Miroku?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Takishimas Sesshoumaru" She gasped and straightened her outfit.

Usually when the big boss came here and wanted to "talk" to you, it was either he was not happy, or he wanted to fire you. She thought that if her uniform was straighter, she would at least go down in a more honorable way. How ironic. Kagome gulped and swallowed hard. Her feet started marching slowly towards the table in the farthest corner where she knew he would be seated.

He always liked to be seated away from people, be more secluded and have some peace. Kagome only knew this from his half-brother, InuYasha.

Sesshoumaru was reading his paper, waiting for the waitress he had called for. He heard the one, Sango was it? It was of no importance, she was talking to her while she slowly came towards him. She seemed worried. He smirked lightly to himself. The fool thought he was going to fire her.

He heard her clear her throat and ask for his order.

"What would you like to have, Takishimas-Sama?"

"A glass of water would be fine, then i would like you to ssit here so we can talk, Higurashi"

He saw her nod stifly but plastered a smile on her face. Later, he heard her say she loved her job to that same waitress, he almost chuckled. Almost. She came back later with his glass of water and slowly seated herself across from his person. He slowly, more like teasingly, put down his paper and looked her in the eye while taking a slow sip of his water.

She seemed worried some but her smile did not falter. Brave little one.

"Higurashi" She swallowed. "I have some business i whish to speak to you with." He leaned on his elbows and fore arms, bringing his face closer some, to seem more imposing.

"I understand sir." He raised an eyebrow.

"And what do you understand, Higurashi?" She closed her eyes, the smile was no more.

"Please, continue."

"I see that you sing here at night. My brother must've slipped you in to replace the other one. Quite an illegal move if you ask me." She swallowed hard once more. "Ever since you came in, do you know what you have created?"

"No, sir. I am terribly sorry. I never meant to create any sort of trouble in your Casino." Kagome's throat seemed dry.

"And what truouble do you think you have created?" He raised an eyebrow mockingly. Oh he was enjoying this.

"I understand i am probably not the best singer out there..."

"Indeed" He saw her chew on her bottom lip while looking into his eyes.

"...And that i have probably made you lose a lot of money for this." The silence and intence gaze of his made her crazy. By now, her bottom lip was bleeding.

"Money was never a problem to me Higurashi." She simply looked at him. "What do you think is going to happen now?"

"You are going to fire me from my job. It would be useless to call singing a job, i did not accept the money."

"Iie" She looked confused.

"Nani? Onegai Takishimas-Sama, desu?"

"I am not going to fire you, but i am going to pay you for singing here. In fact, i am promoting you." She looked stunned.

"N-nani!" Her eyes were wide.

"You will be in charge of this whole restaurant. I never heard any complaints about you and you have been wroking here for four years, it is a company record. I want a report for every employee every night on my desk."

"What?" He simply looked at her before continuing.

"As for the singing, you have a very beautiful voice. You have brought many more customers here since you started singing a year ago. That singer before you was putrid and scared my customers away. Everyone loves you, as a waitress and a singer. That other waitress is not bad either, i will let her sing with you still once in a while."

"You listen to my signing?"

"Hai. I have not missed a show ever since i first heard you voice. It is soothing after a hard day's work." She smiled warmly.

"Thank you so much Takishimas-Sama, you have no idea what this means to me." She got up and bowed from the waist.

"Call me Sesshoumaru, if i am allowed to call you Kagome. And please, i am the one to thank you. You have moved our rank into the best Casino in Japan, this is the least i can do for you."

"Hai, call me Kagome. I am touched." She watched as he nodded and got up himself.

"I expect you into my office tomorrow at eigth, you have a day off tomorrow. We will attend a meeting to tell the other employees of your new integrity. You have been chosen amongst all the others. Donot be late." At that, he picked up his paper and left towards the exit.

Kagome started after him, still not believing her promotion. She smiled genuinely and joined her friend at the kitchen after having taken an order.

"So, how was it? Did you get fired? Was he harsh?" Sango asked.

"I got promoted." She heard a plate drop none too silently to the floor.

"What? What are you going to do then?"

"Well, every inch of this restaurant you walk in, will be mine by tomorrow morning. And i'll get paid for singing." Kagome said very casully like talking about the weather while picking up the discarded plate on the floor.

Another plate was dropped. Kagome frowned at it but giggled.

"And i'd prefer if i still had some plate formy restaurant tomorrow." Sango looked down.

"S-Sorry boss..." Then, she broke down laughing hysterically.

Kagome soon joined in but less than her friend. Sango seemed happy that Kagome was promoted instead of fired. The girls picked up the pieces of plate that had been dropped to the floor in their small moment of hysteria.

Miroku was greeting some gests and showing them their place when he walked near the kitchen then heard some plates beeing dropped ot he floor, followed by laughs.

'Maybe the work got to their heads.' He was clueless as to what it meant when Sesshoumaru would come down here to talk to an employee because he was new and used to work for InuYasha.

Speaking of InuYasha, he had just come in with a grumpy look on his face, he was never a morning person. Kikyou had probably slipped into the kitchen by now to join her sister and friend.

"Ohayo InuYasha, what may i do for you?" Miroku asked with a tinge of humour in his voice.

"Shove it bousou!" InuYasha hissed back.

"Woah old friend. Have a seat and i'll have Kagome bring you something to eat. The usual?"

"Yeah yeah..." He yawned and dropped his head on the table.

Miroku laughed at his antics and turned towards to kitchen to drop his order. When he got there, he saw Kikyou hugging Kagome so tightly, she was chocking. Sango tried to pry her off but nothing worked. He idly wondered what was going on this morning.

"Ladies, ladies. What, pray tell, is going on here? Why haven't i been invited to such a party?" He grinned.

"Kagome got promoted!" Kikyou shouted out.

"Promoted?" He raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah! And not demoted!" Sango pipped in. She still couldn't believe her firend was not fired.

"You make no sense koi..." He sighed.

"Kagome now owns the restaurant!"

A plate was dropped.

"Yeah, but istill would appreaciate it if you guys stopped dropping my plates!" Kagome fumed.

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