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last time:

"Yeah well, what do you want to talk to her for anyway?"

"Don't you know anything little brother?

"No, what's up?"

"Kagome is the most powerful miko."

"So? Kikyou's a miko too? What's the thing?"

"The thing is, InuYasha, that Kagome is a full-blooded inu youkai"

Between the lines

Chapter three: Shakespeare

Sango joined Kagome in the dressing room to wish her good luck and told her she would be in her front row seat with Miroku while she sang.

Kagome wore a red, ankle lenght dress with two slits on each side that went to mid-tigh. It was a v-neck with one inch staps and it formed another V in her back, which stopped at her hips. She decided to put her hair into a loose bun with some curly tresses to come down her back and shoulders with the trademark long bangs framing her face.

After putting some gloss on, Kagome walked out the door. Sango changed her clothes and stepped out of her appartment. She had a call from InuYasha, saying that Kagome was going in early, something about a last minute meating with Sesshoumaru. She shrugged it off, thinking it might be about her newly acquired position.

She walked towards her car and noticed Miroku was already seated. Sango smiled and kissed her husband then they were off towards the casino to cheer Kagome's singing. They stopped to pick up some flowers at a shope inside and took their normal seats at the front tables.

InuYasha found Kikyou running around the casino, she seemed to be looking for someone. That's when he got an idea. InuYasha sneaked behind his wife and embrace her around the waist while nuzzling her hair then he whispered in her hear.

"Looking for something love?"

"InuYasha!" She gasped. "You scared me!" She heard him chuckled behind her and nudged him in the gut.

"Ow, so feisty!" She turned around in his arms.

"Remember our honey moon koishii?"

"Hmm, how can i forget Kikyou?" His eyes soften then he leaned down and kissed her deeply.

Kagome took the elevator towards her boss' study and fidgeted. She was kind of nervous. She's have to meet him twice in one day. She came up to his door and could hear him shuffle with papers on his desk. The smell of his collogne wafted to her nostrils as she revelled in the musky scent. His own scent was even better, spring day and forests. She liked it a lot.

"Come in, Kagome." She was startled out of her musings at his cold comanding voice.

Kagome knew he was an inu youkai, her miko side practically clawed at her insides to purify him, but her inner youkai beast pawed it down fiercely as it usually did. She entered the room gracefully and waited until he told her to sit down until she did.

"Where you planning on scenting me all night or were you just trying to melt in the decor." If Kaogme hadn't traced to small amount of humor in his voice, she would have gutted him.

She said nothing, instead, she kept a cold front and stared into his eyes bravely, bever wavering. She wanted to show him she was not scared. Her eyes reflected a softer cold than his, but it could still match.

"You must be wondering why i have called you here, do you not?" Kagome defiantly huffed.

"I have figured it out on my way, Sesshoumaru. What i wish to know is, why? Do you plan on using me for my powers or just as a front. I am telling you now, you will get nothing of me, if it means losing my job, i care not."

"Very perceptive little miko. But i do not wish to use you nor take your new job away. I was simply marveling in your powers. You could prove to be a valiant ally. I simply wish to befriend you."

"You come of a powerful bloodline, Lord Sesshoumaru of the western lands, son of InuTaishou, former general and lord of the western lands."

"Ah. So you know about me do you? You are very well trained." She scoffed.

"Do not mock me Taiyoukai, i can purify you even before you think about it."

"Where is the cheerful and childish young lady from moments before?" He asked.

"It is reserved for those who know me as a human. The ones to unvail my true person earn my true personnality, not my front. I would bow to you, but you are passed that from centuries ago."

"Very well, Miko-Sama. Now, do you accept an aliance with this Sesshoumaru?"

"I suppose it will not hurt. But do something remotely wrong, and i will terminate our alliance by you demies, my lord."

"Your terms are understood. Now i believe you have a show." Kagome nodded and left the office to wait behind the curtain so she could sing.

Kagura, a demon created from the wind, waited at one of the stools at the bar for the curtains to fall and reveal their true secret.

'Soon, Miko. Soon we will be reunited once again.' She thought and sipped at her drink silently.

Kanna, her child sister, created from the void, sat near her while clutching her ever faithful mirror against herself. The curtain was lifted anf proved Kagura no disapointement as she saw the pale alabaster skin of the beautiful young vixen that was Kagome. She parted her flush pink lips as the molody of "Haunted" came forth from her mouth, her vocal chords never failling her.

long lost words whisper slowly to me
still can't find what keeps me here
when all this time i've been so hollow inside
i know you're still there

watching me wanting me
i can feel you pull me down
fearing you loving you
i won't let you pull me down

hunting you i can smell you - alive
your heart pounding in my head

watching me wanting me
i can feel you pull me down
saving me raping me
watching me

"And now, i would like to grace you all with some Shakespeare tonight. Venus and Adonis, which was his greatest succes and his first "heir" so as he himslef says it."

So soon was she along as he was down, Each leaning on their elbows and their hips. Now doth she stroke his cheek, now doth he frown And 'gins to chide, but soon she stops his lips, And kissing speaks, with lustful language broken, If thou wilt chide, thy lips shall never open. He burns with bashful shame; she with her tears Doth quench the maiden burning of his cheeks. Then with her windy sighs and golden hairs To fan and blow them dry again she seeks. He saith she is immodest, blames her miss; What follows more, she murders with a kiss.

A/N: I had to put some Shakespeare, i feel it is important for people to know more about his poetry, such a great poet. I hope you don't mind too much people.