When I face theses doors, well, I guess it's like facing the veil of death. It's kinda funny, huh. That Something so familiar, ta both of us, can be so dreary. I mean I never expected to look death in the face, much less lie in the lion's mouth.

I shouldn't be dwelling on this, course. With the memories I've made.

And T'Pol's kiss still lingering on my lips. Besides what would Malcolm say.

" Are you losing your treacle optimism?"

Sure, Mal, whatever you say.

The doors open and dad...Phlox stands their prepared. I guess in a way I am his son. Which makes sense why I see his quiver. Funny, I thought the Grim Reaper would be scarier.

Sorry, Trip. You wouldn't expect that of him. I couldn't. Still can't.

" You were a damn good father," I here myself say.

" You were a damn good son."

Enough said.

I can see he's fighting. Hey, I'm fighting back my own tears.

IT"S NOT FAIR! I never ASKED to be created! I never ASKED to die!

Why? I ask myself one last time. I look at Archer and I know.

" You told me that commanding a starship is what you were meant to do. Maybe this is what I was meant to do."

I look him square in the eye.

" Good Luck, captain."

He acknowledges me. I wonder if he understood my meaning. As I look at him Trip's memories ring the answer loud and clear.

There's only one more thing left to do.

I run to the curtain and with a force I've never known I look into his face.

" YOU owe me one," I say.

You owe me big.

I look at him one last time. I look at ME one last time.

Laying down I know I've said all I needed to say. I've done all I've needed to do. I just hope that I'm going out like he would have.

Second thoughts creep into my mind as the Doc inches closer. What about T'Pol? Oh God, what I wouldn't do to taste those lips again. I'd do anything if I knew I'm not causing her pain.

I feel the sedative coursing throug. A filmy darkness surrounds my eyes. I feel my breath start to slow. So tired. My eyes start to close, and my last thoughts are,

" I'm comin, Lizzie. I'm comin home."