AN: This fic was written during "The Seige", so I didn't know at that point that Jeannie never saw the video. Consider it AU.

Dear Rodney,

I was, quite honestly, surprised to get your tape.

Since an American military officer delivered it, I suppose it's safe to assume you are still working for them. He wouldn't give me any details, but did allow me time to write you this quick reply. I can only hope it finds you safe and well despite the tone of your message.

"Poster child for sentiment"? No, I can't honestly say that thought would have ever occurred to me. Does this mean you will finally stop referring to my husband as "what's his name" or "that man who ruined your brilliant career" and start calling him by his name instead? And maybe come for a visit every once and a while? The kids are growing like proverbial weeds. Every once in a while one of them will do something that reminds me of your younger self, though I'm happy to report that none of them have been detained by the CIA--at least not yet.

I know you never approved of my choices and I can understand why. Our parents were not easy people to love and I have no doubt their relationship tainted us both--though you undoubtedly bore the brunt of their calculated attempts to destroy one another. You were a frequent casualty in a private little war where the closer you were to someone, the more likely you were to get hurt. I truly hate them for that sometimes. But I hope one day you'll accept that the decisions I've made are the right ones for me. Believe it or not, I am happy, Roddy. Not every relationship is like Mom and Dad's. And not everyone needs the acclaim and accolade of the entire science community to feel that they've accomplished something important. :-)

Despite any disagreements we may have, please remember that I will always love you. Yes, I would very much like us to be closer when you return--but what you said on the tape makes me worry we might never have that opportunity. So I want to say that I'm proud of you, and I miss you, and that I'm grateful that you've found family and friends wherever you are now. It comforts me to know that whatever you're going through, you're not going through it alone.

I'd like my children to have the opportunity get to know their uncle better one day. He's an amazing man. So please take care of yourself, Roddy, and visit when you can.

I'll be praying for your safe return (don't scoff!).

With all my love,