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AN: Just a short vignette on the relationship between Rin and Sesshomaru. Not meant to be taken as a romance fic.

Theglimmering moon was full to bursting, shining like a pale sun down on the verdant field. The stars above twinkled and glimmered. A beautiful night.

A small, raven haired child laughed and her eyes reflected the glimmer of the celestial bodies. The girl ran through the field, her happy laughs filling the air with an aura of life and rapture. She was a small girl, not nearly old enough to be frolicking in a field alone in the middle of the night.

But she wasn't alone, in fact.

Behind her, watching impassively from the shadows, stood a demon. Although he looked remarkably like a rather beautiful man, the silver hair and tribal markings on his face gave his origins away easily. The demon carried himself with a regal air, and his clothing and two swords created the look of a warrior-king. Amber eyes watched the girl's every movement as if mesmerized, a parental look of fierce protectiveness.

Of course, no one would ever admit that Lord Sesshomaru cared about any human, least of all a defenseless girl. No one who wasn't suicidal, anyway.

Still, his eyes tracked her movements with precision, never wavering from his silent vigil.

The small girl, named Rin, grabbed a few ivory flowers from the grass and smiled. "So pretty," She whispered softly. The moonlight gave an almost ethereal glow to the pale, delicate flowers.

The demon did not understand Rin's obsession with flowers and flower chains. What use was there for such things? They were somewhat beautiful, but wasting one's time and energy on such things seemed pointless.

Still, Sesshomaru allowed the girl these luxuries, indulging her childish desires in a way that one would never expect the Lord of the Western Lands to.

And although the demon lord denied it to no end when these nights were over, watching Rin dance and laugh in a field, especially on a night such as this, gave him... pleasure. Different than the pleasure of being the strongest or of battle and bloodlust, it was a calming, peaceful pleasure. One of content rather than desire.

Ever since he had taken the girl into his charge, made her his ward, her influence had grown on him. A smile was sometimes all it took to make the demon's life better, brighter, happier.

Rin smiled as the flowers slowly wove into a wreath, making it with all the care and precision of an archer's aim. The moonlight made the flowers so much more beautiful, especially on a full moon like this.

Silently, she hoped, as she did with every wreath of these flowers that she wove, that it would make Lord Sesshomaru smile. Just one tiny, bare hint of a smile, just one indication that her lord cared for her.

A single smile was all she wanted.

Rin's own smile widened as the wreath was completed, a small circle of moonlight flowers. Quickly, she put it over her neck, where it draped down to almost her legs. "I hope Sesshomaru-sama likes it."

The words were caught on the driftingwind anddanced into said demon lord's ears. And although no one could see it, and Sesshomaru himself would never confess to it, his mouth quirked upwards into a small smile.

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