Chapter 4: Jealousy in Rivendell

They arrived in Rivendell safely. Safely they rode into Rivendell in all safety.

All the elves stopped and stared at the beautiful elf. NO. Not Legolas, dummy! Melody! They all bowed before (what they thought to be) the beautiful elf queen.

Erond ran out to meet them. "My LADY!" He gasped, "Luthien the fair!"

"Wha-?" Melody asked,

"No…" Elrand said, "You are too beautiful to be Luthien. Compared to you, she is but a human."

Aragorn scowled in the background.

"You are surely the most beautiful elf-maiden in all earth! ALL OF IT!"

"Ada! What about ME?" Arowen said, pushing Melody aside. Melody fell to the ground with a soft cry, and all the eligible elf men (and some not eligible) scurried to help her up.

But Legolas got there first. "Are you all right my lady?" Legolas glared at Arwen, who in comparison with Melody, looked like a dirty pair of socks.

Melody giggled flirtatiously, "Yes, I-I think so."

Legolas still looked down at her worriedly, "You need rest, milady, after all of this strain on your poor body, you must be tired. Elrod! Show her a room!"

Lrond bowed to Melody and said, "Only the BEST room can be fit for you, lady. Follow me."

Legolas picked up Melody, and all of Rivendell followed them, wondering at Melody's beauty.

Elrind led them to the most beautiful room Melody had EVER SEEN!

"But ADA! That's MY room!" Arwon screamed.

"But the Lady Melody is fairer than you, Arewen, she DESERVES this room." Elrond said, bowing before Melody. "I am not worthy of your presence, my lady."

"No; MY lady." Said Legolas.

All the elves laughed at Legolas' joke, and everyone was merry and happy; for Melody cheered EVERYONE'S spirits.

Melody giggled as Legolas gently set her down on Arwen's bed.

"But where do I sleep, Ada?" Arwen whined, her ugly black hair falling over her hideous face, (compared to Melody, that is)

Elorond showed her to her new room, which was really the laundry room.

Melody secretly gloated.

"My lady, I would be honored if you would attend my council. Almost all the wise are there, and you are indeed wise and beautiful."

Melody blushed, "I would be honored." She replied, her voice sounding like a falling rose petal.

"What about ME, ada? Can I go to the council?" Arwen asked, her voice sounding like a dying bird.

"No, my not perfect daughter, you cannot. You are not beautiful and not smart enough to attend."

Arwen seethed, Melody beamed.

Legolas couldn't wait any longer! He loved Melody so much! He ran to her and kissed her on the lips.

Melody tensed in his arms, then relaxed.

Her eyes again turned pink. A vibrant pink.

All the eligible elven men cried; Melody was taken.

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