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Title: Just A Night

Chapter 13: The Song Remains the Same

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Yami's eyes blinked once, then twice. 'What's that noise?' He thought, eyes trying to analyze his surroundings. Letting out a tired groan, he tried to move his head up to find the continuous noise, but a pain immediately shot through his stomach. "Ow..."

"Thank goodness," a soothing voice whispered, "you're awake."

Again, he tried to lift his head up. Again, a pain seeered through his stomach. Where was he? What was that noise? Who was with him? He didn't understand. He closed his eyes, trying to think back and find an answer.

"Here, let me lift up the bed so you can see," the voice said again.

Along with the horrendous beeping noise came a vrooom noise. Yami opened his eyes again, this time able to see his body, covered in a white sheet. The room was white, too. He turned his head to meet a color that washed away the whiteness. Blue. "Tea..."

He was weak. Not only his voice showed it, but his skin was pale and his eyes had lost their entrancing glow. She missed getting caught under his hynoptic stare already. This made Tea frown, but she didn't show it. She should be happy he even knew who she was. She widened her lips into a smile.

"Hey, you sound like you can have a rematch with Dartz right now," she chuckled, sitting on the foot of the bed. She reached her hand out to his and grasped it, "how do you feel?"

"Tea..." He repeated, trying to control the raspiness of sleep from his voice, "where am I?"

"Well, you're...in the hospital. Do you remember what happened on Sunday?" She took his empty stare as an answer. Sighing, she looked down at his sheets and, "Yami, you got beaten up by some street thugs who wanted your wallet. Yugi took you to my house so we could take care of your wounds, but during the course of the night...Yugi came by to check up on you and...you were barely breathing. He tried to wake you up, but you didn't wake up."

She stopped abruptly, taking in a deep breath. Sunday's events were hard for her to hear again, even though she had delivered the story countless times to doctors, Joey, Tristan, and Mai. She looked into Yami's eyes now, which were searching for answers.

"Yugi woke me up and we rushed you to the hospital. The doctors told us you were in a coma due to a severe injury to your head, most likely when you were in that fight. We were so scared...but the doctors said that you would regain consciousness in a few days. You just needed to heal..."

Yami looked at her, blanky. At first, he was confused. The words hit him, but he had no recollection of what she was saying. It was then, however, an image of Masa and "Saru..." entered his thoughts.

"Who's Saru?"

That's right, Tea didn't know that Masa and his friend had beaten him up. He told her they were street thugs to protect her. He remembered everything now. Going back to Tea's house. Talking to Yugi. "Yugi, where is he?"

"School. They won't let him see you because you're in a critical care unit and only adults nineteen and older, or family members, can visit this wing of the hospital." She laughed, "they think he's like twelve when he's eighteen."

Finally, a smile cascaded over his lips. This made Tea smile. He was about to ask about Yugi when he realized something. "You're eighteen, too."

"Well..." She scratched her head, nervously. "I kinda had to lie and..."

The door cracked open and a man dressed in white walked in, "Mrs. Moto, can you sign some paper--why, nice to see you awake, Yami." He walked over and checked his pulse, as well as his monitors. "You had your wife scared," he said with a chuckle. Then adding, "How are you feeling?"

Yami stared at a red Tea, trying not to blush himself. "Tired," he answered, truthfully.

"You shouldn't be! I wish I could get five days of sleep!"

Yami's brows furrowed, more confused than surprised. "Five days?"

Tea had not mentioned this during her recapitulation. It seemed like it had only happened yesterday. Though everything made sense, it didn't. Yami tried to close his eyes to somehow gather his thoughts, but his effort seemed useless.

Coma. Yugi. Masa. Fatigue. Bakura's ass. And...Tea.

He glanced over at Tea, who was looking at the doctor. His insides smiled at her flushed complexion. Wife. He couldn't help but chuckle at the thought. 'She could have just said sister...wife? Unless...?' He shook out of his daze, 'Why am I thinking of this now? Of all times...I just got out of coma, and I'm already jumping Tea's bones with my eyes.'


'I really, really need to stop hanging out with Joey. But still...' Trying to look at the doctor, he couldn't help but stare at Tea through the corner of his eye. 'She seems so worried about me. I wish I could...kiss her worries away. Kiss her.' She did look beautiful just sitting there. Although her eyes showed she lacked sleep, they didn't lose their ocean view. Her hair was loose, rubbing against her peach-colored skin. And her lips... 'Calm down, killer. Act like a freaking person in coma.' He looked back at the doctor, who smiled and said,

"Everything seems to be normal, and it's a miracle you're awake and able to talk. Most of my patients don't wake up for another two days, and have no recollection of previous events," he wrote something down on his charts, and continued, "in a few hours, I'm going to move you to a patient room. That way all your friends and family can see you. I'm also going to call my nurse and have her give you some pain medication, and help you walk around so you can get your legs moving again."

Without another word, he walked out the door, beeper in hand. Yami's eyes followed him out the door, then turned to Tea, who was avoiding eye contact and scratching her head nervously. He had to smile. "Wow, I go to sleep for five days, and this is what happens. Are there any kids I should know about?"

If Tea could blush any harder, she would be a tomato. "Yami-"

"I'm just kidding," he said. "And just so you know, I don't mind either."

Tea turned her head to meet his eyes. Color was rushing through them, that violet color she loved so much. While he was unconscious, all she would do was touch his hands and his face, thinking what would it would be like if she never told him how she felt. It scared her. But now, he was awake. She had a second chance to let her feelings be heard.

A second chance to be rejected.

But, the later didn't cross her mind. Not when he said that he didn't mind her being his wife. It was hope, even motivation. The perfect time to tell him was now. Or...was it? 'He is already acting like Joey again, so why not?'

Yami sensed worry in her expression. Was it something he said? Maybe his comment threw her off. Like, she didn't want to be with him like that. 'I told you you're a freaking pervert,' he thought, now mentally reminding himself to not hang out with Joey.Feeling bad for saying it, he started to apologize when she also opened her mouth to speak. He closed his immediately.

"I was so scared I would never have a chance to tell you this, but now I do. I know this is weird to say this in a hospital...but..." Lacing his hand with hers, she smiled. This felt right, even if he didn't feel the same way. "...ever since you rescued me at Burger World...I knew that...you would...always be there for me. That I could always come to you with anything. Yami...I. I don't know. What I'm trying to say is, well, actually I really don't know how to say this.." She fumbled, looking to the ceiling for help. She had to just come out with it. "Yami, I looooo-"

"Okay, time for your medication!" A nurse cheered, shaking a medication cup back and forth. "This is my favorite time of the day!"

Tea tried not to fall out the chair. It was only two more words. The two most important words. Wait. She was going to tell Yami that she loved him.

She was going to tell Yami that she loved him.

She was going to tell Yami that she loved him.

She was going to tell Yami that she loved him.

She slipped her hand out of his, then planted her feet on the floor to stand up. "I guess we can continue this later," she said, smiling at the nurse. She touched Yami on the shoulder as a gesture of goodbye, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be that easy.

"Wait, Tea, what about...what you were saying?"

She was right.

She glanced at the nurse, then back at Yami. "I was just...caught up in the moment, you know, a little too overwhelmed with the fact you were awake." She faked wiping a tear from her eye. Then, "I'm just really glad you're back. I'm going to tell the others, and we'll all drop by after school, okay?"

Though not satisfied with her response, he nodded. "Thank you, Tea."

Closing the door, she walked down the empty hall, eyes glued to the floor. 'This feels like a soap opera. Like, when the main character is about to profess his undying love to his crush, but then all of a sudden, someone walks in to ruin the moment and you're all like damnbecause you wanted to see what happened.'


"So, we be in the elevator with 'tis hott nurse, and I'm all like 'I'm sorry, were you talking to me?' and she was like, 'no,' and I'm like 'well then, do you want to?'..."

It was a classic scene, Tea thought, watching Tristan and Joey crack jokes at Yami's bedside. She smiled, as she saw Yami's smile broaden with each attempt at humor. 'Just like old times,' she reminisced, a picture of all four at the Game Shop popped into her head. Although at the time it was Yugi, she always knew Yami was there watching them.

"Man, if that nurse could walk through walls!" Tristan added, as all three started laughing until there were tears in their eyes. "Ha ha...I never seen anyone run so fast when those doors opened!"

Tea rolled her eyes. Men. "You guys have nothing better to do, do you?"

"Aw, come on, Tea!" He rose from his seat and patted her on the back. "You shouldn't be jealous. You know you still have Masa to keep you warm!"

Tea crossed her arms, "compared to you two, I'd rather be around him!"

"Riiiight. You can go on ahead, ya know he's probably waiting outside your door right now for you to yank his crank...ha...if you know what I-"

"JOEY!" She shouted, hands now clapsed around his throat.

Suddenly, the door was opened by a nurse carrying a tray of food. She stopped in the doorway, looking at the scene in front of her. A brown-haired girl was strangling a blonde, who was screeching, "Oh Masa! Give it to me, Masa!" while another boy was on the floor, slamming his fist to the floor in fits of laughter. The only one acting normal was her patient, Yami, who was silently watching the scene.

"Umm...is this your family?"

Everyone froze.

"Actually, my friends," answered Yami, as she placed the tray in front of him. She just nodded as she poured a glass of water for him to take his second dose of medication.

While her back was turned, Tea brought her hands back to her sides, giving Joey a death glare. Meanwhile, Joey was combing a hand through his hair and sticking his tongue out to tease her. Tristan pushed himself off the floor and bounced on Yami's bed, which caused his meds to fly on to the floor.

As the nurse reached down to gather his three pills, Joey also reached down to help her, which caused their eyes to meet. It was then her eyes filled with fear, while his eyes burst with excitement.

"Aren't you the nurse from the elevator?"

She tried not to answer, but managed to bend her head to signal a "yes"

"Wow, so shall we talk or continue flirting at a distance?"

Without a second glance, she ran out out the door. "Wait!" Joey yelled, running after her, "you make me melt like hot fudge on a sundae! Come back!"

Tristan glanced over at Tea and Yami. "Maybe I should go after him...for her sake, that is." With Yami's nod, Tristan was out the door, his hasty footsteps reverberating down the hall.

"She was a good nurse, too," Yami added, pushing his tray of food away. "You think you can sneak me in some Burger King tomorrow?"

Tea laughed, closing the door to close off the commotion down the hall. "I just won't tell Joey. He'll call me a traitor!" A picture of Joey in his McDonalds uniform brought a smile to Tea's lips.

"Ha ha...yeah..."

A silence ensued.

"So...how's school been?"

Tea was so happy he had said something, the silence had made her very uncomfortable. "School's been a mess. The seniors are going on a rampage because prom is next week and there's still so much to do. I can't blame them, I still haven't gotten my dress!" She massaged her forehead, trying to alleviate the headache of prom from her thoughts.

"I'm sure you'll get everything done by then," Yami soothed, "you still have a week."

For once, Yami was wrong. The decorations were not done for the yacht, the food was not ordered yet, and she still had to ask what songs the seniors wanted at prom. She didn't understand why everything was on her plate. She wasn't only the vice president of the class. Where was Miho? She could kill her right about now...

"Hey, Tea?"

Yami's Yaminess brought her back to reality. "What's up?" Her eyes met his, and she wondered, just for that second, if she would have been staring into those eyes as they danced under "Tokyo's Skyline" for prom in her beautiful, black dress and his sexy tuxedo...with his lips ready to touch hers with the taste of "I love yous" washed away as their mouths covered each others and--that is, if she would have TOLD him she LOVED him. 'Yeah, and what happens when he says NO? Did you think about that Gardner?'

"Can you help me up?"

She quirked an eyebrow, dancing out of her revelry. "Help you..."

"You know, out of the bed. I want to try to walk around." He pulled the sheets off of him and tried to turn his legs out of the bed so he could touch the ground.

"Hold on," she helped him bring his feet to the floor, "oh Yami, you're going to get me put in jail...with Joey. You know you're not supposed to be on your feet."

He stifled a laugh as a sharp pain gathered around his knees. He held on to Tea's arm tightly as he tried to move his left foot forward. He couldn't move it, though, his feet were asleep from their lack of use.

"Yami, listen, maybe you should give it another day before you walk..."

He knew she was right, but, "Tea, I can't sit in that bed another second. It's torture sitting around for hours on end, watching Oprah and wondering what bra size would fit me best!"

She laughed, hard. "Ya...mi...you...know there's a remote...ha ha...!"

His ears seemed to perk up. "There's a remote?"

Reaching over the bed, she pulled out a white, rectangular piece of plastic. "What did you think this thing was the whole time?"

He blushed. "Well...anyway...I still would like to try to get up. Please, Tea, can we try?"

With the giggles out of her system, she nodded her head.

He pushed himself off the bed, again trying to move his foot forward. Bending his knee, with a lot of pain, he planted his right foot forward. A tingling sensation ran around his foot. Although it tickled, it also hurt at the same time.

"You want to try another step?"

He nodded.

Bending his left knee, he pushed his leg forward. This time, however, he stumbled once his left foot met the floor. "It's okay, I got you," Tea encouraged, as he tried to steady himself on the floor. "How are you doing?"

"This is...definitely a work-out," he joked, although he was in pain from the stomach down. He had to hide it; if Tea knew, she would put him right back in bed.

"Great," although he was doing alright, Tea still kept a firm grip on his left arm for support. "Now I want a hundred more!" A muffled laugh slipped through his lips, which made Tea smile.

He was such a strong person. 'Physically, too,' she mentally added, as her soft hands cupped his firm bicep. 'Tea, you are the worst. You really need to stop hanging around Joey..'

"I'm going to try to walk to the door."

Shaken once again out of her daze, her eyes followed his to the door. Kinda far. "Yami, maybe we'll just go halfway-" Too late. He already had moved a step, and was about to make another. "Hey, don't go too fast..."

She was right. Again, he had stumbled on impact. This time, she stood in front of him and tried to steady him. He faltered forward, hands thrusted upon her shoulders, while his face inches apart from hers. "I told you..." She whispered, jokingly.

He smiled, although it was not from her joke. Her warm breath tingled his nose as she spoke. It invigorated him. She smelled of a cherry blossom, the kind you pluck off a tree and smell until there's nothing more to breathe in. Her eyes were as beautiful as ever this close up, and her lips were pursed just the right way for a kiss.

Ra, she loved his smile. He could do a modeling commercial with that smile. And his eyes...so mysterious, yet a soothing violet that could take you away to paradise. Without thinking, she cupped her hands around his face to caress his soft cheeks. He was handsome, inside and out. She could just imagine touching his face in the morning, as they woke up in each other's arms. A kiss to begin the day, an "I love you" to finish the night. Magical. Nothing would be better--if she TOLD him how she FELT.

This jolted her to her senses, returning her hands back to her sides. "Sorry.."

"Do you want to say something," he asked, ignoring her apology.

"What do you mean?"

"Your eyes," he whispered, "seem unsettled."

"Oh, no," she slightly pulled away from him, although her body fought with her actions, "there's just so much going on in my head. Sometimes, it's just too much."

Suddenly, he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

"Yami..." She whispered, as nestled her face into his shoulder.

He pulled her tighter against him, memorizing every curve of her body against his. She had a slender frame, but toned from hours of ballet. He could make out all the muscles in her back as he rubbed his hands soothingly down her spine. How he wished his lips were where his hands were.

"Am I interrupting?"

Yami lifted his head up to meet his reflection. "Umm...no, you weren't."

Yugi looked away, as the couple slowly broke apart.

"Thank you," Tea whispered, as she helped him back to his bed. He only leaned on it, but didn't sit down. "I better see you back in that bed when I get back," she threatened, trying to lighten the mood, "I'm just going to see if Joey and Tristan are alright."

He nodded.

"See you later, Yugi," she winked, as she closed the door behind her.

Yami had his eyes on the door, that is, until Yugi waved his arms around to get his attention. "Oh sorry, I was just-"

"What? Examining Tea's backside?"

Yami crossed his arms. "Exactly."

"Well," Yugi rolled his eyes, "I'm glad you're feeling better at least."

"Thank you," said the older, planting a genuine smile.

Yugi took a seat next to his bed and looked around the room. "How have you been holding up?" Before letting Yami answer, he added, "when you're not holding Tea, that is."

Yami didn't retort nor blush. It was just like old times, except the tables were turned. When he was in Yugi's body, he remembered poking fun at Yugi and Tea all the time. He knew Yugi just saw her as a best friend, but the jokes were good.

"We were really good friends back then, weren't we?"

The air stiffened.

"Things change," he said, finding Yami's eyes, "people change."

He shook off Yugi's sudden coldness. He was waiting for the time bomb to explode, and it finally did. He knew Yugi was just trying to be nice to him because he was in this condition, but hurt or not, he wanted no room for facade. He wanted the truth; what the hell went wrong between the two of them?

"Maybe you should really think about who has changed. I left the Game Shop because I didn't want to take your life. I wanted to do things on my own, so you wouldn't have to again."

Yugi silently spoke. "Yami, you put me through so much..."

"What have I put you through?"

"The Game Shop! What did you think? Grandpa was just so angry that I couldn't hold the business together...and it's all your fault!"

Yami, now starting to get angry, let out a big, sarcastic laugh. "My fault?! Yugi, you've dealt with me for four years, and now that I was free...I wanted to do something for you!"

"By leaving?!"

Yami opened his mouth to speak to retort, but he found something of more interest to ask, "wait...why is it my fault that you couldn't hold the business? Wouldn't that be your fault?"

Yugi's cheeks turned a bright pink, from embarrassment or anger, Yami couldn't tell. "You left the Game Shop for Kaiba Corps. You turned your back on us for a better company! You wanted to be more than what the Game Shop could offer!"

"You didn't answer the question!"

Yugi paused, looking away from him. Then, "I couldn't hold the business because...you're the only reason why I was good at dueling. You're the reason why I became a champion. Without you, I had no reason to run a card store if I couldn't even play the game right like--"

"Yugi, I only gave you courage. You were always a great dueler."

"Yami," tears started to well in Yugi's eyes, "I'm nothing compared to you."

Yami slammed his foot down and stood up, even in all the pain he was in. "What the hell happened to you? You're the one that always gave ME courage! That gave me inspiration! You're the one that beat me at something I thought I was best at!"

Yugi looked up at Yami, slightly taken back. "Yami-"

"No, you need to get it through your head that you're the one that gave up. It wasn't my fault; maybe if you took a good look at yourself, you would realize that I'm not that one at fault here!" He turned away from Yugi, fuming at the seams.

There was a silence. Then,

"I'm sorry."

Yami slightly turned his head to catch a glimpse of his creator. Yugi's head was lowered to the ground, his hands at his sides, lifeless. He couldn't help but feel...bad. Almost sorry for what he had said, too. "Yugi...listen..."

"No, you're right. It is my fault, and I shouldn't have blamed you." Yugi said softly, his head still facing the ground. He seemed to be in a deep shame.

Yami limped forward, smiling. "Yugi, you're forgiven. I understand why you felt that way...and I want you to know that I will do everything I can to help you and your grandpa get the Game Shop back."

Yugi's head shot up quickly. "You don't have to--"

"I want to," he put his hand on his heart, "you're like a brother to me."

With tears in his eyes, Yugi stood up and hugged Yami. "You are my brother, Yami."

"You should be happy she only called security," the brown-haired girl said, wagging her finger in front of their faces.

"Aww come on, Tea, it was all in good fun. I think she enjoyed it!"

Tea threw her arms into the air. "You chased her into the street! She almost got hit by a car!"

"Almost," Tristan added, being helpful.

She glared at the blonde's accomplice. "Both of you should really seek some counseling."

Turning away from them, she glanced up at the six-story hospital. After leaving Yami's room, she had found her two friends outside, practically giving the nurse a heart attack. Luckily, she stopped them, but she was sure the nurse didn't feel so lucky. Poor woman.

"Come on, already! Let's go back and see Yami!"

Tea glanced at her watch. She wanted to give Yami and Yugi a good half hour to talk things through. It was best for the both of them. "Why don't we browse through the gift shop first?"

"Tea...that's boring!"

She cocked an eyebrow up, "and chasing a nurse down a hospital hallway is what you would call fun?"


Again, she threw her hands up to the sky. "Why me? Why not Weevil or Bones?"

"Nah, no ass quality there. Now Bakura on the other hand-"

"I know," Tea responded quietly, "Bakura has a very nice ass. Can we please move on?"

Tristan gasped. "Are you disloyal to his butt's greatness?"

She started walking away from them. There was no point in arguing with two idiots, you'll always lose. She could hear them shuffling behind her. "Are you guy's done yet?"

"Yeah, we're done," Joey said, causing her to turn her head, "I guess we're trying to lighten the mood...when I heard about Yami, it really scared me. He's just one of my best friends." He sniffed back a couple of tears.

There was something wrong with this picture, Tea felt it. Joey was up to something. "Yami's going to be fine. So, there's no need to worry anymore."

"You're right, Tea, I'm sorry.."

Maybe he wasn't trying to be funny for once. "Hey," she brought him into a hug, "Yami had everyone scared. But you know what? He brought everyone together as a family. Now it's time to be happy, okay?"

Joey nodded, then winked at Tristan as he hugged Tea tighter. "Yeah, and now we can get to the butt of the matter."


She pushed him away, biting her lip to hold back the words that wanted to come out. Instead, however, she took a deep breath and...

It was an eruption of laughter. Now, from all three of them.

Tea couldn't help herself. She knew she couldn't win, and there was no point in staying mad at them. Like she could anyway; staying mad at them was like staying mad at a puppy-you just couldn't. Though they each had their differences, she knew these were her friends for life.

"I have to admit," she wiped back her tears, "you got me pretty good."

Joey, who was still laughing, managed to give a thumbs-up and "it's my job" through his fits of laughter with Tristan.With pats on the back and nudges, the laughter continued, with Tea looking on shaking her head playfully.

It was too bad Tea and Tristan would never know that most of what he said was true.

Yami's condition scared him, and if he ever lost Yami, he didn't know what he would do. His friends were his family. Besides Serenity, he had no one to count on blood-related. But now, he had more than enough family, which also included the nuts.

"Well, I'd love to watch you guys, but I think it's time to get back to Yami's room."

Finishing off his chuckles, Joey nodded. "Yeah, we definitely got to tell Yami about this one. He's going to break out of his stitches when we tell him!"

Tristan clapped his hands together. "Yeah, and you can become his nurse now that he doesn't have one. I just need to figure out where we're going to find you an uniform."

With this remark, Joey slapped his friend on the back of the head. "There ain't no way I'm-"

"That does sound like a good idea," Tea added.


Joey started running toward the hospital, Tea and Tristan close behind.

"Now I know what the nurse went through!" The blonde panted, as he raced through the sliding doors of the hospital, and two security guards.

"Hey! There he is!"


He ducked into the elevator before the guards could catch up with him. Meanwhile, Tea and Tristan slowed down once they were in the hospital. "Well," Tristan put his hands on his knees, breathing hard, "he's a dead man. Dibs on his Red Eyes."

"What a great friend you are..."

"Fine. Want his car?"


Tristan grinned. "See. Joey would be proud."

Before they walked toward the elevator, though, Tea pulled Tristan back. "Actually, I have one more stop to make before we go see Yami."

"So, what's been going on between you and Tea?"

Yami blushed, taking a card from his hand and placing it face-down on the bed. With less water under their bridge, Yugi decided to challenge Yami to a game of Duel Monsters to pass the time. He was winning.

"We're friends," he simply put, eyes on the game.

Yugi picked up a card from his deck. "You're about to lose the game."

"Patience, Yugi, I have a card that will-"

"With Tea, Yami," Yugi continued, "I know you're scared, but you know what? Take a chance. Love is like Duel Monsters. It's a game of chance, skill, and faith." He flipped his trap card. "Your move."

He grunted, removing his Feral Imp from play. "Since when are you Dr. Love?"

"Between you, Joey, and Tristan-I'm an expert."

Using his Summoned Skull to attack Yugi's face-down defense, Yami cocked an eyebrow. "Oh, really? Are you sure things aren't heating up between you and Rebecca?"

Yami sure had caught Yugi off his game. "W-What?"

"Mhm, you know what I'm talking about. Does she let you hold Teddy, too?"

With a nonchalant attitude, Yugi brushed off Yami's banter and finished the game with his Brain Control spell card that took control of Yami's Summoned Skull and attacked his remaining life points directly. "Does that answer your question?"

"Good game," Yami answered, "best out of three?"

Yugi collected all his cards. "Why not? You won't have the same chance with Tea."

"I get it, Yugi, I really do," he said, re-shuffling his deck. Then, "I love her. I mean, I am really in love with her. But, I'd rather rely on my fantasies then have them crushed when she rejects my feelings." His bright, violet eyes turned somber. Yugi noticed this immediately.

"Yami, if you love her like you say you do...I know you'll make the right choice. But, I'd rather have you tell her than drool over her everytime she walks through the door."

"I merely salivate," Yami corrected, eyeing his softer version as he collected five cards.

"You really need to stop hanging around-"

In the second, the door jammed open, "GUYS! HELP!"


Joey slammed the door behind him, looking from Yugi to Yami. "I kind of got myself into a little bit of trouble, and I really need your help! Please, help me!" He got on his knees, hands laced above his head to gather sympathy from the twins.

"What kind of trouble did you get yourself-"

"Where is he? Wait, I think he went this way!" All heard from outside.

"JOEY! That's the police!" Yugi whispered, frantically.

Joey got up, pacing around nervously. His eyes came upon Tea's handbag. "I got an idea! It's time for a..." He lifted up Tea's handbag in triumph. "...make-over party!"

"Hey, Jerry, let's check in this room!" Night stick in hand, Santiago knocked on room 112 before turning the doorknob to enter. His friend, Jerry, was right behind him.

Upon entering, they found three people in a game of Duel Monsters. Two were sitting in the chair, while one, most likely the patient, was laying down on the bed.

"Sorry to interrupt, but we're going door to door, asking people if they have any information about a blonde-haired teenager, about six foot and lean, who's going around the hospital harrassing female employees."

The two sitting in the chair turned and looked at him. They were twins, almost. One seemed to be a few years younger than the other one, with softer features and a tiny frame. His twin, however, was built, tanned, and had the features of a stereotypical criminal.

His eyes then landed on the woman in bed. She had dirty blonde hair, that was partially wrapped in a towel. Her eyelids were covered heavily in a pink eyeshadow, whereas her cheeks went for a scarlet red. His eyes went down to her lips, which were poorly done with what looked like lip gloss, but seemed to smear from his nose to his chin. She was beautiful.

"Oh dear, that's a shame!"

She had a coarse, feminine voice. Her accent was from the Western states. He liked it. A lot. "Yeah, but don't you worry, ma'am. We'll make sure we catch him."

"You will! You're a strong, handsome policeman!"

Joey tried not to choke; he tried to keep the scene as normal as possible. The less suspicious they all seemed, the more likely he would find himself sleeping in his own bed, and not in a jail cell.

"Alright Santi," his friend called, about to slip out the door, "the place is clean."

"I'll be right there," he answered, as he heard the door shut behind him. Then, "now, little lady. You stay out of trouble. You look like you've been arrested before."

"Tee hee, why do you say that?"

"Because it's illegal to look that good," he winked, walking out the door.

Joey's jaw dropped. It was like every muscle in his mouth had gone numb. Yuck. He now felt dirty. He grabbed the towel from his head and wiped all the make-up off his face. "I feel so violated right now..."

Yami and Yugi were laughing so hard, that the cards that were in their hands went flying. "A violation, huh? Maybe I can him back in here to write you a ticket!"

Yugi followed up on Yami's joke, "yeah, 'cause you have fine written all over you!"


Although Yami was still in pain, he couldn't help himself. It wasn't everyday one could turn the tables on Joey and play his game. Right now, this very second, everything felt perfect.

"Hey guys!" Tea chirped, with Tristan right behind her.

He was wrong. Now, it was perfect.

Joey turned to Yugi and Yami, who had their lips pursed to muffle their laughter. "Not a word," he whispered, giving them the death glare. Then, turning back to Tea and Tristan, he said,

"Hmph, big help you guys were back there."

Tristan cocked an eyebrow. "Dude, what's up your butt?" He glanced further, at Yami and Yugi now. "...and why are you guys smiling like that?"


Yugi finished Yami's "sentence" with, "Joey was just telling us about what happened..."

Tea rolled her eyes. "What a story...he almost got himself arrested..."

The twins started giggling, and one whispered, "for looking that good," but Joey turned around and growled at them. They made the motion of zipping their lips.

"Anyway," Tea started, turning around to pull something in the room, "we got you a little something, Yami." Yami's ears perked up at the sound of his name from Tea's sweet lips.

She pulled in a metal contraption, which looked like a walking aid the eldery use to get around. He was right. It was a walker. "Now, before you say anything, or laugh"-she looked over at Joey-"I thought this would be good to help you around, so you could do something with your time. I know you're going to be in here for another day or two, so might as well, right?" Her eyes caught Yami's, but their moment was interrupted with,

"What gramma did you steal that from?"

Tristan smacked him over the head. "Tea's right, so shut your mouth before I shut it for you!" He clenched his fist right in front of Joey's mouth, making him back off, but not stop.

"Thank you."

Yami stood up, which signaled Tea to bring it over to him. He pressed his two hands against the handles and started walking with it. Although he knew Yugi and Joey were laughing their asses off at him, he actually felt in less pain. A good thing, no matter how embarrassing.

"Hey Yami, I heard their holding the senior walker races downstairs!"

Again, Tristan smacked Joey over the head. Yami wasn't fazed by Joey's criticism, though. He knew just how to get to Joey. "Keep it up and I'll tell Santiago that you need a prom date. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to write you tickets all night long."

Joey closed his mouth, trying hard not to blush. Tea and Tristan were confused by Yami's statement, and looked around the room for answers. Everyone seemed to be in their own world.

"Umm...well, it's getting late and I know visiting hours end soon, so I'm probably going to get going," Tea said, breaking the unforgiving silence.

Yami smiled. "Thanks for stopping by, Tea."

She gave him a quick, inconspicuous hug. She didn't want to be answering to Joey later for her actions. "Feel better," she whispered in his ear, "I'll see you tomorrow." As she turned to say goodbye to everyone else, she noticed something quite odd.

"Hey guys...where's my purse?"

To be continued...

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