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Phoebe Halliwell Mulwray31Clairvoyance, Levitation, Empathy, Telepathy, Telempathy, Psionic Blasts, Various Mental Abilities.

Paige Matthews29Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing, Healing, Telekinesis, Astral Projection.

Brennan Mulwray33Electrokinesis, Jet Propulsion, Electrical Field Generation.

Leo WyattAge Unknown Orbing, Electrokinesis, Healing, Self-Healing, Levitating, Various Divine Abilities.

Emma DeLauro28Telempathy, Psionic Blasts, Various Mental Abilities.

Pamela Walker17Advanced Telekinesis, Molecular Acceleration, Cryokinesis, Clairvoyance, Possession.

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell5Orbing, Shield Generation, Thought Projection, Healing, Telekinetic Orbing, Full Extent Of Powers Unknown.

Christopher Perry Halliwell3Orbing, Telekinesis, Molecular Acceleration.

Connor Halliwell Mulwray1 monthElectrical Field Generation, Electrokinesis, Full Extent Of Powers Unknown.

Paige's Princess Phase Part 1

"Hey, why don't we stop here? I'm starving!"

Phoebe opened her eyes to look at what Brennan was talking about. They were only a few hours away from the city and she wasn't keen to stopping, but she looked in the back seat and saw her son beginning to get restless so maybe a stop would be a good thing.

"Sure, but let's sit outside with the food, I think Connor's getting cabin fever in this car,"

'Okay,' Brennan turned and the car wheeled into the dusty parking lot of the small diner. It reminded Phoebe of the diner she had stopped at on the way to Sanctuary, but she knew that it hadn't been rebuilt, since Emma had told her before she went back to San Francisco, she had seen the ruins.

The psionic balanced Connor on her hip while Brennan opened the trunk and pulled out the stroller. Once she was satisfied that her son was strapped in safely, she pushed him over a bench table and turned to her husband.

"I'll feed Connor while you get the food, okay" she said as she bent down and got a towel out from the carrying tray of the stroller.

Knowing what she meant, Brennan nodded and walked inside, getting his wallet out on the way. Phoebe slung the towel over her shoulder so half her chest was covered, then she opened her top slightly. Pulling Connor out of the stroller, she eased him under the towel and he began to feed.

She began thinking about the past week, and how much of a change it had been to from hectic to calm as soon as they killed Ashlocke. Phoebe and Brennan had gotten married in this time. Neither of them had wanted a big ceremony, so had just been them and the rest of Mutant X, past and present Mutant X.

When she felt it was over, Phoebe put Connor back into the stroller and buttoned up her top, just in time for Brennan to come out with a tray of food.

"Okay! Grub's up!" he said proudly as he laid the tray down. Phoebe's sparkled with excitement; she hadn't eaten a cheeseburger and fries for ages! She made a grab for one of the paper covered items and began to tear off the wrapping. "You hungry?" The elemental said with a smirk.

"Mm… A little bit, but this is nothing compared to Piper's cooking," She smiled, "I can't wait to eat some of her food again!"

"Piper's the… Oldest sister, right?" he squinted his eyes as if he was thinking.

"Right!" she laughed and put her hand on his, "Thanks you for coming back with me. No matter where I go, San Francisco is still my home,"

He clasped her hand; "Sure, I don't really think that a cave is the best place for a baby anyway! And he should go up with his family around him, and Riley and Cassy are there with Lexa and Jesse, so they'll be fine without us! Don't you miss them?"

"Yeah, I love Lexa and everyone… But I guess we couldn't stay there forever, do you hate me for dragging you away from Sanctuary?"

He leaned over the table and kissed her gently, "With my family, I would go to hell and back,"

She smiled, "That's good, because with my family, you're going to going down there quite a lot!"

"Left!" Paige ordered.

Emma spun the wheel of her car sharply to the left, the tires screeching on the tarmac as the car turned to the corner. She blew a strand of hair out of her face in exasperation while Pamela clung onto the back seat for dear life.

"Guys, this might be a bad time to mention that I get car sick!" Pamela squeaked.

Emma looked in the rear view mirror, "I'm sorry hun, you can sit out the next one, okay?" the young Halliwell nodded weakly, "We wouldn't be doing this if Paige would just deal with her grief,"

"What grief? Right!" she shouted another direction, "Faster!"

"You know what grief I'm talking about! And you're lucky we're on the back streets or I would have been pulled over by now!"

They were now driving into a very narrow alleyway; Emma had drive carefully yet swiftly so she didn't clip the side of her Honda CR-V in the walls.

"Stop!" the psionic slammed down on the brakes and the car screeched to the halt, smoke coming from her tyres.

"You are so paying for a new set of tyres when you stop running away from your problems," Emma spat, Paige just ignored her and got out the car. The demon that she had scryed was currently holding an innocent up by the throat with a claw. The demon had pale skin and had black eyes with no mouth. Purple spots covered its body as he roared out of the place where its mouth should be. It was hideous.

"Run!" Paige yelled to the freed innocent, who scurried down the alleyway, falling several times. The creature opened his claw and an energy ball flew out, Emma quickly used her telempathy and the energy ball flew round the witches and came back on the demon, who only stumbled slightly.

"I can handle this…" Paige growled, she threw her arm up and the demon went flying into the wall.

"For Gods sake, your both as bad as each other!" Pamela snarled, flicking her hands and sending the demon into a thousands pieces and into a pile of dust on the ground.

Paige grinned and turned to the others, "Okay, next demon!"

"Okay Wyatt, have a good time!" Piper kissed her son on the cheek and he walked out of the door to his friend Seth's mother. They had been friends since the day Wyatt had started Magic School.

"Don't worry Piper, I'll have him back for seven,"

"Thanks Denise, you boys have fun now, okay?" Piper looked down at the boys before Denise teleported them out. The oldest Halliwell stood at the door for a moment and saw Emma's car flying into the driveway at amazing speeds. Paige stomped up the stairs of the front yard and breezed past her sister as she entered the house,

"Sure Paige, come on in!" she said sarcastically to herself.

Emma's nostrils flared, "You need to talk to your sister!"

"What's the matter? You fountain of patience running dry?" Piper smirked.

"Yes! Look, Paige is my best friend, and I love her, but she has to stop this… rampage she's on and deal with her feelings!"

"I'm for that…" Pamela walked into the foyer slowly, she was holding her stomach and her face was green.

"Aw… Honey, I didn't know you got motion sickness!" Piper stroked the back of her niece's head.

She grinned, "Well, you learn something new everyday. Excuse me while I… throw up my breakfast, lunch and last nights dinner," she walked upstairs.

"Mommy, can I get a dwink please?" Chris tugged at his mother's pant leg.

Emma bent down, "Tell you what Chris, I'll get you something while Mommy goes to talk to Auntie Paige," she hoisted him up and walked into the kitchen. Piper climbed the stairs to the attic and saw her little sibling using her power to fly through the pages of the Book Of Shadows; she seemed to be deep in concentration as she finally stopped on a page.

"Uh… We need to talk," Piper rubbed her hands together nervously.

Paige talked as if she hadn't heard her, " Oh look, that one was called a Leaper Demon, he could open up portals to another world, huh," she said with feigned interest.

Piper slammed her hand down on the book, "Paige, look at me,"

The witchlighter sighed and looked up with narrowed eyes, "What is it?"

"Pretty clever what you're doing here, but vanquishing every demon is San Francisco isn't going to make the pain go away, trust me, I did the same thing when Prue died,"

"This has nothing to do with anger or pain! I'm just trying to weed out the demonic community!"

"That's bull and you know it. Paige, we're here for you, if want to talk about-,"

"Don't you dare say his name…" she snarled.

"About anything…" she finished, "We'll listen, Paige we love you and we don't like seeing like this!"

"Like what?"

"Like nothing is bothering you! Like nothing can hurt you! You're going to end up having a breakdown!"

"Where the hell is this coming from? I vanquish a couple of demons and I'm suddenly on the path of destruction?"

"Yes! Because when you scry for evil, you don't know what it is! It could be someone stealing an old lady's purse, or it could a very powerful evil! You could be killed!" suddenly, there was a crash and a scream from downstairs, "Hold that thought!" she stomped out with her sister on her heels.

Chris was screaming as the Leaper Demon advanced on him, Pamela lay knocked out in the wreckage to the table in the foyer. Emma dropped the glass of juice she was holding and ran into living room, scooping up Chris and holding him close to her chest. The demon threw out an energy ball at the psionic, it hit her just under where she was holding Chris so he wasn't hurt, but the blast sent her crashing into the wall that connected the living and sunroom, she continued to hold onto Chris tightly as she hurtled towards the wall, the wood snapping and smashing as her back made contact with the wall. Emma landed on the other side; she lay in the wooden debris with blood gushing from her head while Chris lay on her chest, unharmed.

Piper came running downstairs and blasted the demon on the shoulder, but he didn't blow up like before, instead he threw out an energy ball which she dodged by vaulting over the stair banister and lying unconscious on the floor. Paige gritted her teeth as the Leaper Demon extended his claw, but a sucking blue portal appeared on the stairs and began to pull her in. After Paige had disappeared, the Leaper demon shimmered out and left the three remaining witches to bleed to death while Chris screamed his lungs out.

"Piper! Open up!" Phoebe knocked on the Manor door while jiggling Connor on her hip.

"Maybe they're not in?" Brennan suggested and rubbed her shoulders.

"All of them? I don't think so, and the cars are still…" she stopped mid sentence to listen for something, someone was crying inside the house!

"Oh my God! Chris! Brennan, bust the door open!"


"Just do it!"

Brennan sighed, but he decided to trust his wife and stepped back slightly, before running at the door shoulder first and making the door swing open with the lock flying to the floor. Phoebe stepped and immediately saw Pamela lying on the ground within the table wreckage; she walked briskly in and saw Chris screaming next to a dying Emma.

"Oh my God… Leo! Leo!" she yelled.

"Auntie Phoebe! Auntie Emma's going to leave us!" he screamed.

"No sweetie, she's not going anywhere. Leo!" she shouted again.

Her brother in law orbed in and his eyes widened when he saw Phoebe, "What the-,"

"Later, this is really bad!"

Leo knelt down and a warm glow emitted from his hands. The blood from Emma's head began to reverse and the gash healed. Emma sat up and blinked a few times as she was smothered in a hug by Chris. Piper came to by herself, as she had only hit her head on the floor. Phoebe knelt down to her sister slowly to make sure that she didn't lose her balance and drop her son.

"Ph… Phoebe?" she breathed.

Connor cooed in her arms and Phoebe smiled, "Yeah, I'm back,"

Piper suddenly put her arms around her little sisters neck and began to weep, 'Oh my God! I've missed you so much!"

"I've you too honey, but can we stand up? Because I'm about to lose my balance and drop my son!"

"What?" Piper stood up with Phoebe, "Your…" she looked at the smiling baby that was balanced on the middle sisters hip.

"Aw…" Piper took the baby from Phoebe's arms and grinned, "How old is he?"

"Almost a month," Phoebe stroked her sons head, "He's called Connor,"

"Hey, little man!" Piper said in a baby voice, Pamela, Emma and Leo surrounded them as Connor giggled at the things his oldest aunt was doing to entertain him.

"Another boy? Looks like I'm getting seriously outnumbered," Pamela smirked.

Piper handed the baby back to Phoebe and looked around, "Uh oh… Does anyone know where Paige is?"

"Speaking of disappearances, what happened?" Phoebe looked around the wreckage.

"Oh, one of Paige's victims came back to bite us in the ass. I though you vanquished it?" Piper asked Pamela.

"I thought I did! It must have reformed after we left because it was dust after I blasted it,"

"I think I had better take the boys to Magic School, they'll be safer there," Leo took his sons hand then went to take Connor.

"Actually, I could take Connor," Brennan stepped in and took his son from Phoebe, "I'll go and check out the house that Jesse got us downtown," he said to his wife. Jesse had managed to get them a house in San Francisco, it had enough room for more than the three of them and that was all that mattered, "I'll come back here after? Okay?"

"Okay sweetie, I'll see you later," she kissed him on the cheek then kissed Connor's head, "You be good, little guy," she watched the two of them walk out of the door.

"You leave for a year and a half and you come back with a son and husband. Only you Pheebs, only you," Piper winked at her sister, who hit her on the arm.

"Okay, I'll see you guys later, it's to have you back Phoebe," Leo smiled before disappeared in a swirl of white lights.

"Okay, this is definitely the demon that attacked us," Piper tapped the page of the book as everyone sat around the attic in various places; Phoebe paced the room slowly with her arms crossed.

"Does it say what he might have done with Paige?" Phoebe asked.

"Nope… Uh… Upper level demon that needs the life force of innocents to survive-,"

"We must have interrupted his feeding session earlier," Emma jumped in.

"Has the ability to rips holes in time and space… Making portals in other words. Vicious and extremely powerful, and…" she smiled wryly, "Can only be vanquished by the Power of Three! Great…"

"Well…" Phoebe put an arm around her sisters shoulder, "We're two thirds of the way there, we just need to find-," she touched the page and a vision of the past hit her.

Piper came running downstairs and blasted the demon on the shoulder, but he didn't blow up like before, instead he threw out an energy ball which she dodged by vaulting over the stair banister, hitting her head off the ground and lying unconscious on the floor. Paige gritted her teeth as the Leaper Demon extended his claw, but a sucking blue portal appeared on the stairs and began to pull her in. After Paige had disappeared, the Leaper demon shimmered out and left the three remaining witches to bleed to death while Chris screamed his lungs out…

"Wow… It's been a while since I've seen that look!" Piper grimaced, "What did you see?"

"Uh… I saw… Paige being pulled into a vortex," she took her hands off of the book.

"Then how are we supposed to find her? There are probably thousands of planes and realms she could be in!" Pamela exclaimed.

"No, no, no, this is good. Now we know what happened, we can reopen the portal and go get her," Piper tried to clam her down.

'We all can't go. We'll need to vanquish the Leaper demon as well," Phoebe added.

"Alright, you and I will go, your hubby and everyone else can hold off the demon until we bring Paige back and everything will be fine!" Piper grinned.

"Hey! We may be powerful, but we can't contend with the Power of Three if that's what's needed to vanquish the demon," Pamela said with a high voice.

"Since when were you afraid of a challenge?" Emma sneered at her.

"Since I heard that this thing could send all into our own little world!"

Phoebe began flipping the pages, "Okay, there's a spell that can conjure a past object in it's original place, that would be the stairs and it's not a powerful spell so any of us can use it," she turned to her fellow psionic, "Can you get Brennan up to speed when he comes back?" Emma nodded, Piper looked between the two of them.

"Okay, do the three of you have some sort of history?"

Phoebe kept her eyes locked on Emma, "I'll explain to you later," she touched Piper's shoulder. Emma and Pamela and walked down the stairs with the two Charmed Ones behind them. Piper turned around to face her sister,

"I may have missed a lot of you life, but you've missed a lot of ours,"

Phoebe nodded slowly, "I know… And I'm going to make up for that…"

Everyone stood at the bottom of the stairs; Piper and Phoebe had the spell in their hands while Leo looked in the book for anything that might help the remaining magical beings to stop the Leaper Demon.

He got up, "I think we've got all the Book can offer, I'll go check with the Elders and see what they know," Emma turned away from the brightness of his orbs as he disappeared.

"Brennan will be able to help you guys when he comes back from the house," Phoebe said to her niece and friend.

"Okay, we'll have some good old uncle daughter bonding," she joked. Phoebe and Piper turned back to the wall at the stairs; they had drawn a triquetra on it to act as their portal.

"What once was, shall be anew,

Along with, all hope too,"

"That is a really crappy spell…" Piper sneered at the paper and threw it to the ground. The triquetra glowed and a portal appeared in its place, it wasn't nearly as violent as the one the demon had created.

"Let's go sis," Phoebe took her sisters hand and ran into the into the portal, their bodies turning into two blue lights and flowing into the vortex.

Brennan turned the key in the lock and opened the door to his new home. After driving along the street, he realised why Jesse had picked it, it was in the centre of suburbia and the perfect place to raise a child. He had seen little kids cycling around the neighbourhood on small bikes, while their parents took advantage of the sunshine and worked on their front yards. It was like Wisteria Lane from "Desperate Housewives" without the murders and suicides, he hoped!

"Okay buddy…" he walked into the living, "What do you think?" he held Connor up to his eye level. The baby cooed in his arms, "Yeah, it's pretty good!" he was about to walk into the centre of the room, when white lights filled the room and around twenty cardboard boxes filled the floor. The boxes were marked with things like "Phoebe's Tops" and "Brennan's Jeans". The elemental eyed a box with no marking, he turned it around the laughed, the box was marked "Unmentionables" and there was a winking smiley face drawn underneath it.

Brennan laughed, "Thanks Jess…"

The next room he inspected was the kitchen; a large window let tons of sunlight in and a fitted dishwasher made him grin. Looking up, he saw that the lighting fixture was hanging out of the ceiling, he frowned and went over the to the switch and flicked it, but nothing prepared him for what was to happen next. A channel of sparking blue electricity flew from the light and took the form of a person; it was if it was a man made form electricity!

Instinctively, Brennan stood sideways to protect Connor who had already raised his shield around him and his father. Brennan lit up a tesla coil in his hand threw it at the creature, but it absorbed the electrical energy and became even bigger. Realising that his powers wouldn't work on this demon, he looked around for anything he could use. He suddenly saw that the electric man had a trail of electricity leading back to the light on the ceiling; he fired a bolt at the light in an attempt to cut off the demon's power supply. It let out a piercing scream and shrunk back quickly into the light.

Brennan looked around fearfully before trying to walk out of the house calmly.

Piper and Phoebe rolled along the leaf-covered ground and sat up, blinking a few times before looking at their surroundings. The portal had landed them in the middle of a forest; the sky was a meek grey and the entire forest looked bland, a thin mist impairing the view of the further away areas. Phoebe brushed the soil and leaves off of the sleeves of her brown suede jacket and got onto her feet.

"Ugh… Why do I always land in the mud?" Piper looked at her beige leather jacket and saw that the elbow of it was covered in gooey mud.

"C'mon, we need to find Paige, she must have landed somewhere nearby," she strained to pull her sister to her feet, "You been hitting the cookies while I've been gone?" She got Piper to her feet with a triumphant sigh.

"Very funny. Can you sense anything on Pheeb radar?" she smirked.

"Oh, how cute," she responded sarcastically before closing her eyes, "Hmm… My telempathy is the only power that works here… You try,"

Piper made a couple of gestures with her hands, then breathed in a few times. Both of those movements were the triggers for her powers, she stopped breathing and just stood there for a moment, then she suddenly vanished from sight!

"Wow. That's weird, what do the two working powers have in common?" Phoebe asked the space where Piper had last been seen.

The oldest sister reappeared just as quickly as she had disappeared, "Does it really matter? We'll figure out the science of it later, let's just get on to the sister saving," Piper said impatiently as the two of them began to walk in the direction that Phoebe had sensed her younger sibling.

"So, how'd you meet Brennan?" Piper asked absentmindedly.

Phoebe narrowed her eyes, "Nice try to conceal that nitpick. His teammate saved my life and we just clicked,"

"Where have you been all this time?"

It was Phoebe's turn to try and conceal something, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you!"

"Well, I don't care if you were in Timbuktu. I'm just glad that I have a nephew and a brother in law that I can get to know," Piper answered supportively.

The psionic put her arm around her sister's shoulders, "Thanks…"

Emma turned the pages of the book she was reading lazily while Pamela had the Book Of Shadows out on the coffee table. Leo was on his knees on the foyer, trying to put together the old basinet that him and Piper had used for the boys, he thought that Brennan would be able to use it when he came back.

"Okay, according to this book, there's only one way to kill the Leaper Demon,"

"Lemme guess… The Power of Three?" Pamela rolled her eyes.


"Argh!" The young Halliwell flopped back in the sofa and put her hands over her face, "Why do we always seen to have two Charmed Ones, but never three?"

"I dunno, I guess it's just our luck,"

"Yeah, well, your luck's rubbing off on me!" said Brennan, who had recently entered the house with Connor in his arms, wearing a lazy expression on his face.

"Why? What happened?" Emma gave her old friend a look.

"Thanks…" Brennan murmured to Leo as he laid Connor down in the basinet, "On second thought, could you take him to Magic School?"

Leo nodded, "Sure, I'll leave with his cousins and Mrs. Winterbourne," Leo orbed out with his nephew.

"I repeat, what happened?" Emma asked again as Brennan paced the room.

"I swear to God this city's cursed! My wife goes charging through a portal…" Emma had called him to get him up to speed on the situation, "And there's an electrically charged demon living in my new house!"

"Wait, back up to the demon part before you say anymore," Pamela turned to look at him from the couch.

"It was a man made out of electricity and he came out of a light when I switched it on," he relayed the description to his niece.

"Okay, Electrical demon!" Pamela yelled while flicking her fingers at the book. The pages began to move and they stopped on a page entitled "Shocker Demon"

"Are you crazy?" Emma asked her hysterically, "You could have sent an advanced telekinetic wave through the house!"

Pamela snorted, "Relax. That only happens when I use my arms, a little finger movement isn't going to take one of the house walls off!" she held up the book up to her new uncle, "This your critter?"

The Shocker Demon
A blue transparent body of energy. Travels through all the things that can lead energy. Able to be in all electric conductions and device to get the goal of the High-Level demons of electricity. Transport itself, shrugging, flying like pure energy. Creating deadly lightning balls and immune against a lot of supernatural powers, roots all of his powers in energy. Shocker demons are one of the best assassin demons and also one of the most uncontrollable beings that exist, sent from the one who has created them.

"Yeah, that looks like it," Brennan cast his eyes over the illustration.

This time, Emma was the one to flop back in her chair, "Ugh… We're up to our warty little noses in demonic problems!"

The two oldest Charmed Ones hid behind a tree while looking over the building that they had found. It looked like some sort of fort, as the walls were made from big stone blocks and a rusting iron gate stood on the other side of a moat with two guards in front of it. You couldn't see their faces, thanks to the deep crimson cloaks they were wearing.

"I hope to God that you don't sense Paige in there!" Piper hissed.

"Well, actually…"

"This is stupid, if she's in there, why hasn't she orbed out?"

"Because she probably got stuck with one power like us! Now, come on! Don't be a woose and let's go!" Phoebe began to walk out from behind the tree.

"No! Wait! Look!" Piper pulled her back and pointed to two cloaked figures going towards the iron doors. The guards nodded as they saw them coming and the iron door groaned open slowly, "Out of sight, out of mind. Give me your hand!" Phoebe held out her hand and her big sister grasped it, turning them both invisible.

Carefully trailing the cloaked figures that were heading towards the fortress, the two witches were able to sneak in past the guards and into the fort. Once they were inside, they grimaced, but it couldn't be seen in their invisible state. It was just as dark and dreary in here as it was outside! The only source of light was a couple of weak flames that were magically suspended to the cold stonewall. Phoebe led the invisible duo towards where she sensed Paige; they evaded even more cloaked figures and constantly climbed stairs. After a while, the aura of stealth disappeared and Piper stopped to catch her breath.

"I can't use my power for that amount of time," she breathed.

Phoebe cautiously looked around the corner and saw two hooded beings walking towards them. They were so close to where she could sense Paige as well! But the middle Charmed One wasn't going to give up and she used her own power. Phoebe began to fiddle around with the beings emotions with her telempathy, and two creatures suddenly had the desire to walk the other way and away from the girls.

"God, I love this power…" Phoebe grinned, "C'mon, Paige is in that room," she pointed to a set of oak wooden doors. The two of them stood in front of the door and looked at each other.

"You ready?" Phoebe asked.

"Do I have a choice?" was Piper's response.

Phoebe stepped back a bit, before kicking the doors open and storming in behind her big sister, who walked in as soon as her foot had connected with the wood. Nothing prepared them for what they saw.

Paige was sprawled across a sofa, wearing a sparkling dress, which left little to the imagination. A thin band of silver was around her head and a golden pendant hung from it, she had her eyes close and was smiling as one of many topless men picked her grapes and but them into her mouth!

"Paige!" Piper yelled.

Paige's eyes shot open and she sat up. At first her face was like thunder to see who had interrupted her, but as soon as she saw her sisters, she retreated into a nervous, guilty smile.

"Oh… Hi guys!"

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