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The Child Before The Storm

"So what did this demon even look like?" Paige asked, sitting back down in a car seat that had been torn from a vehicle and dumped in scrap yard. The youngest Charmed One sighed, resting her elbows on her knees and propping up her head with her hands, "I mean, I know Phoebe only saw it in monochrome and all, but still…"

Piper turned around, surveying her sister who was obviously bored. She couldn't blame her, as they had been waiting in this scrap yard for over an hour now with no sign of the creature. The witch let out a languid breath, "Uh… Big teeth, glowing eyes, scaly…" She paused to yawn, "Basically the average bestial demon, we can handle it by ourselves. Phoebe should be spending all her time with Brennan and Connor right now, making use of what time they have left as a family."

"I know." Paige replied, rolling her eyes, "Don't worry, I'm about to launch into a tirade about her not helping us… I just wish I could have some time with my family right now, that's all. You know, before I become an old married lady."

Her big sister's eyes widened as she laughed, "We've been demon free for a month now, I would have thought that was plenty family time. And I don't really see you or Aidan becoming stereotypical married people, trust me." Piper assured her, turning back to keep an eye on any moving objects. "Besides, you're not the only one who wants to be home right now, I've got my own dramas to take care of."

"Like what?" The witchlighter droned in a cynical tone, "Pam leaves for New York at the end of the summer; I would have thought that the boys would be more than happy at finally getting separate rooms. Especially after witnessing the tantrums they decided to have when they found out that Lorna, the youngest in the family, had the biggest room in the house after yours and Leo's."

"Yeah, I know, but Wyatt's kicking up a fuss about having to go into the first grade at a mortal school." Piper sighed, shaking her head.

"Did you tell him that he has his dear Aunt Prue to thank for that?" Paige smirked, relishing in the fact that her eldest sister, the fabled perfect one of the four siblings had screwed up. Big time.

"No, and he will not be hearing it from any other member of his family, that clear? Missy Paige?" Piper raised a skeptical eyebrow, earning a sigh from her younger sister before she nodded her head in agreement. The eldest witch blinked a few times before frowning, "God… Listen to us talking about marriages and kids. We're getting older!" She suddenly exclaimed.

Paige snickered in response, "Well, I'm glad you finally noticed! I thought that the dementia had finally got you in your old age." She retorted with a smirk while Piper shot her a glare.

"Bite me." She snapped, folding her arms in mock annoyance and tapping her foot impatiently on the ground. Paige was about to reply, before her focus shifted to something behind her sister. Her mouth hung open as she turned Piper around by the shoulder.

"Um… I think I'll decline…" She whispered, referring to Piper's remark, "But I think that guy may be a little less unwilling to tear you apart with his teeth."

She pointed out to a silhouette on top of a pile of scrap metal. It was almost glowing in the moonlight as it arched its back, howling towards the sky. The scales that Piper had described were shimmering with a shocking blue, while the howl that the creature was letting out sounded as if it was crackling with electricity. The wolf-like demon suddenly leapt from the scrap pile and out of their sight, howling loudly as it vanished.

"Well, he's certainly not worried about exposure…" Piper whispered, linking her arm with Paige's and dragging her reluctant sister along with her, "C'mon, let's follow…" She whispered, treading carefully on the dirty ground and going in the direction the demon had disappeared in.

The creature prowled slowly down the heap of metal, padding softly and masterfully as it snuck up on its prey, who seemed to be a rather unfortunate man who was in charge of letting in the trucks that dropped off the scrap. He was in the midst of eating a sandwich as he stood outside a small booth, taking another bite of his food and a draw of his cigarette, blowing smoke into the night air. The monster suddenly bounded into the air, letting out a blood curdling screech as it descended on its prey, who noticed the beast just in time to let out a scream of his own. Until it was cut short abruptly.

The beast demon suddenly slowed its drop, landing gracefully in front of its victim. The man had come to a standstill; the smoke wafting from his cigarette had even halted in mid-air. His mouth was wide open as he was in mid-scream, his eyes scrunched up in fear as he prepared for what was to come. Confused, the creature took a step forward to investigate further, only to be stopped in its tracks as the ground shook underneath it before small fissure in the ground blocked its path to the frozen innocent.

"Wow, it must be pretty dumb to hesitate against a frozen innocent." Piper quipped, clasping her hands once again after having held them above the ground, obviously after she had used her geokinetic powers to disrupt the creature's movements.

It turned around, regarding the two witches with its electrically charged eyes before letting out a piercing roar. Piper and Paige winced at the sound, the witchlighter's hands going straight to her ears in a vain attempt to block out the shrill noise. Finally giving up on trying to block out the sound that was giving her a rapidly growing migraine, Paige gestured at a rusted car door amidst the junk, her voice inaudible over the roar as the vehicle part was encased in a flurry of orbs that flew straight for her enemy. The shriek subsided as the door struck the creature's side, the two of them sighing in relief as they brought her hands down from the sides of their heads, until their eyes widened in horror at what they were seeing.

The car part had halted inches away from the four legged beast's scaly armour. Each plate began to shimmer with a mechanical glow before the door was devoured in a streak of white lightning that shot from its body. The piece of metal slowly began to disintegrate under the electrical pressure, its particles slowly flowing into the creature through unseen gaps underneath its scales. The entire being hummed with voltage, giving off a blue aura before turning to two of the three Charmed Ones.

"That can't be good…" Piper murmured, frowning at the gaping creature.

"That's definitely not good!" Paige emphasized, watching as a sphere of crackling blue-gold energy began to form between the animal's jaws. Stray bolts of electricity were firing from the ball, striking various pieces of rusted equipments and reducing them to a fine dust before the energy suddenly flew from its mouth.

Both sisters were caught off guard by the speed at which the attack traveled. It struck the two of them simultaneously, throwing them into the air and blasting them back a good few yards before they hit the ground roughly. Paige coughed from the rough landing, rubbing off the dust that was on her jacket sleeve.

"It was an 'Average bestial demon' you said… 'We can handle it by ourselves' you said… Still thinking that now, sis?" She spat, grabbing Piper by the elbow and aiding her to her feet before turning her turn back to the fight.

"Yeah, yeah…" Piper replied, her eyes widened as the beast fired off another electrical charge from its throat. She raised her hands in front of her face, letting out a yelp and halting the sphere immediately with her freezing power. The witch opened her eyes slowly, before yanking Paige with her as she moved to the side as the sphere unfroze. It hurtled into the side of a rusting dumpster, reducing it to a cloud of ash.

"Orb the innocent out!" The eldest witch ordered, making Paige roll her eyes as she gestured at the frozen man while saying a quick command. He vanished in a swirl of blue and white lights, landing somewhere Paige hoped was safer than here.

The creature opened its mouth again, a steadily growing ball of energy resting in between two rows of ferocious teeth. It was thrown back itself when the sphere was released, heading towards the witches for a third assault, before Paige threw out her arms and roughly veered them to the right, taking the energy with her movements telekinetically and sending it into another pile of scrap. Piper quickly took her sister's hand, inhaling a short breath and covering her and Paige in criss-crossing orange cracks, massing them both out and letting the scrap that had been disturbed by the blast bounce harmlessly off their density heightened persons.

"Okay, we need Phoebe for this. It's too powerful," Paige said strongly so her elder sibling would know not to argue. Holding out her free hand, she glared at the demon, "Scale!" The witchlighter yelled, attempting to summon part of the demon's being.

Orbs began to surround a shimmering blue scale before they fizzled out abruptly with the movement of the creature, who roared savagely from the pain of having part of his hide almost removed. It began to run towards the sisters, leaping into the air with its teeth bared before it was halted with a flicking Piper's wrist, saliva frozen in mid-drop from the being's mouth.

"Uh… Okay, try it again. And this time, try a little harder, will you? I'd like to not be mauled for Brennan's big send off," Piper snapped, regarding her little sister with a skeptical eyebrow.

Paige sighed and shook her head in annoyance, before holding her hands out and resuming the position she had taken before the beast had been frozen, "Please work this time… Scale!"

The shimmering plate of blue obediently vanished in a swirl of orbs, reappearing in the witchlighter's hand. The movement however, had caused the freeze to ware off and the creature to continue its lethal leap towards the two. Paige, thinking fast, grabbed Piper's hand tightly and promptly baled them out in a cloud of orbs that flew towards the sky, letting the creature fly through the haze of lights and skid along the ground.

"Okay, where are they?" Piper snapped, shifting her sleeve back over her watch and smiling politely at a quite rotund woman who had just bumped into her with the large back slung on her shoulder, obviously planning to use it for hand luggage.

"Well, they better hurry, because the plane leaves in like…" Paige leaned over in the long couch that was intended for travelers, yanking at her eldest sister's wrist and checking her watch, "Ten minutes!" She lent back under Aidan's arm, letting it drape over her shoulder, "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. They're husband and wife who aren't going to see each other for months. I know what I would be doing…"

Aidan bent his head down slightly, whispering in her ear, "And what exactly would that be?" He made, suppressing the smirk on his face as he kissed the area behind Paige's ear, making her whimper slightly.

"Keep that up and you'll find out…" She said huskily, turning in her sitting position and locking into a passionate kiss with her lover while Piper rolled her eyes and continued to pace around.

"You think I could get an air sickness bag for this portion of the entertainment?" Piper quipped, turning away from the couple and smiling as she noticed Leo skulk from the bathroom, he had orbed in after taking Pamela to where she was going. "Finally! What took you so long?"

Leo raised an eyebrow, "You know Pam. It took her ages to get completely ready, and she forgot something and…" He rolled his eyes, "It just took longer than I thought, but I'm here before Brennan and Phoebe." The elder looked around with a frown, "Where… Are they, anyway?"

Paige opened her mouth and was about to respond before Piper whipped her head around, shooting a warning glare at her younger sister as she knew what the witchlighter's retort would be. "We don't know…" She narrowed her eyes as she looked over Leo's shoulder before breaking out into a smile, "Well it's about time!"

Brennan and Phoebe were maneuvering through the crowd. Connor was practically attached to his mother's hip as the middle Charmed One was holding on so tight to her two year old son, afraid of losing him in the crowd, or perhaps she was wanting to hold onto anything that reminded her of her husband.

"Hey!" She greeted her siblings and their significant others brightly, "We got held up at the house, and then I had to practically beg the woman at the desk to let me and Connor come this far. Passengers only apparently…" Phoebe explained. "Although one look at my little guy's sad face melted her heart…" She smiled through her woe at Connor, passing her hand over his cheek and kissing his temple.

Piper's eyes widened in disbelieve, "Are you kidding me? You should have just asked us to orb you in, how do you think we got in this far without any so called passenger? Thank God for toilet cubicles or we would never have got in… Although if anyone asks, the Tongue Twosome over there are going to Milan for their honeymoon." The eldest said sourly, shaking her head at Paige and Aidan, who were caught in another lip lock.

Brennan nudged his wife gently, grinning as he lent down to whisper into her ear, "Remember when we used to be like that? Couldn't keep our hands off each other?" He slinked an arm around her waist.

"Um… I definitely remember, since it was actually just this morning…" She whispered back, falling into his embrace as she kept a close hold on Connor, "And trust me, after two or three months in unbearable heat and helping the ill, we'll be like that the moment you come back." She grinned back, nuzzling into his chest and cherishing the moments the three of them had as a family.

"The good old days, huh?" Leo asked rhetorically as he snuck up behind Piper, putting his arms around her waist and pulling her closer, moving her long hair back and gaining access to her neck, "Sharing a house with a teenager and three kids sorta takes the spark out of things…"

"Yeah…" Piper agreed, leaning her head back, "But it's… normal." She admitted, turning her head and catching her husband's lips in a soft yet loving kiss. The two of them almost seemed to melt together. It was the pattern for the three sisters and their men at that point.

With a loud reluctant sigh, Brennan pulled away from his wife and son, "Well, I gotta go. They won't keep that plane waiting forever…" He said sadly. It was now hitting him what he was leaving as his son's expression made it hard for him to suppress his tears. Deciding he would save the hardest for last, the mutant walked towards Aidan and Leo, who had both come apart from their loved ones after Brennan's announcement.

"Good luck with marriage." He said, shaking Aidan's hand with a smirk, "And after knowing Paige for two years, I think I can now say that you're going to need all the help you can get!"

The elemental laughed in return, "Ain't that the truth…" He said quietly as Paige had turned to the three men after hearing her name being mentioned for a reason unknown to her, "I've had the bruises on my cheek to prove it." Aidan continued, pointing wryly at his cheek, where the faintest tinge of purple could be seen.

Brennan smiled, "Well, I think you're going to be in pretty good hands when it comes to the whole husband thing. Leo's a pro." He grinned, moving to Leo and shaking his good friend's hand, "Because he certainly helped me at the start, he has known the girls the longest, after all."

"And, I too, have the bruises to prove it." The elder smiled, pulling his friend towards him and patting him on the back, "Looks like it's gonna be back to two against three where we're concerned," Leo said, referring to the fact that he and Aidan were now outnumbered. "Good luck."

"Actually, I have a favour to ask you guys…" Brennan looked down, fiddling with the back strap of the large bag on his shoulder, "I sorta told Connor that if he needed anything that his Mom couldn't provide, he could go to his two uncles. Will you look out for him?"

Aidan and Leo exchanged a serious look, before smiling. The elemental put a hand on his friend's shoulder, "Sure." He replied simply for the two of them. Brennan smiled, shaking each of their hands again and offering thanks before moving onto Paige and Piper.

Brennan stood nervously in front of his two sisters in law, waiting for them to make a move. Eventually, Paige sighed with a smile, walking towards him and pulling him into a hug, forcing Brennan to bend down slightly like he had to do with Phoebe. "You're gonna be missed around here, ya big lug." She said, playfully hitting him the shoulder and smirking.

Piper eyed him curiously, finally un-crossing her arms and pouting her lips, making her brother in law nervous about what she was about to say, "Even though what you're doing is hurting both Phoebe and my nephew, both of whom I love dearly…" She smiled, "I can't help but admire the strength it's requiring to do this, and there's an odd sense of nobility in it, so I can't stay mad at you…" Brennan smiled, but Piper raised a warning finger, shaking it, "But mess my sister around, and so help me, I will not be responsible for whatever part of your body I cause to explode."

Brennan stood, stunned, not sure what to say before pulling Piper into a hug which she didn't expect, "You know, in some odd way, I'm actually going to miss you constantly being on my case." He said with a grin, "Look after Phoebe while I'm gone, okay?" They both nodded, signaling for him to say goodbye to the people that meant the most to him.

"Wow… what inspired that?" Paige said to her sister, nudging her slightly for an answer for the unexpected forcefulness she had just displayed.

Piper merely shrugged, "I just modified the speech I gave Aidan when you guys got back together. No one screws around my sisters and lives in one piece to tell the tale. I mean, look where Cole ended up…" The witch replied with a simple yet somehow menacing tone.

"Aw… You threatened my boyfriend because you were concerned about me?" Paige said with a light tone, putting her hand on her heart to show that her gratitude and to show that she was genuinely touched.

Again, the eldest Charmed One shrugged, "Like I said, no one screws around with my sisters." Piper replied, nudging her youngest sibling's shoulder affectionately and smiling cheekily.

Paige returned the shoulder nudge with a warm smile, "Thanks, sis."

Brennan gulped as he stroked his son's hair. Connor was clinging to the collar of his father's t-shirt tightly, refusing to let him go, "You be a good boy for Mommy, okay?" He looked for assurance as he looked into the infant's eyes, "Okay?" Connor protruded a fat lip, glowering at Brennan before nodding slowly. The mutant kissed his son on the top of his head before finally tearing the child away from his t-shirt, causing Connor to sniff from the separation as he was handed back to Phoebe.

Both husband and wife stared at each other for a few moments, Phoebe struggling with Connor as he wriggled on her hip. He knew his father was leaving. Taking a deep breath and pushing back the urge to cry, she put her free arm around Brennan's neck, pulling him into a tight hug, "I love you…" She whispered, tucking her face into his neck as the tears silently rolled down her cheeks.

Brennan swallowed, trying to find his voice, "I love you too." He replied hoarsely, kissing Phoebe's cheek as he pulled away. The mutant gave his family one last look, earning small smiles from everyone before he turned his back on them and began to walk down the long corridor.

The middle Charmed One stood frozen on the spot for a few seconds before suddenly handing Connor over to Piper, "Brennan!" She yelled, running towards her husband as he turned back around just in time catch her as she leapt into his arms, locking her arms around the back of his neck and wrapping her legs around his waist. She ran her hands through his short hair, kissing him deeply as the tears trickling down her face mingled with her lips. "Hurry back… and be safe…" Phoebe whispered, stroking his cheek with the back of her hand before releasing the grip her legs had on his waist and dropping back to the floor.

"I'll be back before you know it…" Brennan promised, lingering on the spot as she held tightly to his hand. Knowing that he had to leave right now, the mutant raised Phoebe's hand to his lips, kissing it before reluctantly letting go and disappearing from sight as he rounded the turn in the corridor.

Pamela sat in the departure lounge, fanning herself with her ticket even though she was completely comfortable with her temperature. She finally stopped waving it around, pulling out her cell phone from her pocket and checking the time on the screen before shoving it back into her jeans. The young witch let out a sigh of frustration and ran a hand through her dark locks before she felt a hand on her shoulder, making her freeze up in fear.

"Are you alright, honey?"

The woman that had spoke to her seemed to be quite large. The withering white of her hair stuck out against her dark skin. In her other hand, two knitting needles and a woolly unfinished item were held in her pudgy fingers. But even though this woman was a complete stranger, Pamela couldn't help but feel comfortable in this woman's presence, "You seem a little jumpy."

"Me? Oh, no, I'm fine; I'm just trying to make sure some people don't find me." She noticed the woman's raised eyebrows and Pamela's eyes widened, "Oh God, that sounded really shady. It's just…" The teen sighed, "I've left without saying goodbye to some people and… I just want to make sure that they haven't figured out that I've gone…"

The old woman laughed, shaking her head and going back to knitting, "Now why would you go and do a thing like that? I'm sure your family's worried about you…" She made eye contact, "I take that it's family you're leaving?"

"Yeah… but my uncle knew all about it, so he'll tell them before they start freaking out. And if he hadn't found out, I was planning on leaving them a note so… they'll be fine, although maybe a little pissy."

"And…" The woman began, looping her thread around one needle, "Did you ever think that maybe, although you want to avoid saying goodbye, that your family need that closure? And that they love you? Maybe they want to say goodbye…" She set down her belongings, turning to Pamela, "I'm going to nip to the little girl's room, can you look after my needles, dear?"

"Sure." The teen agreed, sighing again as the woman stood up and waddled off the small corridor that led to the bathroom.

It was only a few seconds after she had left when a female security guard suddenly walked up and stood in front of Pamela. She was wearing a simple blue shirt with black trousers with nothing to identify her, apart from the badge on her waist. The woman's bleach blonde hair was tied back into a tight bun as she looked down on the teen.

"Your name Walker?" The security guard asked, chewing her gum loudly.

"Uh… Yeah,"

"Come with me." She snapped, turning on her heel and heading for the corridor in which the old woman had just disappeared down. Pamela frowned, the senses that she had developed from having powers all her life were now going into overdrive as she followed the guard down the thin hallway. Her fists clenched immediately when she saw the old woman standing at the bottom of the corridor, smelling a trap as the security guard joined her.

"Okay, unless this is a big practical joke, airport security doesn't usually work with old knitting women. Who are you, really?" She snarled; folding her arms as the two mysterious women exchanged smiles.

The dark skinned one smiled, "I gave you your chance, honey. You should have gone home and tried to make things right. That way…" A swirl of bright white-green lights enveloped the old woman, illuminating the small hallway. Pamela gasped at the figure that emerged as the lights faded, "You wouldn't have forced us to this." A un-glamoured Piper finished.

"Aw… crap." Pamela gaped, turning to the security guard as she too was devoured in a swathe of swirling lights that left Phoebe standing there with a smirk on her face, "Did Leo tell you?"

"Uh… No, the fact that your entire room was cleared out was a pretty big hint. Leo crumbled after that." Piper explained sassily as she placed her hands on her lips before calling heavenward, "It's clear, Paige!" She shouted.

Pamela groaned and her head drooped as light appeared out of the corner of her eye and Paige's voice hit her ears, "Nice disappearing act you almost pulled, missy. Although not good enough, I'm afraid." The witchlighter commented smugly, making the teen smile as she pictured the triumphant look on her aunt's face.

"Pam, why'd you leave us?"

Her head shot up and immediately Pamela was almost crushed by a wave of guilt that washed over as she looked at the fallen faces of Wyatt and Chris. Both of them looked hurt and betrayed, surveying their big cousin with sad expressions. Chris's green eyes bore into her soul. Pamela smiled, knowing the deep emerald pools were a sign of the psychic ability that she knew her younger cousin would gain through time. Chris, even for a five year old, was so intuitive that she knew he would be kind soul, even without her guidance.

"We may get over you leaving without any notice, but they won't." Piper said coldly.

Pamela sighed, bending down in front of her younger cousins and regarding them both. "You guys, I'm sorry for leaving without saying goodbye…" She glanced up to her three aunts as she spoke before returning her attention to the boys, "It's just that… leaving's making me very sad and I was trying to make sure that I didn't end up crying, because I am going to miss you… Really." She assured them, not being able to crouch like this any longer and falling onto her knees, "You believe me?"

"If leaving's makin' ya sad, why ya going?" Chris frowned, his bottom lip stick out slightly as he couldn't grasp the idea of Pamela leaving when it hurt her to do so.

"Because I have to, honey. So that when you're all grown up and you're in some trouble that you don't want your mom to find out about, you can come stay with me in a nice big house that I've managed to buy with a good paycheck." Pamela explained with a smile on her face, earning a shocked expression from her oldest aunt.

"But of course, you should always come to me or your Dad if you're in trouble, you guys." Piper warned, looking down at her two sons and sighing when she saw the mischievous glint in their eyes that she had come to notice over the years.

"Yeah, that's right!" Pamela said enthusiastically before putting her hand to the side of her mouth and whispering to pretend that Piper couldn't hear her, "But with the really big stuff you know she'll get mad at, you come to me, okay?" She winked, earning grins from her two cousins and making her smile in return.

Wyatt pouted, fiddling with his hands, "… Still gonna miss ya…" The seven year old mumbled, looking up at her from a bowed head.

Pamela stood up to talk to him, as Wyatt had taken a growth spurt recently and was now up to the top of her abdomen, "I know…" She admitted, "I'm gonna miss you guys too… so much." The teen emphasized, before holding out her clenched fist. Wyatt raised his fist to hers, their knuckles bumping off one another gently, "You're the oldest without me around, so you need to look after everyone, okay? That's your job, that's what I trust you to do." She ruffled his hair, "Don't let me down, kid."

The witch was completely taken aback when Wyatt suddenly lunged at her, wrapping his arms around her tightly and nestling his face into her stomach. Pamela pursed her lips; this was the exact thing she wanted to avoid. She blinked a few times, ignoring the fact that water was clouding her vision as she returned the hug as best she could from this height.

When Wyatt finally released her, she swallowed, attempting to return moisture to her throat as she knelt down to face Chris. Without saying a word, she yanked up her sleeve and began to fumble with the clip to her chaos wing bracelet, eventually getting it off and holding it in her hand before putting it into Chris open palm.

"See that?" She pointed to the charm in his hand, "That means that even though I won't be around the house, I will always be with you. This will protect you, so you don't need to be afraid of the monsters in your dreams, okay?" Pamela tapped his nose with her index finger, "And I won't be far, just an orb away."

"Don't go…" Chris whined, his eyes beginning to redden with tears at the thought of his 'big sister' leaving after three years of living under the same roof and looking after him.

"Oh God, I knew you would be the one to set me off…" Pamela smiled wryly, tears barely hanging onto her eyelids as she too, gained red eyes. Without another word, she pulled him closer, wrapping him in her arms in a motherly fashion and hugging him tightly. Chris did his best to return it, his hand clenched around the bracelet that she had just given him.

"This is the final boarding call for flight 310 bound to John F. Kennedy Airport, could all passengers please have their tickets ready. Thank you." A woman's voice boomed from the speakers placed around the area before a clicking sound meant that the microphone was being turned off.

"That's my cue…" Pamela sighed, standing up and surveying her aunts, "I'm sorry for not telling you… it's just that-,"

"We know." Piper said, her voice barely above a whispered as a silent tear rolled her cheek, "This little ambush was more for them…" She glanced down at Wyatt and Chris, "Than for us." The eldest witch put an arm around Pamela's neck, hugging her and quietly crying into her niece's shoulder, "You'll visit at the holidays, right?" She asked timidly as Phoebe and Paige joined the hug.

She smiled, "And any weekend I can manage. Like I said to Chris…" The four Halliwell women came apart, each of them crumbling emotionally from the two losses they were suffering this day, "I'm just an orb away if you need me. Whether it be demons or just cause you miss me…"

Paige chuckled, "For our sake, I certainly hope it's mostly the latter."

"Yeah!" Pamela grinned, joining in the small moment of laughter before everything fell silent, "Thank you for everything you've done for me…" She looked down, "I don't… don't know where I'd be right now if it wasn't for the three of you. Give my best to Leo, Aidan, and anyone else I've left out of the loop, okay?"

"Sure." Phoebe replied, being the most grounded at this moment in time as she hadn't known Pamela for as long as her sisters, "You're welcome, by the way. And thank you, for everything you've done for us!" She smiled, earning a happy expression from her niece.

The five of them huddled together, looking over Pamela's shoulder one last time before white and blue lights began to gather around them, "I love you guys!" The teen suddenly blurted out, stunning her aunts and making her two cousins beam with joy, "Act astonished later! Now go, because I have to go!" Quickly consenting, the five of them huddled together again as Paige orbed them out, those with free hands giving Pamela a slow wave before vanishing completely.

Paige bit her lip as she spun the amethyst over the map of San Francisco, holding a piece of the blue scale in her hand as she attempted to locate the demon that she and Piper had battled with the night before. She clicked her tongue out of boredom, shaking her head and halting the circular motion her wrist had been making with the crystal, "I'm getting nothing here." She announced to Phoebe, who was looking through the book, "I think we should try a locator spell."

"No." Phoebe replied flatly, "Let's just stick to the old ways for now. I'm not sure about this book, it's giving me nothing." She said, sneering at a page before flipping it lazily, "At least the other book talked to me…" The witch murmured, looking up to see her younger sister's expression of shock and amusement, "Well, it did! Not so much talk… but I got stuff from it when I used my powers on it. It was a comforting presence, one I could have done with on a day like this."

"I'm sorry, honey…" Paige said sympathetically, "How you holding up?" She asked, getting up and putting a supportive arm around the middle Charmed One's shoulders. "You could probably stay here tonight. Pam's room is free and I'm sure Piper wouldn't mind."

Phoebe shook her head as she bit her top lip, "Nah, I don't want this to disturb Connor, things shouldn't change just because Brennan's gone. I need to keep things as normal as possible." She tried to assure both Paige and herself with this outburst, but failed miserably and turned her attention to Piper walking into the attic, carrying a vial filled with a pasty white substance.

"What took you so long? You know the potion off by heart." Paige inquired, referring to the potion required to vanquish an upper-level demon that rested in her sister's hand.

Piper looked down at the vial, "Oh, I had this all ready about ten minutes ago, but then I saw Arc about to shoot out Pam's window. Apparently, he's flying to wherever Pam's staying now."

"Wait, he knew? Why didn't you yell at him like you did with Leo?" Phoebe frowned, mentally grimacing at the ear bashing her brother in law had received are revealing that he knew of Pamela's plans to skip town without telling anyone.

"I was about to, but then I decided to let him off since he sorta saved our asses a month ago with all his gargoyle friends. We wouldn't have won back Magic School without it. Albeit, it's a total wreck, but Leo's taken the kids with him to see if he can help out. He is the headmaster, after all." The witch explained, pouting a little in irritation at the thought of her children's education disrupted over a silly ban.

"Yeah, Aidan's away too. He took the kids to Atlantis while he takes care of some stuff he didn't mention." Paige growled. She too was quite annoyed at the behaviour of certain parties.

"That reminds me… I should probably relieve the Elvin nanny right now, don't want to have to pay extra." Phoebe sighed, going back to flipping through the book and glancing at the entries. She lay her fingers on the edge of a page, ready to turn it, before a familiar jolt rushed through her body, making her gasp in shock as a premonition assaulted her mind's eye.

A car drove out the mouth of the Presidio Tunnel. It seemed to be in the late afternoon from what Phoebe could tell, as the glaring white of the sky in her monochrome vision gave away the time. There was a flash, and a streak of unbelievably powerful lightning tore the road apart, causing the car grind to a halt immediately and skid along the ground. Her view was changed to a closer, making Phoebe's ears ring from the screeching the rubber made against the tarmac.

The view switched again, this time, to the mother and child in the car, both shock white with fear. The woman gripped to the steering wheel as her eyes bulged, before turning into the back seat and stroking her daughter's head reassuringly. But didn't last, for there was another cataclysmic rumble of thunder before the view panned back outside just in time to witness another bolt of lightning to strike from the heavens and vaporize the car, along with all its inhabitants.

The vision ended, and immediately she was met with the back of Piper's hand swiping across her jaw, causing her head to snap to the side. Phoebe turned back with a heated glare before delicately touching her cheek, which was still stinging from her sister's assault.

"What was that for?" She shrieked, causing both Piper and Paige to wince at her tone. "It this just a new habit or have you been slapping Paige too?" Phoebe growled, massaging her cheek.

"Well…" Piper began, "What were we supposed to do? Whatever you were seeing must have been horrible because you just began to scream! Didn't she?" The witch whipped her head around to Paige, who nodded slowly.

"It was nearing supersonic, hence the slap. What did you see?"

"Uh…" Phoebe stuttered, before finally gathering herself, "There's no time. Are you sure that potion will work? Even with just half a scale?" She asked hopefully, wanting to prevent the events of her premonition at all costs.

Piper looked down at the potion in her hand, "It should, I mean, it's still got a piece of the demon in it, I don't think it matters how much there is." She frowned at the middle Halliwell's distant look, "Honey, are you alright? You look a little pale."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go. Presidio Tunnel, that's where my vision took place,"

Paige smirked slightly, raising her eyebrows, "Looks like the book gave you something after all…"

The three witches materialized out of thin air, a bright cloud of orbs carrying them to the side of the road outside the tunnel. Immediately, Phoebe's eyes began to scan the area, making sure that the car she had seen in her vision wasn't here yet. They still had time to find the demon and vanquish it if the vehicle had not yet arrived. Her brown eyes narrowed, pointing at something on the cliff that sat by the other side of the road.

"There!" She shouted, shaking her arm manically at something moving at the top of the cliff, "That's the demon I saw last night, the one you guys fought, isn't it?" The witch babbled, her finger shivering slightly as the creature came into view, baring its fangs as soon as it saw the Charmed Ones.

"Yeah, that's the bastard." Piper snapped, rubbing her ass slightly as she remembered the pain that had been inflicted the night before, when she had been thrown into the air and landed on a particular obscure piece of metal. "It's its turn to fall on its ass!" Without another word, the eldest witch's face scrunched up as she threw out her hands. The fragile rock at the edge that the beast was standing on exploded into smaller chunks that tumbled down the rock face. It lost its footing, falling from the top and landing in a crumpled heap underneath the boulders that had fell after being disturbed by Piper's blast.

The three of them ran across the surprisingly desert road, standing in front of the pile of boulders that kept the creature contained, knowing it wouldn't stay down for long. The rocks shifted, before they all burst outwards towards the sisters. Piper grabbed her sisters' hands, taking in a breath and reducing their forms to a mass of loose particles, allowing the large stones to pass right through all three phased persons harmlessly.

The demon had leapt into the air, and was taking a nosedive back down towards the witches. Instead of aiming straight towards them, it threw itself down on the ground to them, the resulting shockwave throwing the Charmed Ones backwards and landing on the road behind them.

"Piper, the potion!" Paige screamed as the four legged beast roared a war cry as it galloped towards them.

Suddenly remembering that they had a way to vanquish it, the eldest Charmed One shoved her hand into her jean pocket, yanking out the potion and hurling it towards their advancing enemy. But all three of their faces fell when the vial smashed against the being's hide, doing no damage and vanishing in a pathetic wisp of smoke.


The creature came to a grinding stop at the mechanical voice. It bowed its head respectfully at the three, confusing Piper and Paige before realizing that Phoebe was standing with her hand held out in a stop gesture, an eerie blue glow could be seen exuding from her eyes even from the ground. The two witches scrambled to their feet, looking at their sister with a fearful glance.

"Return to the realm." The mechanical voice ordered as it crackled from Phoebe's mouth, "You have fulfilled your use. Now go!" The voice echoed as voltage began to spark and zap in the middle Halliwell's eyes.

With a consenting growl, the creature suddenly leaped into the air. Clouds gathered in the sky almost instantly, covering the sun and blanketing the city in darkness within seconds. A menacing rumble of thunder seemed to vibrate through the ground, making the road underneath the witches feet begin to shake and tremble. They had to turn away and shield their eyes as two thin bolts of lightning tore through the sky, screaming towards the being that was in midair at the time. It was struck violently, before disappearing completely, presumably returning to wherever it had come from.

Phoebe fell to her knees and let out a roar deep from her throat. Thin bolts of lightning shot from her eyes, hitting a point on the road as another streak of white hot electricity twisted and coiled from her mouth, dancing in the air for one moment before shooting towards where the other two bolts of electricity were gathering. The voltage disappeared from the witch's eyes, signaling that Phoebe was back. She swayed on her knees for a few seconds before falling back. Piper caught her just in time and helped her to her feet.

A car sped out the mouth of the tunnel all of a sudden. The driver was in complete awe of what she was seeing. Phoebe recognized her as the woman that had been killed along with her daughter in her premonition. She hit Paige's arm rapidly, her younger sister finally getting the message and gesturing at the vehicle while saying a command. The car was devoured in a flurry of orbs just as a bolt of lightning flew from the heavens and struck the ground, scorching it just as the orbs disappeared.

A figure was beginning to form in the centre of the lightning. A loud clap of thunder left the Charmed Ones with a ringing sound in their ears as a being descended from the epicenter of the storm in the sky. The first thing any of them saw was the massive hammer that resided in the person's hand. As it got closer, Phoebe could see it was a man. He was adorned in thick golden armour that looked as if it had been carved by angels, as it seemed to tell a story of battles long ago. The part of him that wasn't covered in armour was his midsection, where a thick silver belt was strapped around his waist. The emblem on the front seemed to exude a certain power and respect; it was a scene depicting another epic battle. Whoever this being was, he was ancient.

He landed on the lightning-burnt ground softly; the clank of his iron boots the only thing signifying contact with the ground. He held his hammer at his side, smacking the hilt down on the ground and balancing his weapon carefully. Long strawberry blonde hair flowed down his back, accompanied by the short beard that surrounded his mouth.

"Greetings, guardian of Magni…" He said, his voice deep and dripping with power and authority. His electrifying blue eyes bore into Phoebe's skull as he spoke, "I have at last arrived to relieve you of your duty. I apologize for your having to wait two mortal years, but conjuring oneself from the Thunder Realm isn't as easy as it used to be." The three of them gave him a confused expression. "Where is the child? I would have thought you would bring him to our summit."

"Who the hell is Magni?" Paige hissed to Phoebe, before cocking her head and changing her question, "Actually, better yet, who the frickin' hell is this guy?" She whispered to both her sisters, earning irritated glances from both siblings, "What? It's a fair question!" The witchlighter argued.

"And if we knew the answer, do you think would be standing here with our jaws on the ground?" Piper spat, instantly shushing her youngest sister and turning back to the being, "Who are you?" She questioned with a confident tone, although her voice masked her true fears.

He looked between all three of them, "I do not believe that one of Magni's guardians has forgotten who she serves. But for your benefit, and so that you know what kind of power you are in the company of, I shall tell you. I am Thor, God of thunder and fighter of filthy race that all themselves giants."

"God…?" Phoebe whispered in disbelief. Was this truly the force that had possessed both her and Brennan for the past seven months? And if he really was so powerful, why had it taken him so long to come here? And who was Magni? A pounding headache suddenly began to make her temples throb as she crumbled under the unknown.

"Now, if you would retrieve Magni and pass him over to me, I shall return the Thunder Realm and wait for the day when you are able to cross back over and return home for your efforts." Thor commanded, his brow creasing in impatience. Something told Phoebe that she shouldn't anger a God.

"Wait a minute…" She breathed, "Two years… Are you talking about Connor?" Phoebe questioned, her heart beginning to beat faster as blood roared in her ears, waiting for an answer.

The god smiled, "Ah yes… Connor. That be his mortal name. Please bring him to me so I can take him back to where he truly belongs." Thor replied simply, not aware of the crushing blow of fear he had just delivered to all three Charmed Ones.

Phoebe's eyes flashed angrily as her cheeks reddened with rage, "You're not taking my son away." She commanded, frowning at the god who was demanding that she should just hand over Connor.

"Of course, after two years of him being in your care, it's only natural for a bond to have formed. I shall give you until the stroke of twelve to say your farewell. Until then, I shall take my leave…" Thor announced, a flicker of suspicion in his voice at what Phoebe had declared, before there was a bright flash and the thunder god had vanished in a bolt of lightning.

Connor sat in the attic, grinning obliviously as he ran his trains back and forth across the wooden floorboards. The two year old was unaware that the five crystals of dark matter that surrounded him were the only thing standing in between him and his so called "father". Phoebe was sitting right next to him on the floor, the Book of Shadows open in lap. She shook her head at a page and tapped the illustration of Thor with her finger.

"I think I've found what triggered my premonition. This was on the back of the page I was about to flip," She announced to Paige, who was sitting at the table with her laptop, looking up various intricate diagrams of how to draw protection pentacles. "Since when were gods in the Book of Shadows?"

The witchlighter shrugged, "We've only had it for a month. I swear I think that new info gets added to that thing magically every time we need to know something. What does it say?" She walked past the dark matter; it didn't repel her as she wasn't seen as a threat to the people on the inside.

"Nothing, it just says that Thor was… is…" She scowled, "One of the most powerful gods in the Scandinavian pantheon. His hammer is called Mjollnir, and it literally means 'that which smashes'. The big silver belt is called Megingjardhr. All of that summing up to he's going to be tough to beat."

"Anything that sheds light on the Magni thing?"

"Um…" She scanned down the page, her eyebrows raised at what she read before reciting it to Paige, "'In Norse mythology, Magni was a son of Thor and Jarnsaxa. He was the god of strength and was the only thing in existence stronger than his father, and Magni was the only one who could lift Mjollnir Thor's Hammer, besides his father. He is commonly depicted carrying Mjollnir.' And there's a neat little picture of some big god who is not my son, carrying a hammer."

Paige gave her a sympathetic look, "Sweetie, why don't I get you some pillows and you can have a lie down in here? You look exhausted. Since when have you been awake? About five this morning? Have a sleep, you and Connor are safe in the crystals, and you'll be even safer once I have this pentacle drawn."

"And Piper doesn't mind you getting chalk all over her floor?" Phoebe smirked

"I think she's a whole lot more concerned about Connor being here after midnight. Pheebs, we're not going to let some God with woman's hair, a big hammer, and a shiny belt, take away your son. I promise you…" Paige assured her, placing a comforting hand on her sister's shoulder.

Phoebe ran a hand through her hair, letting out a sigh and smiling at the witchlighter, "What time is it?" She asked wearily, glancing at Paige's watch which was hard to read upside down and when sleep deprived.

"Just after ten." She replied, flinching at the clap of thunder and the sudden flash of lightning that illuminated the attic for a millisecond. Paige sighed angrily, making a face at the dark stormy sky outside as rain pelted the windows, "Do you think he's doing that intentionally just to scare us?"

"I don't know…" Phoebe brushed off the pointless question, looking at her energetic son and stroking his hair lovingly with a bittersweet expression, "What did he do to deserve this…? To be thrown into such a dangerous world?" She asked, on the verge of tears.

Paige chose not to answer. She stood up, "I'm gonna go downstairs and get the chalk to do the pentacle. But first, pillows and blankets!" She shouted into the air, making a gesture and causing the desired items to orb in on the floor, "You get some rest, okay?" The witchlighter waited for her sister to nod in agreement, before walking out of the room.

Phoebe quietly made a make-shift bed out of the things that Paige had orbed to her. Wordlessly, she shifted Connor next to her and lay down. The toddler, somehow sensing what a state his mother was in, lost his energy and became as tired as she was. Phoebe stroked his head lovingly, kissing him on the cheek and pulling him closer, her eyelids drooping with fatigue as she whispered into his ear.

"Mommy's not going to let anything happen to you… ever…"

"That's the pentacle drawn." Paige announced as she walked into the kitchen, waving a piece of worn down chalk, "I felt a little guilty about waking up Phoebe when it was done, but she'll be safer in that when in the dark matter cage." She frowned when she saw Piper staring out the window, looking at the moisture on the glass left from the rain that continued to lash it, "Why are you doing the dishes?"

She shrugged, turning around to reveal that she was obsessively drying a dinner plate, "What else can I do? I mean, really." Piper snapped glumly, "We're dealing with Gods. Am I the only one that's worried about the fact that he could probably vaporize us with a wave of his hand?"

Paige stayed silent, sighing as she slouched into a stool at the island in the middle of the kitchen, "No… you're not the only one that's worried…" She put a hand on her forehead, propping herself up with her elbow, "Why did he even want Connor in the first place? I mean, I know that Phoebe used to sleep around a bit, but I think even she would notice if she was doing it with a guy who's almost double her height!"

"That's disgusting!" Piper scolded, turning back to the sink and picking up another plate, "But you have a point, the only thing I can think of is that somehow… Connor's got Magni's powers. The whole Child of Storms thing, maybe that's the true meaning of it…"

"… We're gonna do everything we can, right? Even with the threat of being vaporized with the wave of a hand." Paige asked uncertainly.

Piper seemed to hesitate before answering, "Of course."

As if a direct question of her loyalty, a crash was heard upstairs along with an aggravated roar, "Piper! Paige!" Phoebe screamed from the attic. A crackling noise that sounded like lightning was heard from the top floor. He was trying to break down the pentacle's shield.

"What time is it?" Piper asked fearfully.

"Midnight…" Paige announced as she shot to her feet, "On the dot,"

Phoebe stood up, turning her back to the electrical assault that Thor was inflicting on the shield that the pentacle had raised to defend its inhabitants. She held Connor close to her chest, protecting him from the harsh light and the imminent breach of their protection. The lightning stopped coming, Phoebe turned back around to see the thunder god staring into her eyes with a red face of pure rage.

"How dare you raise this pathetic barrier in order to keep me from my child!" He bellowed, holding out his hand and summoning his hammer to his palm in a violent flash of lightning, "You will not defeat me."

"You can't have him!" Phoebe spat back, a white globe of psionic energy appearing in front of her forehead before flying towards the god. The blast hit Thor's head, causing him to groan slightly in pain before looking at her with an even angrier look.


Thor spun around, seeing Piper and Paige standing in the doorway with determined looks on their faces. The eldest witch threw out her hands, only being able to create a pitiful explosion on the god's armour and don't even leaving a trace of a scorch mark. It was Paige's turn, she swiped her arm through the air across her chest, attempting to hurl him telekinetically into the wall, but he only stumbled to the side slightly, smirking at the two witches.

"I have an unworldly resistance to witchcraft." He grinned, thinking he had won.

Piper cocked her head, frowning, "Well, you may have, but the floor doesn't," She commented sweetly, before gesturing at the floor underneath Thor's feet. The wood was blasted apart immediately, causing him to fall through the floor with an undignified yelp and crash to the lower level with a thud.

"C'mon!" Piper urged to her younger sister, making Phoebe walk quickly towards her two siblings while keeping an eye on the hole in the floor.

There was a flash of lightning just as Phoebe made it to Piper and Paige. Thor stood next to the pedestal where the Book of Shadows sat. He raised his arm, the electricity in his hand hummed as it charged up to a blast strong enough to take out all three witches and Connor. Piper gritted her teeth, blasting the floor again, making the god momentarily vanish and allowing them a chance to orb out.

The four of them reappeared in the living room of Phoebe and Brennan's house. No lights were on, as those who lived in the house hadn't been in all day, so the only thing that lit up the place was the blinding flash of lightning every now and again.

"What are gonna do?" Paige asked urgently, "We don't have the power to slow him down, let alone kill him!"

"Well, we need to think of something fast. He's gonna be on our tails in a matter of seconds." Piper replied, putting her hands in her pockets in an attempt to hide the fact that they were shaking with fear.

Phoebe let a growl escape from her throat as she put a hand to her forehead, "Damn…" She snarled to herself, looking into her son's eyes as lightning illuminated the living room for a brief period, "We need to do something, anything! I can't lose my son!" The witch yelled at her two siblings, both of whom had faces like thunder. There was nothing any of them could do.

Another flash lit up the area, but it had been caused by Thor's arrival. The three of them spun around, each releasing assaults from their respective powers that proved just as fruitless as the last time, and Piper's strategy of blasting the floor wouldn't work, as she knew Phoebe's house had nothing under the ground floor.

"Give him to me… NOW!" The god bellowed, a clap of thunder accompanying his booming voice as he locked eyes with Phoebe. The only woman who was left in his way.

"You can't have him!" She screamed, another psionic blast appearing above her eyes before flying towards Thor, who, this time, didn't even seem to be fazed by the attack like he had the previous time. Without a word, he made a gesture with his hands, causing Phoebe to swear loudly with surprise and fear as Connor vanished from her arms in a bolt of lightning that struck the two year old, making him reappear in Thor's arms.

The witch took a brief moment to look between her arms and her nemesis, "NO!" She bellowed, making to run towards Thor to confront him directly.

But the god merely threw out his arm, knocking the three sisters to the floor with a wave of voltage that caused the air to ripple. Thor smirked with a triumphant glint in his eyes as he surveyed the downed witches on the ground before disappearing with a crack of thunder and a blinding bolt of white lightning with Connor screaming in his armour covered arms.

Piper groaned as she raised her head off the ground, blinking a few times and frowning with confusion, "Uh… Why are on the floor?" She asked her two sisters, who were now beginning to come around.

Paige sat up; looking around with the same expression Piper was wearing before questioning her older sister, "… And why are all the lights off? Jeez, Pheebs, I know you live in house by yourself with Brennan gone, but you should still make an effort," She began to stand up, helping Phoebe to her feet as she did the same with Piper.

"Um… yeah… I should…" The middle Halliwell murmured, looking around the living room with the look of as if something wasn't right.

"Are you okay, honey?" Piper asked with concern, knowing that her sister was still probably saddened by the departure of her husband that morning.

She nodded in response, still looking around, "Yeah…I'm fine… I just… feel as if I'm forgetting something or… leaving something behind…" She thought about some more before shrugging, "Oh well, must not be that important." The witch finally decided with one last doubtful look around the house.

"You wanna stay at the Manor tonight? Pam's room is free now." Piper smirked with a bittersweet expression, still sore from their niece's abrupt departure from San Francisco just an hour after they had suffered the loss of Brennan.

Phoebe nodded slowly, "Yeah… okay. I mean, there's no reason not to."

Uh oh! There's a bit of a cliffhanger for you all! But you're going to have to wait till the sequel to find out what happens. Will Phoebe get Connor back? Will Paige ever make it down the aisle? Just what has Piper spent most of life trying to atone for? How will Pam deal by herself in New York against the forces of evil? Everything will be revealed in "Their Cross To Bear"!

"THEIR CROSS TO BEAR": A year has passed since the events of "United As Three". Phoebe has remained oblivious to the fact that her son Connor was taken from her by his magical father, until Lorna, who has somehow remained unaffected by the erasing of Connor's existence, gives Phoebe a premonition of what truly happened the day Brennan and Pamela left. The Underworld has been in disarray since Satanos's vanquish, allowing Paige and Aidan to enjoy their time as a family with the twins, but with time, Paige's cold feet get worse, will she conquer marriage? Piper is haunted by a dark act from her past that could destroy everything in her life, including the trust of those who always have thought she was perfect and homely. Pamela has changed drastically during her first year as an NYU college student, but is it for the better? Katrina, now earned back her place on the higher realm, begins to train a certain redhead as she learns to harness her new mantel of power. The arrival of mysterious yet stunningly beautiful magical mercenary sheds more light on Phoebe's future child, who may not be as pure as first thought…

"Their Cross To Bear" Chapter 1: "Here Once More…" will be up soon!