Chapter 1

Rachel Bello was sitting in the massage therapy room of the United Center in Chicago Illinois...looking over her list of clients for the evening...

When a voice said, "Rach...Hey Rachel." Brought her out of her thoughts...Rachel looked over at Lexi and said, "Something I can help you with Madame?"

Lexi smiled and said, "Yea...throw that towel to me." She grabbed the towel and threw it to her as she dried her hands off and said, "Okay big're finished."

Glenn Jacobs better known as Kane stood to his full 6'10" height and rolled his shoulders and said, "Thanks Lexi...I feel so much better."

Lexi smiled and said, "Good...Now go rain some terror on the boys in the ring."

Glenn smiled leaned over and kissed her lips sweetly and said, "I'll see you later tonight Mrs. Jacobs."

Lexi smiled and said, "Anything you want Mr. Jacobs."

Rachel watched as Glenn walked out and laughed at Lexi and said, "So that's what it's like being in love and marrying the man you can't seem to get enough of."

Lexi smiled and said, "I never thought I would meet and marry a man I worked with...but we've been married for a year now...and it's so great to be on the road with him."

Rachel smiled watching as Lexi talked about her and Glenn...She knew she loved him more then anything in her life...They dated for a whole 4 months before Glenn said forget it and drug her off to get married...Glenn always said he was going to marry her...he just never specified it being 4 months after they got together.

Rachel Bello...25...5'10" and 125lbs...Long waist length bright Auburn red hair...with bright blue eyes...She is a massage therapist for the WWE...or World Wrestling Entertainment. Formerly know as the WWF.

Rachel always felt herself getting angry...she was married once before and the marriage just didn't last because of her job with the WWE...he ended up cheating on her so many times she lost count after 36...

Rachel was so stupid cause every time he'd come back to her and tell her it wouldn't happen again...but then she would find out how ever many women he slept with the last time doubled the next time...and every time after that.

She got her heart broken so many times during those 2 years of being married...She honestly thought 'I'm broken now.'. She'd dated a few times...but nothing serious enough to say she was in love or to even feel it.

Lexi said, "Okay woman, what are you thinking?" She said, "How I wish I had your life...Not your man...just your life." Lexi said, "You was thinking about Brian again weren't you...Girl I thought you was so over that."

Rachel said, "It was so yesterday...but it still hurts ya know...I tried so hard to keep my marriage together...but it was virtually impossible...I knew I shouldn't have gotten married at 18...but something made me want to prove to every one that I could do it...Get the whole marriage thing to work at such a young age."

Lexi said, "Of had pressure from his parents and yours to be the perfect couple in the family...but it turned out to be his non perfect self who couldn't stop dating...even after you guys married."

Rachel leaned against the counter and rubbed her temples and said, "I need a know something alcoholic with a cute little umbrella in it." Lexi laughed and said, "You and me both." She said, "'ve got the perfect husband and marriage."

She said, "I know that...but look my hand is husband is a big man...massaging him is like trying to mold already dried concrete." Rachel looked at Lexi and they both started laughing so hard they ended up sitting on the floor with tears sliding down their cheeks.