Sasukefurever: hello everyone and welcome!

Sakura: yay!

Sasuke: Do you guys have to be so loud?

Sasukefurever: So what if we do?

Sakura: yeah, why would you care?

Sasuke: you're just being annoying, who would want to hear you scream across the room?

Sasukefurever: you are going to regret those words! (Slaps sasuke across his face 3 times)

Sasuke :( groans in pain)

Sasukefurever: that will teach you

Naruto: he finally got what he deserve (giggling)

Sasuke: shut up!

Naruto: ohhh... is sasuke mad because he lost to a girl? (Sasuke jumps on naruto and starts hitting him)

Sasukefurever: ummm... well while we take naruto to the hospital why don't you enjoy my first story, c ya. (Joins sakura and helps her get sasuke off naruto)

The Notes of Friendship

Chapter 1- A typical ordinary day

Bell rings. "Ok class remember tomorrow's quiz and don't forget to bring your homework" kakashi-sensai said.While all the students went out of the room "Your all dismissed" There was no student in sight. "When will they ever listen?"

"I think I can pass this quiz, it can't be that bad" a pink-haired girl said to her friends, a shine of confidence glowing through her emerald eyes.

"Easy for you to say sakura, you know all about the algebra" her blond haired friend said, her normally cheerful blue eyes became sad.

"Well Ino, if you actually study, you would get good grades" the girls refer as sakura respond.

"Well i would study, only that naruto over didn't help me!" Ino said.

"What did i did?" the blond-haired boy asked, his blue eyes looking in confusion.

"Well, you promised you would help me with algebra, i didn't learn a thing!" giving her back to naruto.

"Maybe it was because you weren't listening to a word i was saying!" giving his back at Ino's back

"Guys, stop fighting" Sakura interrupted

"Whatever!" Ino said not turning around.

"What she said" naruto

"You guys apologize to each other" sakura said. Nothing happen, they still where giving each others back. Sakura grew tired of this. "Now!"

"ladies first" Naruto replied

"Oh, ok, you can go first" Ino said in a bored voice, making naruto more mad.

"Will you just say I'm sorry or something!" a very angry sakura said

"Fine, I'm sorry" Ino was the first one to answer

"Me too" naruto finally said they walked out of school. They open the doors that keep them

From freedom every morning and walked on soft grass.

"So what you guys doing today?" Ino said

"Well, I got grounded for getting a 'D' on geography. I have to study for a make-up quiz tomorrow" Sakura answered

"Too bad" Ino said

"That's bad alright. I'm not doing anything" naruto said, they walked pass tons of stores , every time Ino saw something she like, they would have to drag her out of the store.

"Great! I need someone to come with me to the mall to choose some new clothes" Ino said after being drag out of another store.

"Ummmm… define 'some' will you?" Sakura said raising an eyebrow

"On second thought, i have to modify my web page" Naruto quickly said. He hated going to the mall, especially if he is going with, it could kill him. Noticing this, an evil smile appears across her face.

"But i thought you did that this morning" she said in an innocent voice.

"yeah about that i didn't finish it and if i want to finish today i better get going bye" and with that naruto run all the way to his sweatdroop at how fast he was running compared to when he had to do laps for gym.' he really must not want to go shopping' she thought.

"Oh well then I have to go alone, again..."Ino said

"Well I have to go, bye" Sakura said

"Bye" Sakura started running across the street, (which personally I don't think is the best thing to do)

Sasuke: why am i not in this chapter?

Sasukefurever: because don't come to this school yet, beside this is a boring chapter you wouldn't want to be in.

Sakura: wow, i have a main part, this is so cool!

Sasuke: I should be the main character not an annoying girl

Sakura: what did you said!

Sasukefurever: hey I'm a girl too!

Sasuke: yeah, i know, every single girl i know is annoying.

Sasukefurever: oh now you will get it!

Sakura: right behind you (Sakura and sasukefurever start hitting sasuke)

Naruto: ummm... Well while sasukefurever is busy I'll closed the first chapter, she'll write some more but plz review and give her some ideas.bye