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This is a W.I.T.C.H. story. I got tired of finding one, so I made one myself! LOL The pairing is WillxPhobos. It wouldn't leave me alone, so I just went ahead and started writing it. Lol

Summary: It's been three years since the war ended and Phobos had won. Four of the Guardians are dead and Will is the new rebel leader. She still holds the Heart of Kandrakar.

During a raid by Cedric, Will and the rebellion are captured. When brought before the King (Phobos), Will ordered to stay as a 'guest' (read under prisoner).

During this time, Phobos comes to really like the Keeper and the same goes for Will. Also, according to a prophecy made by the Oracle, Will, on her 18th birthday shall become what the title of this fanfic says. And the Oracle's prophecies always come true….


Disclaimer: I do not own W.I.T.C.H. or its characters. If one sounds unfamiliar, it is probably mine. I also don't own any songs in this fiction. I will not repeat this again. Thanks.

The Queen of Kandrakar

By chorse


"Irma!" yelled Will Vandom at her fellow Guardian.

Irma, the W.i.t.c.h. of water, screamed in anguish and shock. She had just been slammed in the stomach and was sure that a few of her ribs were broken. She could even feel the puncture in her lung. Already she was wheezing and coughing up blood, all the while trying to catch her breath.

Hay Lin and Taranee had already been taken down. In fact, they were dead and their powers had been absorbed into the Heart. Now, besides energy, Will had control over air and fire. Cornelia was fighting a whole group of Cedric's soldiers. Caleb had already been turned into a flower and Elyon's immense power had been taken by Phobos.

Soon, it became too much for Irma. She stopped trying to breathe, which meant she had given up on living. She was gone in two minutes and her tear, the tear that was her symbol, went into the Heart of Kandrakar, just like Taranee's and Hay Lin's had.

Off in a corner, the Guardian of earth was crating a gigantic hole to trap a whole group soldiers that were bearing down upon her. As she was doing this, a Metamoorian archer took aim and fired his arrow. As it whistled through the air, Cornelia barely heard it and turned around, only to be hit square in the chest. She was killed instantly.

"No! Cornelia!" screamed Will as her friend's tear flew towards her at top speed and zoomed into the same place as the others did. She dropped to her knees and was about to collapse from either fright or exhaustion when she felt hands lift her up and slam her over a shoulder. Then everything went black.

When Will woke up, she found herself on a flat pile of straw. It's old, musty smell wafted up and tickled her nose while she blinked the veil of sleep away from her earthy brown eyes.

Sitting up, Will looked around the room, causing the ancient blanket that had been laid on her to bunch around her waist and legs. She glanced down and saw she was still in her Guardian form. Looking back up at the room, she saw a door to her left, slightly ajar. The flickering of a torch just outside of her view was seen across the floor. The sight of it brought painful images of Taranee, then Hay Lin, next Irma, and, finally, Cornelia.

Shaking her head to erase the memories of her friends, Will mover her legs and got up. She walked to the door and pushed it open.

The hall looked to be part of a cave, its walls shadowy and imposing. Even the floor, all gray and cold looking, looked scary and she could walk on it!

Will thought it was all due to nervousness. Or fatigue.

I mean, come on! she thought. I was just in battle against a psycho snake-man and his master and now I'm in some unknown place! Who wouldn't be? was her silent, slightly sarcastic question.

Taking a tentative step through the door, Will began to walk down the rocky corridor.

About five minutes later she came to a fork in the hallway.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of voices from the right hall. Taking that one, she continued her journey.

Again, five minutes later after following the rumbling rhythm of voices, she came to a door similar to her own rooms. Not knowing what to do, Will knocked on the hard wood.

After rapping her knuckles on the rough timber, the steady flow of sound halted instantaneously. Then, steady steps made their way in her direction and the door opened.

A big, blue, round face stared at her still mature one. Then the owner of the face yelled.

"Will!" cried Vathek and pulled said person into a bone-crushing hug that knocked the breath out of the keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar.

"Vathek, let go! Can't breathe!" gasped Will, though she was unheard. But one fo the other occupants of the room saw the state she was in.

"Vathek, please let her go. She can't breathe," said Aldorn, Elyon's adoptive father, persuasively.

Indeed, he was right. Will almost as purple as her cool mod top and her wings, though squished, were moving frantically with panic. Immediately, Vathek let go and she took many long, shaky, gasping breaths.

"Sorry Will," said a sheepish Vathek, making it hard for her to believe that a few times he had tried to kill her. "It's just so good to know that you are awake and well. After the fray, we weren't sure."

By now, Will had been able to catch her breathe and realize, that during Vathek's big bear hug, he had managed to lift her into the fairly medium sized room. All around were the higher-ranked rebels. Some were looking at her with mild curiosity. Others indifference, as if she wouldn't (or couldn't) do much for them.

Will looked at the portly Metamoorian that she had come to see as a friend and ally. She then asked the question she was dreading, but needed to know.

"What happened?"

It was night and Will, now untransformed, was sitting on her straw bed, clutching her knees to her chest. She looked toward the end of the bed, her face blank and her coffee eyes full of sadness, disbelief, and a feeble determination.

Inside her mind, she went over all that Vathek had told her in that room full of rebels.


After she uttered her question, Vathek's eyes paled with grief and he looked away from her. Then he averted them back at her, resignation sitting heavily in them.

"Vathek?" inquired Will in a whispered tone that was laced with concern. "What happened?"

"Will, you might want to sit down before you hear what I am about to say," the cobalt man suggested.

"Okay. But can I change first?" asked the Guardian.

Vathek looked surprised. Then he glanced at his comrades uncertainly, as if not sure how they would react to her true form as Will Vandom, fourteen-year-old daughter, friend, and student at Shieffield Institute. Again, an expression of resignation was placed on his kind face and he nodded.

As if by a signal and faster then the blink of an eye, her purple top, green mini-skirt, leggings, violet knee-high boots, dragonfly-like wings, and mature looks were replaced with her normal earth clothes and puberty's typical gawkiness, knobby knees and all. Several gasps were heard. Their sources were the mouths of many of the rebels that were occupying the room.

"Why, she's just a child" spoke a grisly-looking male.

"Now I can see why this infant is one of the Guardians that failed to stop Phobos…" was muttered bitterly by a scaly female with hard, cold eyes of crimson edged with azure as she glared at Will.

"Calm your anger, Dela?" yelled Aldorn directly at the one with the name Dela. She huffed while he continued. "The infant you say Will is has seen more violence and had had more responsibility than most of us.

"And yet she and her fellow Guardians failed in their task," spat Dela, particularly on the words Guardians, failed, and task.

"Please just tell me what happened," whispered Will. Her command (or plea. She couldn't tell the difference at the moment) flowed out of her mouth and echoed around the room with the ferocity of a butterfly. But it was heard by all and silenced those that were arguing, namely Vathek, Aldorn, and Dela.

"Are you sure, Will?" questioned Aldorn. He too wore the nervous face that Vathek had plastered on his face. Will nodded.

"Alright," began Vathek and the unknown came to light. "Some of this you may know, but don't worry. There's a lot more."

"During the fight, Phobos took Elyon's power and turned Caleb into a flower." Will nodded yes, already knowing this. "And your friends: Hay Lin, Taranee, Cornelia and Irma, they were…were…"

"I know, Vathek. They're dead. I know," interrupted Will. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yes, anything!" said the navy Metamoorian enthusiastically, happy to be off the former subject.

"What happened to their bodies?"

Ok, maybe not so happy, thought Will and she almost giggled if the situation were any different.

"After everything, they left the bodies of the dead to rot and decay. They even left their own to die. We took the carcasses and gave them a proper burial. The only ones we didn't were your friends."

"It seems Aldorn had received a message from the Oracle, telling him that the Guardians, though having failed in their mission to protect the Veil, will not ever decompose. That way, when you wake up, you can see them again."

I might see them a little later, thought Will, and her feelings seemed to communicate to the others.

"What happened next?"

"Phobos destroyed the Veil and took over Earth in the five days you were out," replied Dela this time. She still had a sour scowl on her face. "He now resides in his castle, with his Whisperer court and his faithful Lord Cedric as his pet. Rumor has it, that he is planning to take Kandrakar next, but he needs the Heart that you possess."

"How did you…." began Will, but Dela interrupted.

"Girl, I may be older then most in this room, but I know what happens because I keep my eyes open and my ears to the ground."

"I wondered why she's so deaf sometimes…." grumbled Elyon's adoptive father.

"What was that Aldorn?" screeched the scaly woman.

"Nothing," said Aldorn, acting like a teenager.

"Back to the subject, please," interrupted the actual teen (Will), showing some of her usual spunkiness, even in the light of these new events. It worked.

"Our forces were severely dwindled afterward. So severe, that one out of two rebels are dead and more," continued Vathek, amusement dancing his eyes from the small feud that occurred between Dela and Aldorn, both glaring daggers at each other. "Now this place feels so much bigger, but we're not happy about it."

He laughed once, but it sounded half-hearted and about to crack.

"At the moment we stay down here until we can recoup our losses in dignity and strength."

"How would you do that?" asked Will.

"We start by getting a new leader." It was Aldorn this time. Then everyone, known and unknown, looked pointedly at her. She got the idea.

"Oh no! No, no, no, and definitely not!" exclaimed the adolescent. Being the Heart of Kandrakar's holder was bad enough, she thought stubbornly.

"Just think on it, alright?" pleaded Vathek.


"Please Will, just think about it."

Her defenses were weakening against their persuasion until they crumbled and began to resemble the ruins of ancient Greece and Rome. Finally, she agreed.

"All right, I'll think about it," she answered reluctantly.

End Flashback

Now she had the choice of being the leader of their rebellion, despite her age. Will was currently stuck at the ever solemn crossroad of indecision, not knowing what direction to choose and take.

Will briefly glanced at the door. After that little 'conversation' with Vathek, Aldorn, Dela, and their audience of onlooking Metamoorian rebels, Will left the meeting room. She came to the same fork where she had heard the steady tempo of their voices. The very same voices who's owners had given her the 411 on what had happened and the request they wished of her.

What should I do? mentally questioned Will.

She closed her eyes and images of her friends flooded into her mind, like a movie behind her eyes. Cornelia, Taranee, Hay Lin, Irma, and even Caleb and Elyon flashed like a slideshow. Their voices, faces, smiles, and gestures came to mind and haunted her like ghosts.

Unbeknownst to her, she had started weeping until she tasted the salty sweetness of her tears. As the specter-like recollections continued to bombard her, she wiped away her tears, the sign of humanity.

Then, on a whim, she started to hum a verse from a song by Hilary Duff called "Someone's Watching Over Me". As she hummed, she could feet the Heart of Kandrakar start to dispel from the palm of her right hand. Bringing it up to her face, she opened her fist and peered at her outstretched hand.

Yep, there it is, mused Will silently as she watched the glass orb intertwined in metal swirl with a translucent, smoky essence. It almost looked like a crystal ball.

Soon the swirling formed shapes that resembled her friends. She ,oblivious, went back to her humming, this time the whole song.

While she hummed, the visions of her friends spoke, no, sang one by one until their voices twisted and twined until they combined into one: the voice of the Heart. She heard it and gasped.

They were almost at the climax of the song when Will, too, started to sing with them.

"So I won't give up/ No I won't break down/ Sooner than it seems life turns around/ And I will be strong/ Eve if it all goes wrong/ When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe/ No I won't give up/ No I won't break down/ And sooner than it seems life turns around/ And I will be strong/ Even if it all goes wrong/ When I'm standing the dark I'll still believe/ That someone's watching over me/ Yeah/ Oooo/ Someone's watching over me."

When she was done, Will now realized what she had to do. Bringing her legs underneath her into a crouching position, she pushed and lifted herself up from her soft (if not a little scratchy) straw bed. Again, with each movement she made, its comforting, musty, and familiar scent wafted up to her nose.

When she reached her full height, she walked over to the wooden door and opened it.

This time, the trip to the splitting of the hallway was faster and, this time as well, she went down the other direction: the left one.

Following her intuition (woman's or not), Will trudged through the maze of halls in search of Vathek. Finally, after about twenty minutes, she stopped n front of a entryway. Her instinct said so. Or it could be the sign on the door saying "Vathek's Room".

Remembering her manners, she knocked. After a couple a seconds, she heard someone say "I'm coming" and some muffled footsteps. Then the knob rattled (A/N) and the door opened, revealing the Metamoorian man in the door. Holding a teddy bear.

"Will! What are you doing her! It's the middle of the night!" he exclaimed as he hid the bear behind his large back.

"I've decided. You guys got yourselves a leader."

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