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A Birthdate to Remember: Sakura

Birthdays. Oh joys.


18: Rain


It's raining again; hard with thunder. Not a single soul can be seen outside. It was like this that day. The same weather, the same gloomy and peculiar environment, all of it in that fateful day: The day he left. The day he left Konoha… Team 7… me…

On that day, it's like my world shattered to pieces. I thought he was finally opening up because he was more sociable than his usual self, days before he left. He had me hoping for something not bound to happen, something he never gave, possessed, after the massacre; something I know he missed when he was still a child with a happy family.


I know I'm expecting too much, but it's still a fact that he's still human. Even the coldest of hearts know how to love. I know he craves for it especially during his darkest moments. That's why I always hoped for a day, even just one day, that he'll open up and act like normal teens would do.

Days, weeks, months, years passed. He never returned. Not a word about him I heard in this village. It was considered taboo. Some weeks after he left, I swear to myself that I would focus on being a better ninja for the day he will come back. I would be strong for my family, for myself, for him…

When I'm down, I always remind myself: when he returns, he would need someone to lean on, not only physically but it was more on psychological necessity. He wouldn't want a weakling to take care to or to take care of, would he? And not too soon, all of my hardships bore a success. At my present age of 17, I had become an ANBU and the best medic-nin in the whole Fire Country.

I'm more matured now: mental and physical; or as the people say. My reputation spread to neighboring countries as well. I get aggravating suitors more and more each day, and I'm not that heartless to decline all. I do go on dates with some of them but only as a friend because amidst all these suitors and fame, he always comes in my mind. Of course, he's not that easy to erase.

Lately, something has been bugging me. During my dates or working hours at the hospital, I often come to a halt just because something pops up, and I hate it. It's this uneasy feeling that makes my head hurts, but thanks to my incessant missions, it made me busy so the uneasy feeling was left forgotten.

Now, here I am, walking thru the gates of Konoha. I just returned from a Class B mission. I still had my ANBU mask on since it was raining hard and I didn't even remember to remove it the moment we stepped in, so I let it stay. I was just walking a few steps, then here it is again. I had this uneasy feeling again. Then the bench went in sight: the bench where our last meeting took place. I subsequently excused myself from the troop and they continued walking.

My head went aching again so I had to sit down and rest for a while. Nevertheless, it led me into more thinking.

It's raining. I savored and breathed in the chilly air as I allowed raindrops to wet my hair and my uniform. I closed my eyes and relaxed, reminiscing my hardships and hopes. My light of hope that never fades; my light of hope for him.

I was either too relaxed or too perplexed that I didn't notice someone approaching. It felt stupid for an ANBU to experience those kinds. But then I felt a familiar aura in front of me. It can't be…

I was rooted to the spot. The said person carefully took off my ANBU mask and stated; "This mask doesn't suit you." All my doubts vanished. Confirmed, it is him. Shock took over my body. "You shouldn't hide that beautiful face of yours. Don't you want me to see it?" He had a smile on his features; not a smirk he usually gives, but a genuine smile. His calloused hands reached for my cheeks and caressed it. "I missed you." His intention was pure, his purpose was true, and his statement was real. It took me a while to absorb it all in. He missed me! And the next happenings have never, not once, crossed my mind.

Gradually, he leaned in and claimed my lips. It was pure bliss, sweet and compassionate. Careful of his actions, he started slowly, but then again, the moment I responded, I meet his cravings. In that kiss soared all his yearnings, all his need. It was only apt I respond with the same fervor. When you look deeply in his eyes, you can no longer see the anger or coldness in it. Instead, it was full of mixed emotions of joy and surprise. He wounded me in his arms as I succumbed in his warmth: the warmth he now emitted that had once left him the day of the tragedy. No words were needed. It was all a silent understanding. The rain kept on pouring; washing away the bitter memories we had within.

Crystal water starts flooding my eyes. Here, we stood under the rain, locked possessively in each other's arms, mesmerizing each precious moments.

Our lips met once again in a short chaste kiss. Emerald met onyx. He smiled, "Happy Birthday, Sakura, my hime-chan."

I don't know what logical explanation there is for this sudden event, but I'm thankful for it. Throughout the years, all my waiting paid off after all.

Today, exactly twelve in the morning, the first hour of March 28, my 18th birthday, Uchiha Sasuke finally returned. Returned to Konoha… Team 7… me…

Also today, he finally belonged to me, and this was a birth date to remember.


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