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Notes: I wanted to post something (anything!), just to celebrate vacation. So here, another one of my drabbles. You can call it a sequel if you like. This one's light and pointless, unlike the first one. It's kinda crappy and…seductively playful. Oh, and yeah, Happy Birthday to Sakura!

A Birthdate to Remember: Sakura

Birthdays. Oh joys.


21: What?


Work. That's all she does every day. Although she gave up ANBU and concentrated on being a medic-nin, she's still busy. And her routine goes the same everyday. Wake up, breakfast, a quick visit to her boyfriend's apartment, work, work, lunch break, work, work, work, phone call or having a visitor (mostly courtesy of her boyfriend), work, work, work, dinner at her boyfriend's, some minutes of relaxation, then off to bed (either hers or her boyfriend's). And today isn't any different, is it?

Well, not really. It's just that, early morning, she spotted an envelope in front of her door. It was coupons for her favorite clothing line. Inside was also a letter from Ino, saying that she's sorry she can't come with Sakura on shopping because she's currently on a mission and wishes her a great day ahead. All of it she responded with a 'What?'

Next on was Naruto. She was on her way to work when Naruto walked along and asked her to spend just a little time with him on Ichiraku for breakfast. Coincidentally, she missed breakfast that morning and delayed her quick visit to her boyfriend's apartment. Since it was a little too early for work, she joined him. Naruto ordered for her (which was rare) a Ramen Special but when she started to protest, he gave her his puppy-eyes look and said, "Please Saku-chan? Besides, it's my treat!" Seeing no other way, all was done. She thanked Naruto with a hug and bade goodbye before she left for work. 'Since when did Naruto start treating me ramen without Hinata-chan around?' Still confused with Naruto's earlier actions, she ended it with a 'What was that?'

The moment she stepped on the hospital, instead of seeing sick people, Tsunade became her first scenery. Tsunade held her apprentice's shoulder and made her turn around saying she got the whole day off. Of course she didn't surrender without a few protests here and there, but then again, who was she to argue? "I won't accept No for an answer. And if case your mate shows up, I'll tell him I gave you the day off." With a sheepish smile, she thanked her sensei as Tsunade shoved her off, telling her to enjoy the day. After all the events that morning, now she was kicked off her workplace. 'What the hell?' And she goes off wandering.

On the way to her boyfriend's house, she met Hinata, Tenten, and Temari. With no further ado, they practically dragged her off for a shopping spree. So many things were bought, so many treats were tasted, and she didn't even get to spend a single penny. From morning until late afternoon, they were in the mall for a little bonding session. They were her company the whole day. And all day, of course, she enjoyed with an occasional 'What's up with them?'

The sun was finally down. Usually, she would go to his apartment around seven for dinner since he always shows up at the hospital and takes her to his home. Feeling a tiny bit guilty for missing her quick visit early in the morning, she decided to go an hour and a half earlier. Entering the apartment without a knock, she was welcomed with a delicious aroma drifting all throughout his place. With quiet footsteps, she headed for the kitchen, "What's cooking?" She hoisted herself up to sit at the bar table. He turned around and greeted her with a swift kiss. "You're early." She smiled as he continued with his work. "I thought I'd make it up to you for not visiting this morning." He smirked, "It would take more than that to make up." She laughed at his comment. Hopping off, she preceded at the living room, "I know you won't need my help there, I'll just serve as your beautiful distraction." He grunted at this as she disappeared from his sight.

When he called her from the dining for dinner, she's at awe. 'What's with everybody?' The setting was thrice more majestic than usual. He appeared behind her, whispering, "For my angel…"

Dinner went perfectly. She told him how she spent the day (because she felt like she was obligated to) and intermittently annoys him at times. Everything was usual except for the increase of show of affection and some more factors coming from him.

As dinner ended, she noticed, 'Why only water for me when he gets wine?' She placed an innocent look on. "Ne, Sasuke-kun, why don't you share?" She pouted at his glass of wine.

He smirked. "You wouldn't stop drinking if I shared you some."

She hovered over the table. With inches away from his lips, she sticks her tongue out and says, "Biased." His smirk turned into a seductive smile as he reduced the space between into millimeters. "Really…" She glared. "Fine. Want a taste?" And from a playful, dangerous cat, she returned being an innocent child who was to be given a lollipop. "Really?" As she was to grab his wine glass from him, he drank it all and now has a sly smile pasted on his face. "Nani?" Now, little Sakura had her face all crunched up just because big bad Sasuke-kun didn't gave her what she wants. "Just a taste." He still had that sly smile on his face and she now has that playful, dangerous smirk on. "You're naughty…"

And with a flash, the couple was now engaged in a heated lip-lock, making their way to the bedroom. With a few more moves here and there, gaining more moans and noises, they somewhat successfully reached the bed. "Eh? That's my favorite. Novellino. Peach." Craving for more, she divulged in further. After a few moments of satisfaction, she thought of something. She was still feeling a little disturbed from the prior happenings so she decided to start a conversation. (It's amazing these two could have what you can call 'conversation' with their lips constantly crashing and tongues persistently moving within each other's with their hands full.)

"Sasuke-kun, did you ask Ino to give me coupons?"

"No." One button out, three more to go.

"Did you ask Naruto to treat me for a special ramen today?"

"Hell no." Two out, two more.

"Did you ask Tsunade to give me the day off?"

"Was planning to, but no." Three out, last to go.

"Did you ask Hinata and the others to take me shopping?

"Nope." All buttons undone, now, to take it off.

"Would you have kidnapped me off to some isolated place to get me all yours today, of all days?"

"I would but, there's no need." And she was officially topless.

"What?" She sounded surprised. He let out a chuckle and retreated to his side of the bed, regaining precious air. And with a few moments of silence, she rolled over. Now hovering on top of him, her hands slowly crept under his shirt, tugging them off. After a few successful tries, she grinned, "Now we're even." With fiery harsh French, they continued the night. Now, if I tell you people every single move they do and every single position they make and every single noise they create, it would take me years to type. Hell, they've been a couple for three years; don't you think they've explored each other well enough? Sheesh, get your imagination on the run!

Anyway, to get this fic done, after some twists and turns, all clothes were abandoned and she was now squirming under him. After a few traveling butterfly kisses here and there, he reached his earlobe and with a nip, he whispered, "Happy Birthday, Angel." And he gets the greatest, most logical response he ever received from her.



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