Update: 01/05/2005

Okay, first note: I'm changing the name of this fic from Safety Net to The Spider's Web because I never really did like the original title, I just couldn't come up with another one till now.

Second note: I created a sequel! Yay! As with all of my stories, of course, don't expect frequent updates. I couldn't figure out a good way to bring Shippou in during the first book - as it was, I pretty much half assed Rin's part. But now I know how. Plus it's a political thriller - doesn't that always make it better? Anyway, here's the information.

The Roll of Thunder

Thriller sequel to The Spider's Web. With the discovery and demise of her father's murderer, Higarashi Kagome thought that her life was going to finally be normal. She had an almost perfect boyfriend, loyal friends and a successful career waiting in the wings. But one phone call is about to change all that. Will she risk what she's gained to save the life of one little boy?

Tanaka Seiya was at the forefront of the youkai political scene, but when he and his wife are assassinated in what was made to look like the beginning of a human upheaval, the delicate balance forged between human and youkai begins to waver. Only their son can put an end to the political revolution but without the help of Kagome and her friends he may not survive long enough to make a difference.