Title: Another Mistake

Synopsis: The sequel to same mistake. This time the mistake isn't Ino's. InoxNaru and Sakux?

Disclaimer: "It's all been done before" – Barenaked Ladies (see even my disclaimer doesn't belong to me

Author: Nimacu

A/N Thank you to all who sent a gentle nudge of encouragement to get this thing out!

It was a fine and sunny morning in the hidden village of Kohana, and on this fine morning two of Konoha's finest ninja's could be found in the uppermost level of the Yamanaka home. And while you couldn't see Yamanaka Ino because she was in the closet, her closest friend and sometimes rival Haruno Sakura could be seen pacing outside of said closet.

"We're going to be late" Sakura warned as a light blue piece of cloth flew out of the closet and landed on her head.

"Just a minute, I know what I want is in here somewhere! It has to be, I only bought it two weeks ago!"

"Just put anything on, it doesn't matter anyway. It's not like he has any sense of style"

"Of course he doesn't, it's not him I'm worried about pleasing! He thinks I'm pretty no matter what I wear."

Sakura rolled her eyes at this "Then why can't we just go?"

"Because it's not everyday your boyfriend is promoted to Jounin, not only promoted to Jounin, but only two weeks after he passed the Chuunin exam."

"Gee, you're bragging about him again. I'm glad you mentioned it, because I really wasn't listening the first two hundred times you told me." Sakura rolled her eyes again as Ino walked out of the closet.

"You know, if you keep doing that your eyes will get stuck that way, and then you won't just be forehead girl, but forehead girl with cross-eyes."

At that Sakura stuck her tongue out Ino "We'll I'm going to the ceremony, whether you're coming with me or not is up to you. I'm not going to miss my best friend's promotion simply because you wanted to wear matching jumpsuits, it's not like the two of you aren't already cute enough to make me sick"

"You're just jealous"

"You're right, every night I lay awake wishing that my boyfriend was loud and annoying!"

"And who would that boyfriend be, Sakura? Your imaginary one?"

Before Ino even got the last question out she knew she'd pushed her too far, and that was validated when Sakura huffed out of the room. It took Ino a split second before she decided that catching up with her friend was more important than the jumpsuit. After all they could wear them for the next special occasion.

They were fighting…

They weren't within fifty feet of Naruto and he could tell. And he could imagine exactly how it had happened, they'd have been getting along fine, and then one would have said something slightly insulting to the other one, who would then return the insult. It would continue like that until one crossed over the invisible boundaries they'd set up and hurt the other's feelings. He'd only been dating Ino for five months and he'd seen the same pattern acted out between the two over and over again, they knew how to push each others buttons in that way that only another girl could do.

But still they persisted on in their sick sort of friendship, and a tiny part of Naurto's mind would always remind him that at least they weren't trying to kill each other like he and Sasuke. In fact lately they'd been seeking out each other's company, it had been Sakura who'd waited Ino while he'd been participating in the second part of the Chuunin exams. And it was Ino who'd requested Sakura for a recent mission she'd led.

Why do you want to take her? Naruto was confused as to why Ino would want to spend three days with someone she claimed to hate. "Because she's the best medic nin I know"; "But you don't even need one for this mission, it's simple." "Just don't worry about it, I got to pick my team and I wanted her; that's all there is to it."

Naruto had chalked it up to one of those "girl" things, but still it confused him even this morning as Ino had declared she and Sakura were going to get ready at her house and meet him at the Hokage's tower for the ceremony. Well it wasn't a ceremony per se; it was more along the line of meeting with the Hokage and her advisors. It was of no consequence if he annoyed The Fifth until she agreed to let him bring Sakura and Ino with him.

"Sakura, I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought your singleness to your attention. I know you're sensitive about it." Ino had caught up to Sakura just before they'd reached Naruto.

"It's alright." Sakura mumbled, Ino could always manage to hide an insult in an apology. But in all honesty, she didn't think she realized she was doing it half the time. Besides today wasn't about them, it was about Naruto, and speaking of Naruto he and Ino were doing yet another cutesy couple thing as they greeted each other. Really it was enough to make a girl sick!



This was followed by several public displays of affection. "Enough already get a room!" Sakura stomped past the two and into the tower.

"What's her problem?" Naruto asked

"I don't think she got enough beauty sleep last night" Ino shrugged as she took his hand and walked into the building with him.