On The Road Towards Reconciliation -- The Introduction
by Evan Como


The idea for this story came to me right after the final sentence for "Disruptor". I sanded my hands together and thought, 'cool!'. I completed "Aurora" and realized how much more this story could be and, by the time "On The Road to Understanding" was uploaded, I couldn't wait to start.

Well, actually, I had started, with some of the set pieces for "On the Road Towards Reconciliation" already complete. I knew that I wanted to take Cordy, Wes, and Angel up the coast -- *way* up the coast and why. I pretty much knew who the characters were going to be and what they'd be doing. Although, with a 13-page outline, you'd think I would have a handle on that.

I started typing.

I typed for a month.

I gave up.

I completed two long fics in the meantime and a couple of shorties. The scope of this piece had daunted me to no end. Until, one day, out of the clear blue I realized that I'd not only forgotten one voice, there were *two* missing voices, to be exact.

For those of you familiar with my work, "On the Road Towards Reconciliation" will tie up some loose ends and reintroduce a few OFC's. If you've never read me before, not to worry - I'm writing this as a stand-alone piece. There's gonna be a lot of stuff going on, though; hence, the chaptering format.

Season Two of Angel: The Series is almost complete as I post Chapter One, but before I could work on any more of my Chapter Two stories, I needed to get "...Reconciliation" done. This is the first time that I've begun posting before finalizing and I'm estimating this story to clock into the 20-chapter range, if not a little longer.

IMPORTANT: As the story moves along, the subject matter will become more intense and the rating will change on fanfiction.net to an NC-17. On my website, Angel's Journal, this story will receive the rating of R-17 from start to finish.

Three children will die during the course of this piece. While one of those deaths is canon, my take on it is not. This is a deeper characterization of the Angel that I write, expanding on the snapshots of Liam's life from "Blindsided: Angel's Nightmare", "Angel P.I.," and "Closure". The baby that took its first breath in 1727 was an innocent; before that breath was extinguished in 1753 he'd been excluded from Grace.

Before taking a crack at Angelus, I had to know why that was.

Nothing in this story is meant to offend and I'm not attempting to rankle anyone's sensibilities, nor do I want to sensationalize. My e-box is always open for intelligent discussion, for smoothing over rough spots, for explanations and motives.

As always, big luv to my fic friends, especially Wiseblood and Cam who've 'listened' to me moan about how impossibly difficult this story is to pen. Although Ebonbird is way busy, I still hear E's voice. Serious ups to Mike Donovan for the Beta, for keeping the story coherent and readworthy. And lastly, too much gratitude towards The Creative Team, helmed by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt for stoking my imagination and sparkling my dreams.

17 March 2001

OK. big swallow> Without further adieu ...