Uzumaki Naruto said to me: "You gave your life for me once, now let me give mine for yours." That was the last thing Naruto ever said to me, or anyone. Shortly after that, Naruto expended all the chakra that he as well as the Kyuubi's had into one giant Rasengan. He gave everything he had into that one final attack, and despite finishing the battle there and then, Naruto died without even a scratch on him.

"Naruto gave his life to save me, and the rest of Konoha. At some point in each of our lives, Naruto changed each of us. For some of us, it was our entire outlook on life", Sasuke said looking at a few people in particular. He saw now Neiji and Gaara, both of who had drastically changed after knowing Naruto. "Or for others he taught to always expect the unexpected when he was around." It was now that Sasuke looked at Kakashi, who had managed to actually show up on time, as well as Tsunade and Jiraiya. If Naruto was ever surprising anyone, it was his teachers. "For much of his life, Naruto was hated and shunned by the people of this village because of something he could not control. But by the time he died, he proved to every single person that he was no demon, but that he was a hero, and he was worth recognition.

When the fourth hokage died, he wanted his son, the vessel of the kyuubi to be known as a hero. Well, Naruto was never truly recognized as he should have been in life, but he will forever be a hero to me and this village. And so let his grave bear only his name. Because his name alone will tell the story of his life." Sasuke finished, looking at the hundreds of people standing before him. Naruto had never known in his life just how many people's lives he had touched, but Sasuke saw it here and now.

These were the words Sasuke spoke at Naruto's funeral. After Naruto died, there was nothing more that he'd wanted then to die as well. Naruto had changed him, taught him, and become his reason for living. Sasuke knew that there was nothing worse he could do then to die, for Naruto died so that Sasuke and others could live, but Sasuke was slowly dying inside anyway. Who was Sasuke without Naruto to annoy? Sasuke couldn't stand the look of pity in people's eyes. He couldn't stand the whispers of how odd it was to see the always stoic ninja without Naruto at his side. At night the silence drove him crazy, where was Naruto to be babbling about something or another that had happened that day?

Sasuke couldn't recall a single memory that didn't have Naruto in it, laughing and calling Sasuke "Teme" or sparring on the training fields. He didn't even want to train anymore, after all, what was the point? There was no Naruto to be better then, and Sasuke knew that as long as he lived, he could never be better then Naruto had in spirit. He hated that everywhere he turned he saw the ghost of Naruto and him from one moment or another.

If it wasn't for Naruto, Sasuke would never have even returned to Konoha. Sasuke was pretty sure that he wouldn't have survived the fight with Itachi if Naruto had been at the back of Sasuke's mind, taunting him that he was sure that he'd have been able to do it.

Those around Sasuke watched as the ninja they had once known became more and more a shell of a person everyday. Eventually it seemed that Sasuke was barely even still with them, and that he hadn't actually died with Naruto. Sakura knew that there was nothing she could say or do to bring Sasuke back from the brink – the only one who had ever been able to really get through to Sasuke had been Naruto, and it was Naruto that had left Sasuke behind like this to begin with.

It didn't really surprise anyone when Sasuke died on a mission not that long after. Some people shook their heads and blamed Naruto, but those who really knew Sasuke just smiled. Sasuke never was one to let Naruto beat him in anything afterall, and it seemed to be that way even in death. Sakura swore she could hear Naruto taunting Sasuke about "being so weak that you couldn't even handle life without me." and Sasuke's reply of "it's just too easy without you around to annoy."